“We will change hands”

At the weekend, NEVS will speak on the local newspaper. NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman confirms what we have long suspected. NEVS faces major changes in ownership structure.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB - NEVS © 2014 saabblog.net
National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB - NEVS © 2014 saabblog.net

According to Bergman, the company will get a new main shareholder. NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang, who invested “money and heart”, will remain connected to NEVS as a minority shareholder. For six months, NEVS has been negotiating separately with two parties without giving their names. The negotiations are at a “very advanced stage”. Now there are “three-way discussions” so that the future partners get to know each other better.

The escape to the reconstruction, says Mattias Bergman, has taken place because impending seizures of material and machines have endangered the business. As always, there is no time window until all transactions have been completed. Even what will happen after the takeover by a new owner remains vague.

Whether the jobs are secure, whether the new majority shareholder will take over the workforce or increase whether layoffs are pending - it is too early to answer. Bergman believes that part of the business is continuing to build “premium class” vehicles in Trollhättan. Competence from Sweden, without which you cannot manufacture a premium product, is in demand. There were no plans to relocate production from the Trollhättan location.

It was not more than confirmation of the facts that Trollhättan's open secrets are. But at least a confirmation of upcoming, fundamental changes. New owners, if they come from the auto industry, could give the company the perspective it would have needed from the beginning.

Can I think of something else? Only so much: in the last week were again visitors in the factory, which were not assignable. They did not come from Asia.

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  • ..be bad or optimist, we can not influence the situation because I suspect nobody among us is the necessary funds can organize to reanimate the company. In this respect, we are observers and THANKS Tom, who know more than in the newspaper. I really hope that there will be new competitive SAAB cars. If something was typical for SAAB (before GM) then question traditional solutions and think far ahead. The 9000er in my fleet is such a car, in the following I am glad that you had the respective state of the art. What remains is an unagressive brand image of which I hope that it will continue to exist and soon bring back unconventional solutions under its roof. An e-convertible would fit the driving profile and there are already intruders for that

  • Well, in Trollhatten they have already built American cars, just think of the Cadillac not too long ago ... :-)

  • The statements of NEVS are monotone and rotate in a circle.
    The world is not waiting for SAAB.
    So far, only air bubbles have actually formed recently and the assumptions and interpretations have completely gone wrong. Nothing came of the statements. Just the bitter reconstruction. The repair costs for my SAAB's are demonstrably not cheaper at the age (6-12 years) and if you drive every day ……… .. Greetings from the NORTH

  • And what should they want? Looking at deterring examples of how a company drives it against the wall every few years? Would be at least a funny variant

  • NEVS assures that it has agreed to be silent with the negotiating partners. Normally, one publishes at least a letter of intent to prove credibility and to bring peace to the market, then negotiates in peace on. Why NEVS does not do that is unclear.

  • That's the way it is. Clearly, the negotiating partners initially want to remain anonymous, but it's been negotiated for a long time and NEVS has recently DECEPTED with the Saab from Ackerfeld. What is missing is the credibility and even for the remaining MA this would be trend-setting and simply correct.

  • But that's the "whole point". With all understanding of the statement one wants to “do everything in peace”, this does not inspire confidence. Neither for customers nor for the employees in the factory or even for future contractual partners. To be more precise: Nobody really knows anything. Everyone is just speculating.
    Can one successfully establish such a company?
    We already had that with the surprises more often in this case. It helped but nothing.
    Everyone involved in this “theater” needs facts. Nothing else. This doesn't seem to exist (or you don't want to tell anyone about it). But that's not how it will be dear people.

  • The optimists, also locally, are currently in the minority. The question remains as to whether NEVS can turn the mood and soon be surprised with positive facts.

  • How one cannot speak of any future at the current state of negotiations (keyword: three-way talks) is not at all apparent to me - in the north such a despondent person is classified as a “Bangbüx”.

    Even compassionately smiling colleagues (possibly BMW or Porsche drivers - both brands were also at the bottom!) Are really of no importance.

  • Tesla is building a megafarbik in the American desert to produce batteries. From 2017 there should be a small Tesla for around and at 35.000, - €. Were those in Sweden in the factory?

  • It is sad how everything has developed in the past years. The Saab brand always stood for high-quality vehicles in which technical progress was installed. When beetles were still being driven by us in Germany in the 70 years, the Swedish engineers have already installed turbocharged engines. How could our small airplanes slip into insignificance?
    We Saab drivers love our cars, but with me, the impression that we are the only ones is increasing. The investors only want to make quick money; no matter who comes. The brand suffers from this development. Therefore, one can not value the engagement of the positive madman (like Tom) high enough.
    Meanwhile, my colleagues accompany a conversation with a sympathetic smile when Saab is the topic. I'm afraid that the brand with the proud griffin has no future. A pity!

  • I think they already know what they did and did

  • Perfect words, Mathias !!

  • I was almost exactly two years ago in Trollhättan or at the Saab plant - today for the second time. One might think that nothing has happened, on the contrary. While walking around the plant, I didn't see a single person, only a few dozen '14 9-3s in the plant parking lot. At the moment Saab-City is a ghost town and the sight makes you sad.
    One can only hope that now (finally!) The right decisions are made, so that this project is also one with a future!

  • Well then we hope that everything will be fine. The question is what will become of the name rights and what the new owner has in mind? Whoever that will be.

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