Saab 9-4x 3.0i in Switzerland

In Switzerland, near Biel, two rare Saab 9-4x have been spotted. The vehicles are parked on the premises of a specialist workshop that prepares import cars for registration.

Saab 9-4x 3.0i in Switzerland. © 2014 h.ledermann
Saab 9-4x 3.0i in Switzerland. © 2014 h.ledermann

Both Saabs have the 3.0i V6 engine under the hood, which was intended as an entry-level engine with 265 hp. And both Swedish SUVs wear the rare shade of Mooreland Bronze.

The duo was last spotted in Sweden at the big Saab-KVD auction. After March 2013 then loses its track. How the two Saab 9-4x came to Switzerland, where they spent the last 18 months, is incomprehensible.

The Saab 9-4x went into production 2011, so would be ready for a facelift. When I look him in the blue eyes, he looks as good and fresh as the first day. The Lightbar, distinctive mark of a new Saab generation, is unequaled genius anyway. A facelift does not need this vehicle. From time to time, Saab 9-4x find their way across the Atlantic. Mostly our Kiel Saab base is responsible for making the cars ready for the European market. From Kiel, they will be distributed to all European countries, including Sweden.

By the way, asking for these vehicles in Switzerland is pointless. Both Saab 9-4x 3.0i have already been sold and are therefore off the market. Whoever has one of the two in their garage now: Congratulations & have a good trip!

I say goodbye to the weekend with this short article. The next week it will be about the 9-4x again, on Saturday a driving report from the 9-3 Viggen will appear on our Youngtimer blog. Another cult object! A sunny Saab weekend to all readers!


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  • I think the idea with the "blue eyes" is technically and visually great! I can't explain why these cars had such low sales - I also found the 9-5 NG great, unfortunately the station wagon came too late, which caused other manufacturers to reverse the order (first station wagon, then sedan). Possibly the problem with guarantee and service was decisive in the event of a bankruptcy - many were probably afraid of ending up in the service desert with the new purchase later - this problem should have been addressed (would have, if ...) - but like all of us the economic giant GM is not safe from bankruptcy either ... - in short, if someone has any information about why Victor didn't really make it in the end, I would be very interested ... THANK YOU!

  • Fantastic that these SAABs have been "saved"! Congratulations to the owners of these very rare and individual vehicles. There is always sadness with this model ... 🙁 Still have a good weekend 🙂

  • an SUV is just thicker! Whereby they look quite pleasing in nature. The 9-5x does not come close to the 9-4NG. If I didn't already have a 9-7x and a 9-5NG xwd, I could get weak ... ;-)

  • I wanted to wait for the diesel.
    Unfortunately did not work.
    Do I have to continue driving 9-5 NG?

  • My favorite car!
    Hope they want to make a EV 9-4x.

  • you are the DICKMANN
    also i think ... a US sled. But why not!

    • Speaking of which: the fat Dutchman got pretty much everything at the auction in March 2013 that was not on the tree with three and he recently "cooked" a 9-5 SC for 57 and the penultimate 9-4 for 79:

      • wow ... amazing. Well if you have the necessary change ...

      • ... are the prices really confirmed by buyers? I heard that the Dutchman was good to trade ...

    • Live look the 9-4X properly socially acceptable. I did not perceive them as thick ships. Several (veteran) Saab sellers assured me back then after the presentation, that would be the best Saab they have ever driven. However, I also prefer the 9-5II.

  • Thanks for the report!
    I have always asked myself a question: Why the blue eyes?

    A note from me to the vehicle: In my opinion, the 9-4x visually not a feast for the eyes, the 9-5 NG has since much better proportions. The 9-4x looks too round and brawny, the tail lights are not as consistent as the 9-5. Does anyone know who was responsible for the design?

    Nevertheless, I also like to read something about the 9-4x. For me, the vehicle is also part of the Saab story, the market launch in D had unfortunately not worked. It's part of the Phoenix myth that unfortunately ran out of steam.

    • The designer, I would have spontaneously Anthony Lo said, but he is not. Andrew Dyson has made the 9-4x Bio Power Concept.

      Oh yes, the blue eyes: Saab Ice Block Design, the 9-4x was vehicle number one in this style, then the 9-5 NG. The 9-3 successor would also have ...

    • A great design - better than the 9-5 II SC. The shapes are simply more homogeneous than in the 9-5 II models (including sedan) drawn by Simon Padian.

      Which PHOENIX myth are we talking about here? It cannot be the PHOENIX platform, which was largely developed by SAAB - it will probably be completed soon.

      In addition, the 9-4 has no connection with this platform to my knowledge.

      By the way, I had already chosen the color “Moorland” for this car in 2011 - it goes very well with the vehicle.

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