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An article, this time in its own right.

In recent weeks, mails in my mailbox are piling up on readers looking for a Saab workshop or spare part.

Showroom - typical Saab © 2014
Showroom - typical Saab © 2014

The background: it is about, quite openly, a tiresome, old nuisance. Some workshops have a Saab sign on the building, but are no longer a partner of Orio Deutschland GmbH. The customer, who does not know this, orders a repair, in the opinion of receiving original spare parts from Saab. So happened, deep in the West of the Republic.

Months later, the vehicle is already broken again, it turns out that cheap parts of a third party were installed. Brisant only that the price for an original part is on the bill. The trouble is great, only the threat of the person concerned to publish the name of the workshop on the blog, brings the company to relent. An isolated case?

Apparently not. Just a few miles, on my doorstep, a similar scenario. The local Opel dealer has not been an Orio partner for some time, but has continued to mount Saab service signs. A friend has some work done, and a few months later he sells the car. Shortly thereafter, the alleged same defect, which confirms another workshop to the new owner. The Opel operation is not prepared to repair the damage, arguing that it has nothing to do with Saab anymore. The trouble is there.

Annoyance with stupid sayings

An equally questionable behavior is there again and again for spare parts. A customer asks the local dealer, the spare part is not available. "Saab is broke, you know ..." The text we hear endlessly since 2011. And now really annoys us ... Annoying only that on demand in Eschborn the sought after part in Sweden from stock is in stock. The workshop simply had no motivation to trigger an order for a part.

Mails on these two topics are increasingly flooding the mailbox, costing time and effort. Because the blog has no online access for spare parts availability, we know no prices. Even Mark and I have to ask, in Eschborn, at dealers.

What can we do? Saab riders know that they drive an individual product and that sometimes the way to the garage can be a bit further. We can live with that. The thing about the signs that fool us into having an authorized Saab partner in front of us is just annoying. If the company is fair, it communicates to be a free Saab workshop. Then it fits. If it's not fair, then it's not acceptable.

Supports the supporters

We should protect ourselves. Actually, we still have a good spare parts supply at Saab. The reason for the annoyance is not in Nyköping. Orio Deutschland GmbH has up-to-date lists of contract partners for Germany and Austria deposited. For the Switzerland the same applies. A quick check shows who is really authorized who sells original spare parts.

Or, even better: supports the authorized Saab partners and spare parts dealers who advertise here on the blog. You are guaranteed to supply original parts, the workshops have long Saab experience.

They support us, in part for years, and are the real heroes in the background. Because with their commitment they ensure that the servers are running, allowing us to tackle new projects. Thanks to their help, there are news about Saab almost daily for more than three years on the blog. Anyone who drinks his espresso in the morning, between 10 and 11 watches, while reading the daily Saab News, should not forget who makes the blog possible. The "supporters" involved in workshop and spare parts search, which also supports the blog. Thank you!

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  • 18. September 2014 at 11: 18 AM

    The list is great (hopefully it's always up to date).
    My current workshop is listed, but makes, for example - according to my own statement - never with "Saab actions" with (unfortunately).

    Just a few weeks ago I had the "spare parts and bankruptcy talk" here in a free workshop. It was not until I referred to the well-known online retailer (who wanted to order the workshop anyway) that there was no question of "problems", "difficult" and "expensive". Then it came for a short time that Saab was very difficult to hard to repair - but even that could be cleared up quickly. 😉

    And I also look at this page with the espresso - since a "tiny little rebuke" - extra always WITHOUT AdBlocker!

  • 18. September 2014 at 11: 42 AM

    The article was needed. The spare part chatter has been following us for years, the list as a guide is very good. Please keep up to date! Of course we support the supporters 😉

  • 18. September 2014 at 12: 13 PM

    A good appeal! Because the Saab partners must be supported! And if it's good for the blog, it's twice as good. It's time-consuming to run a blog, I know that from my own experience (nothing to do with Saab, football, VfB ...) and here's practically every day news, which is really extraordinary!

    • 19. September 2014 at 7: 42 AM

      I suppose it is the VFB Stuttgart, also a topic where the passion z.Zt. contains a lot of suffering. Where can I find the blog? On my 9-3 station wagon of course also sticks a VFB sticker.

