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Where there is smoke, there is fire! They say ... So far we have been missing the smoke that could support the statements from Trollhättan. Until yesterday ... In several Indian media on Monday it was about the possible cooperation of Mahindra & Mahindra with the PSA group and with Saab.

Mahindra - Ssangyong- PSA - SAAB?
Mahindra - Ssangyong- PSA - SAAB?

Which for the first time in a long time would go perfectly with the story you hear from Sweden. Mahindra is rethinking the global strategy of its car brands Ssangyong and Mahindra, wants to build on the long-standing strength of Ssangyong in Europe. At the same time, the necessary contacts that NEVS could have are needed for further expansion into China. The PSA Group - one of the major shareholders appropriately bears the name Dongfeng - is on a strict restructuring course, and global alliances can help.

In India, the plans are valued positively. The first completely redesigned product since the acquisition of Ssangyong, the SUV X100, is about to be premiered. So it's getting serious. After Mahindra has created a base for expansion with small acquisitions, it's time to grow to global size. Three newer new platforms, including two in the passenger car segment, are on display at 2015, as well as new engines.

The PSA group is a leader in the field of diesel hybrid, would be a suitable partner. Already in the 80s and 90s there was a cooperation with Peugeot, Mahindra built diesel engines of the French under license. Saab is an old European traditional and premium brand. The Saab name, it is speculated in India, could help Mahindra with growth and acceptance. The re-branding and redesign of Ssangyong and Mahindra products under the Saab label is believed to be an option. When design and quality meet the expectations of Saab buyers. This sentence took my breath away. Re-design, re-branding, we had it all. And it usually went wrong ...

Also, writes the Economic Times, it would not be an easy task to fill a brand like Saab, which is very special, with new life.

So far so good ! Perhaps a new, international “Mahindra Saab PSA” alliance will emerge here. Unfortunately, it's only the smoke that we see. The fire is still missing. Because what the Indian media spread relates to the usual circles close to the companies. No official confirmation on request, neither from Mahindra nor from NEVS. But no denial until yesterday evening.


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  • I only made a comparison between GM and Opel / Saab and now probably Mahindra / PSA with Nevs (Saab) and noted the parallels…. GM “poached” with Opel at Saab and let it go down the drain. What does Mahindra do with PSA at Nevs and thus possibly again at Saab?

    • Saab is, if we are honest, an ambitious development project. Not more, not less. You can not poach there anymore. If you need knowledge from Sweden, you can buy it at the relevant addresses in THN.

  • I hate to contradict you, but my murdered 9/5 was, despite GM and what influences I know, one of the best cars of my automotive life. (current Unimog included)

  • With all the euphoria: Remember when GM Saab slowly and completely took over from 94, the 902 came out with Opel parts and was a flop in terms of sales. Until GM and Saab rethought and, for example, installed a better heater in the “new” 9-3 in 1998, just as one was used to from Saab. Only: 4 years had passed and it took another 4-5 years for the Saab brand's image to suffer. So I can only agree with the pessimists here.

    • Och-nööö, I thought with this tiresome prejudice (Opel-902) we would at least be through here ... :(

      • Why prejudice is true. Even if it's not as bad as it is with later models. I find it annoying in my 9-3I that “GM” is emblazoned on the bulkhead. But at least the heart, the engine is still Saab

        • Oh Daniel ... In my Saab 900, 1992 a parking heater from the neighbor was installed. Big Volvo on it. But it didn't make the car any less of a Saab.

          • It does not matter what is on it as long as the quality is right. But identical parts with the dullest markers in the automotive industry of 80er to 00er years is absolutely not. Also does not fit Saab. It does not matter to me to the items, but the overall package and there is no longer true in the newer vehicles for me the quality.

        • Well - the first engines on the SAAB 99 had Triumph / GB genes!
          We also like to remember the famous Ford V4 drift in the 96er.

          • Yes, the V4 was good, but in relative terms it was more at the beginning (1967) of the Saab story. After that, a steady evolution began until Saab also had to bow to the cost dictation ... unfortunately that was not good for the quality.

  • I just hope that Mahindra will take over NEVS, be allowed to use the Saab name again, send the NEVS management out on the streets and employ the “old” Saab technicians again and give them enough money to be able to work again as in the early days of this great company .

    • I would be relaxed. I'm just as skeptical as you and many readers here. The facts this morning: 48 hours after publication of the article has denied neither Mahindra nor Dongfeng nor NEVS. That's a good sign, the likelihood that the story will increase. The link to PSA is not direct, it leads to Dongfeng and the joint development center with NEVS / Mahindra.

  • So far all these are just rumors and no confirmation from any side. Let's wait and see. But then the bigger the disappointment is when nothing comes. Do not see any Peugeot engine in a Saab.

  • Hello.
    Thank you Tom for the info.
    That’s good news… So it’s going on in Trollhättan and there’s probably a lot of cars coming off the production line there soon. This is the first step. Will it be Saab ...?

