Saab Turbo X Sportcombi

A few days ago I published Turbo X pictures from Jutland and - totally reckless 🙂 - spoke of a possible Turbo X meeting. The first emails with requests for time and place immediately came to my mailbox.

Saab Turbo X Sportcombi © 2014 saab service matthias tit
Saab Turbo X Sportcombi © 2014 saab service matthias tit

To be clear: Nothing is firmly planned yet! A small, more or less unofficial meeting with a joint excursion in the northern part of Germany is planned. It won't be specific until 2015, as always, news about the eventual Turbo X meeting can be found here on the blog.

We have a Saab Turbo X Sportcombi as a new entry in northern Hesse to announce. Matthias Meise - he runs a free Saab workshop near Bebra - he has fulfilled a great wish with the Saab. His Turbo X has the performance package from Hirsch and therefore a whopping 300 hp under the hood. What should ensure satisfactory driving performance with a rather compact station wagon ...

Since his fleet is “full” with the Turbo X (also applies to him that a Saab is not a Saab), he has to create some space. A restoration object has to go, which in this case is a Saab 900 Turbo.

An 86er Vollturbo with sunroof, sheet metal works up to the Achswellentunnel are already done, many new parts installed, new tires and much more is for sale. More information about the 900er can be found on it Site or directly on the phone.


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  • Thank you,
    but I do not have much space and one has to go !!! I'm more of the Saab 9-3 fan !!!

  • A TurboX meeting in winter in the mountains would of course also have its charm - or “TurboX meets Viggen” would also be an interesting pairing ...

  • Congratulations for the consistent new purchase!
    The dazuzügl. a 900-ter must go is a pity

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