SAAB 9-5 NG rear view camera

The price lists were already printed, but the 2012 models never rolled to the start. Too bad, because with the new model year, not only a rear view camera would have moved into the Saab 9-5 NG under the code RV-CAM.

And, where is the camera? © 2014
And, where is the camera? © 2014

There would have been other delicious features such as adaptive cruise control and more choice in interior decor. These things are in the past; nonsense to mourn them. The original Saab rear view camera, however, can be retrofitted, we tested it in our 2011 9-5.

The Saab 9-5 NG rear-view camera, as intended at the factory, is unobtrusively integrated into the light bar - as it would have been in the series. An original cable set is laid across the car, the software for the camera is activated. Sounds easy, but it is a lot of specialist knowledge and some work. A task that one in Kiel at Saab center done quickly and routinely.

Actually, the series use was only planned for the following model year, but integration into the previous year is (almost) problem-free. The camera can be activated and configured via the on-board system menu. Symbols such as the warning triangle that appears in several stages can be displayed if desired.

A small limitation, however, exists. What does not work in the two model years before 2012, these are the variable guides when parking.

With the small disadvantage you can live well, the investment in the camera is worthwhile. Anyone who travels with his vehicle from time to time as we do, makes it much easier to connect and disconnect the trailer. The Saab 9-5 NG rear view camera makes navigating to the centimeter easier; a sensible thing with the rear of the vehicle not exactly clear.

The availability of the rear view camera should be limited, since there was only a smaller pre-production of the cable set. Information on price and availability is available at Saab center Kiel.

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  • I see. Kiel is not exactly on the way from Zurich. I will get in touch with Mr. Lafrentz one way or another, the topic 9-4x is not over yet despite all the unreasonable. In addition, you could combine the assembly of one of the last Hirsch Performance exhaust systems for the 9-5 XWD with a new rear view camera ...

  • Maybe I have overlooked it, but how much does the camera incl. Montage?

    • blank

      Nothing overlooked. Price on request

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    Kiel does a remarkably good job there. Too bad that no one in Sweden has ever kissed SAAB, the brand would be worth it.

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    Since I have this rear view camera I am very happy and glad that I drove to Kiel to have this installed.
    I have an 9 5 from 2010 and that works too.

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