Pastewka & Saab 900 on the way

Bastian Pastewka can be seen with his new season on SAT.5 since September 1th. I like Pastewka, not only because he was repeatedly in the Saab 900 in the previous episodes! I just like the way it slides from disaster to disaster ...

Pastewka, the new season. Back on the Saab! © Bildredaktion, Brainpool TV GmbH
Pastewka, the new season. Back on the Saab!
© Bildredaktion, Brainpool TV GmbH

My question to the production team at the start of the season was whether Pastewka would still be loyal to the red Saab. The answer came straight away, and yes, he will be seen in various episodes in the Saab.

A reason to switch on, and not only!

Because what Bastian Pastewka has to say about the new episodes sounds like a lot of fun and entertainment: “This 'Pastewka' season has become our craziest: The entire 'Pastewka' ensemble is back, plus many surprise guests. I am seen naked more often than in the previous episodes, because the number of car tire cookies that I HAD to eat in front of the camera has increased noticeably. Otherwise: Michael Kessler puts me in, Anke Engelke shows me and Annette Frier laughs at me. Only Hugo Egon Balder will unfortunately not survive our seventh season.

You see: It will be very, very strange! ” In addition to Bastian Pastewka and Sonsee Neu, the new episodes are back: Matthias Matschke as brother Hagen, Cristina do Rego as niece Kim, Bettina Lamprecht as permanent opponent Svenja Bruck, Sabine Vitua as overwhelmed agent Regine and Dietrich Hollinderbäumer as father Volker - and besides Anke Engelke, Annette Frier, Michael Kessler and Hugo Egon Balder as surprise guests also Ralf Richter, Johann König and Guido Cantz.

Pastewka, the 7. Season, on DVD.
Pastewka, the 7. Season, on DVD.

And this is how “Pastewka” continues: Anne's parents marry again. They just couldn't stand it without each other. Bastian and Anne, however, have actually canceled their planned wedding. Although Anne doesn't admit it to Bastian, she seems a little disappointed. But the cancellation was also an impulse for her to fulfill her biggest dream now: she finally wants to finish her medical studies. Her study group now meets in her apartment - an unacceptable condition for Bastian, since a good-looking fellow student apparently has an eye on Anne. Right now, Bastian has to pay homage to the legendary series “Sketchup” with Anke Engelke for the 30th anniversary and is rarely at home. Bastian sees only one way out - he still has to marry Anne. And as quickly as possible ...

Bastian Pastewka is, hopefully often in Saab on the road, to 3. October on Friday against 22.25 in double episodes on SAT.1.

With the start of the season the new DVDs have been released, available at the usual provider: Pastewka - Season 7 [3 DVDs]

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  • The 900 is actually every episode to see. It is also pointed to the bankruptcy and durability of the vehicle

  • Bastian also drives several Saab's privately

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