    But sense makes the step for NEVs. With Marhindra, a car manufacturer enters. Even the 50% [or 100%] sale of the Phoenix platform to Dongfeng would make sense, since Dongfeng has indeed taken over the shares of PSA from GM. So a European Mahindra car with PSA could be developed and built.
    Hopefully a Saab will come out with Saabspirit too.
    Isn't Mahindra a big partner of Saab AB in India, too, because of the naming rights ...
    Incidentally, Psa also develops engines with BMW ...
    Hopefully, the acquisition works, then the course would be set for the future.
    So continue to be patient.
    Beautiful evening

    • that's the way it is: the mini motors all come from the PSA Group.

  • On to the next round - you can stay tuned. But: "[...] The re-branding and redesign of Ssangyong and Mahindra products under the Saab label, it is believed, would be a possibility. [...]"

    That's exactly what you need at Saab - any non-premium developments that you can then sell for premium in order to ruin your reputation even further after several escapades - NOT!

    I do not want to say that Mahindra has no idea about vehicle construction, that's far from me. But a quality of vehicles and aggregates such as in Europe (preferably German and Swedish manufacturers) can not be approached in India (now).

    However, if Saab were to come from the PSA group through a triangular alliance of platforms and engines, then that's not that bad at all. For example, if you could fall back on the latest diesels from Peugeot, you would have a cutting-edge stand without having to spend enormous amounts of money on research. Of course, the drive system (i.e. motor + gearbox + drive) must also be able to be integrated into the Pheonix platform - that of course costs time and money.

    But let's just wait and see.

  • I don't really care how the ownership structure is composed! The 9-5 NG also has a lot of Opel under the sheet metal! So is it bad ?! Nope !! One of the best and most beautiful cars that SAAB has produced! I don't care what's under the tin! As long as what I see and touch is Saabian, the world is fine with me! It is not different with other manufacturers either! Not even with the premium manufacturers! Only nobody talks about it here because the “big” three are the holy cows of the nation! But so far SAAB has remained true to its line and has not beaten any concave, convex, or whatever design lines into the sheet metal! Every SAAB lets the eye glide comfortably over the straightforward and beautiful body! And even if it should take another 5 years, I'll wait or come back (wherever from?)!

  • Honestly. Have you ever thought about what Peugeot delivers for a quality and that for years. Why are they so bad.

    • Then we could have kept the Isuzu V6 too.

    • The quality at Peugeot is also no worse than at VW. Unfortunately, 90% of people buy their car based on the image or what AMS and AutoBild write….
      But Peugeot is cheaper than eg VW and therefore has strong market shares in countries that have been hit hard by the financial crisis. Also, the cooperation with Iran had to be terminated by the entry of GM.

  • SO:
    At VAG, it's the same: whether Skoda, Seat, Audi or VW. Under the tin is almost always the same junk.

    It's just about an Indian car manufacturer ... I don't really know. The idea sounds tempting, but the implementation ?! Hopefully they'll at least get PPE on board.

    • Some Peugeot technology under the sheet would be something. I used to drive Peugeot and the turbo diesel was good, economical and durable at least then. So might be useful.

      • In the long run, Saab will only be successful in the long run, if one uses a modular solution with other manufacturers or brands. (a la VAG)
        This is a little hinted at ...

      • You can also find Peugeot diesel engines in the Volvo ...

  • ... by the way, as far as I know, the word “Saab”, “Sab” and “Sahib” in HIndu is a sign of respect and means something like “Lord” or expresses a certain “authority”.

    Arguably a holdover from colonial times in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where respected people were called “sahib”.

    If that's not an omen ...

  • The half-sentence with the “if” is in my opinion the most important statement from this message (thanks to Tom 😉):

    "... So re-branding (and redesigning) Ssangyong and Mahindra products into Saabs may work, if quality and design can come up to the expectations of the typically discerning Saab enthusiast, ..."

    And that's a very big “IF”….

    • Yes, a very big “IF”. I have no problem if a large Saab shares the platform with a large Citroen, Peugeot or Mahindra in the future. If this makes the investments possible, the brand has a future, why not. It just has to feel and drive like a Saab drives ...

  • if M&M works with PSA in the future, then Dongfeng will also be on board, after all, they hold the shares in PSA and they wanted from SAAB, I am not really smart, except that I use the bad word of the last few years: PATIENCE

  • For me as a long-time fan of the Peugeot brand, that would of course also be a dream combination. This would also include everything that has been missing in the recent past - the knowledge of the required financial air (which some enthusiasts have already misjudged), access to corporate shelves for certain components and access to markets and dealers. Even if you prefer to see SAAB at the SAAB dealer, I can also imagine SAAB very well in the rooms of a Peugeot dealer.

    • I understood this completely differently - a cooperation with PSA does not mean that Mahindra would like to become a major shareholder there and that SAAB together with Peugeot models are exhibited at Peugeot dealers.

