on the road: A report about the Cabriolet Rallye Sachsen

Bright sunshine, temperatures above 25 degrees and chic convertibles as far as the eye can see. On the penultimate weekend the 6th started Convertible Rally Saxonys. That was the meeting point for the 129 convertibles - including 8 saws Hygiene Museum in Dresden.

Convertible Rally Saxony 2014 ... just before the start
Cabrio Rallye Sachsen 2014 ... shortly before the start

Strengthened with a delicious breakfast and well briefed, it went by road book on the 290 km long route from Dresden via Radebeul, Kesselsdorf and Nassau to Seiffen and then back to Dresden via Holzhau, Freital and Pirna. But there was little time to marvel at the great landscape. Concentrated on finding the right path, the “convertible drivers” had to prove their knowledge and driving skills in various valuation and sponsorship tests. Certain courses or long distances had to be completed in a defined time. Among other things - unexpectedly standing on a scale - the dead weight including the car and crew should be estimated or a speed of the engine of exactly 2200 rpm with the tachometer covered by carefully operating the throttle lever.

In contrast, manual skills were required from the front passenger when unfolding a 3-meter rule in the convertible as quickly as possible - the fastest man did it in just 3,19 seconds! In Seiffen, people switched to “open” toboggan sleds for a short time, whereby the entire route of the summer toboggan run had to be covered in a certain time.

The day flew by in the course of the quite demanding tasks and then ended with a delicious evening buffet, a small show program and the award ceremony and award by the sponsors. Incidentally, the saws landed in places 3, 11, 17, 29, 61, 72, 106 and 119.


A great day thanks to the organizers and sponsors and the many hard-working helpers. We are looking forward to next year!

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