      Rather, I am assuming that SAAB will be positioned globally as an independent brand in the Mahindra Group. Peugeot is not as well known worldwide as SAAB - as far as I know, the PSA group did not even export to the USA. SAAB would be optimal for Mahindra with the planned global orientation.

      • The link to PSA should be a development partnership, so I understood it. Saab had similar things in the past with the Fiat Group, came out of the Saab 9000, one of the best cars of its time

        • Well, what the benefits of both parties would be is obvious. M&M has money, but no state-of-the-art technology, with PSA it's the other way around. Certainly both would be helpful if they worked together.

      • Citroen used to be active in the USA. Saab was of course more present there. However, PSA was / is active in countries where the Saab brand is hardly known at all. Saab as a car manufacturer is likely to be unknown in India ...

        • Peugeot also sold in the USA until the beginning of the 1990s - Inspector Columbos 403 convertible should be known to everyone. Incidentally, at times they sold more cars there than SAAB, and they had a similar reputation: reliability and comfort. By the way, the withdrawal from the market is still seen as a cardinal mistake by many in the Peugeot management ...

    • “My ex-fSH” has landed at Peugeot for years. He would be happy too, because in our region in the north, the SAABs have often been seen in the cityscape ... .. :-).
      A “partnership” Peugeot and SAAB sounds good!

  • At least car manufacturers are involved in this possible costellation. Hopefully they know that a lot of sKr. have to flow towards Trollhättan ...., otherwise nothing will happen with new SAABs! Another “experiment”: NO THANKS!
    But basically I am open to a new successful way of SAAB!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, the fire gets into / under the thing ... and something positive comes out of it!

  • Mhh, in principle, the explanations make sense, except for the redesign / rebranding, that does not work !!!

    Only the question arises to me, what happens if the whole thing is really official? Then, normally, there is always a big phase of consolidation ... at the end of which the new direction is established, who does what and how.

    That would mean that you only then construct new cars, of course, taking into account the then brand-overlapping existing parts / modules, etc. Finally, you want to reduce costs.

    Regarding Saab could go up to a new model up to 4 years into the country (no idea what really exists on the basis of Phoenix).

    The most loyal fan can not really wait that long. Apart from that, the name Saab, if it returns then, until then really disappeared from the memory of other people

    • Those are the good, open questions. There are currently no answers. But it could really be that you want to continue to produce the “old” 9-3 as a transition in small numbers, otherwise you would have to shut down the plant completely again. A cold start, maybe 2017, would be extremely time-consuming.

      • I could also imagine that a 9-3 E variant will be presented (after further revision) - in terms of fuel prices this variant should always sell better than an “old” 9-3 with a combustion engine!

  • It may well be doubted that the SAAB AB for such confused ideas, the trademark rights. Slowly, unfortunately, the following view prevails: Dear end with horror, as terror without end!

    • I would not dismiss all this as a crazy idea. Mahindra ins in the home market very successful, the company solid, relations with Saab AB excellent. Let's assume that they know what they are doing. It's all an option for the future, it all depends on what you make of it.

      • Whatever happens and if you like it or not, thank you for the continuous reporting and also your reports between the news.

  • I already see myself sitting in the SAAB with turban!

    • I see more of the background to JLR's success, which SAAB could have in the future as well. Nationality does not matter, Mahindra is welcome.

    • But in front of the turban pulls the turbo.
      So cover too, if it becomes a convertible.

  • We hope to start firing soon and finally see flames.

    • Do not be so cruel!

    • let's call it “independent design”…. 😉

    • Is probably the past, better impression of what Ssangyong currently makes it was some time ago here on the blog.

    • Fastback in the best SAAB tradition! Something about that ...
      Kind of a backpack. Must be a FJALLRAVEN ...

      Great car!

      • I would have been surprised too - anyone who drives a SAAB also wanders around in “FJÄLLRÄVEN”.
        What are we all "colored through"!

    • Take the attachment away and you have a 1a 5er GT. But seriously, that's an ancient design. Since Mahindra, they do not look so bad.

    • Ouch, bad example ...

      • Comment refers to the picture of the, uhh, car ...

  • PSA, there was something with government support!
    Mahindra, there was something too !!
    NEVS, everything is known here as well
    u. these companies want “” SAAB ”” !!! support to a successful name. I wish it because I am an absolutely die-hard Saab driver, continuously since 1978, but !!! now we wait u. think positively

    • Of course, Mahindra would like to help itself by buying SAAB automobiles.

      The internationally known name SAAB is intended to ensure global acceptance of the vehicles from the Mahindra Group - the premium models will probably roll off the production line in Trollhättan.

      One can only hope that development, and especially design, will remain in Sweden - the design of almost all previous Ssangyong models is very inharmonious in the eyes of most viewers.

      A cooperation between Mahindra and the PSA group could also be an advantage - presumably certain engines would be suitable for some SAAB models after revision.

  • “The long-gone strength of Ssangyong”? there is a big question mark on my forehead 😉

    • Not from me the sentence. Indian view of things

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