  • 18. September 2014 at 12: 35 PM

    Have experienced similar.
    On my 9-3 the speed sensor was defective. Begged me in an Opel / Saab / Skoda workshop. Here it was said that the sensor at Saab is no longer available u. one of Opel is installed which is also cheaper priced. Works so far, but I did not get any guarantee, because none of them was from Saab

  • 18. September 2014 at 1: 20 PM

    Is there an ORIO in Italy?

  • 18. September 2014 at 1: 38 PM

    Well, basically, I have nothing against OEM parts - with some parts of my SAAB, I've noticed that you have not even bothered to "oversell" OEM status. The gasoline filter comes from Bosch, and that's what it stands for, just as the headlamps come from Valeo (and carry the Valeo logo embossed in the lens).

    However, garages should then charge for the appropriate price, and at least guarantee a garage warranty, otherwise I do not know it actually. Even the freelance workshop, where I have worked twice so far, has granted warranty on the installed OEM parts.

    But that this can vary from workshop to workshop, you hear yes open ...

  • 18. September 2014 at 2: 22 PM

    Is the Orio Deutschland GmbH or also considering a "Classic" segment, similar to, for example, Porsche or Mercedes, for the spare parts supply for the Saab 900-I?

  • 18. September 2014 at 3: 30 PM

    an AHA experience:
    I needed new brake discs and pads on the rear axle for my 9-3x-Combi.

    Before the work was started I got a call from my workshop Ebner in Oeynhausen near Baden / Ö (Chevy, Opel, Saab): '... we can do that with Opel or Saab original parts ... the original Saab parts are around 100, - cheaper ! '

    Who would have bet on it?

    LG in the round, Cabriote

  • 18. September 2014 at 5: 15 PM

    Hello Tom, Thank you for your tireless effort here for us Saab Crazy. Great that this topic is sometimes addressed.

    Unfortunately, it is very thin in the region with Saab-friendly workshops, but I knew that before the purchase. Unfortunately, I did not find any of the few within 200 km where I felt in good hands. Already with the purchase of the car I was concealed in the former authorized workshop a now proven accident damage. To repair other problems, another workshop made gross mistakes.
    Ultimately, I have now arrived at a free workshop, which has nothing to do with Saab, but they are more interested there, as with previous Saab workshops, which I also find in the list here again. And the workshop found there has never been statements, such as "does not exist" or "Saab is broke".

    Maybe in Sweden it will take a long time for us to come to a good end in the long term and maybe then someday the new Saab workshop will be added.

    Best regards - Marco

  • 18. September 2014 at 5: 52 PM

    I can also confirm that some independent garages have their hands in the spare parts search and point to the bankruptcy of Saab. But there are (like mine where I can have my 901er repaired) also workshops that have other brands and used to have Saab. The still partially repair some models, where you have to get some of the spare parts, as there is no comparable example in the brakes of Ate. The problems (spare parts, workshops) in the models from the year when GM took over the majority from Saab are similar or similar to those concerning the models 9000 and 900 before 1994.

  • 18. September 2014 at 5: 59 PM

    Well, I sit with a cup of coffee in my workshop and wait
    my Saab quickly gets two new - of course original Saab - pendulum supports for the front stabilizer. They are, after all
    36 months warranty on it. I also can with my screwdriver
    talk and we decide together where and when original parts are installed. And imagine - this works for more
    as 50 years - even with other brands.
    My 9-3 is currently leaving the workshop - great - just 30 minutes
    And on we go ............

  • 18. September 2014 at 8: 36 PM

    So I'm driving 20 years Saab in the West of the Republic. I've never been to an agency town with a blue sign. Very well, the Werkstädten have to do only with Saab. I have never been installed an inferior part. Is not it short-term profit thinking that is taking over? Long-term customer loyalty through performance and trust are sometimes not in demand. I drive English cars even longer, and everyone knows that there are big differences in the quality of spare parts. Unfortunately, you can not or can not screw yourself to the more modern Saabs. Whether an OEM spare part is enough to make you feel (again) safe, I do not know. At the moment we drive all used cars. I think for a trustworthy factory town you have to drive 200-300 Km. For very special cases also like more (keel). Greetings from Cologne ...

    • 19. September 2014 at 8: 11 AM

      I think from Cologne it does not have to be 200 Km. I am in the area from time to time and had to make a small pit stop from time to time. At Kunert in Bonn there is still a lot of Saab experience and passion.

  • 18. September 2014 at 9: 39 PM

    There are still some very good SAAB workshops in Switzerland, and they all work with original parts. Alone in the area of ​​Basel, directly at the German border, we have two very good workshops that also sell SAAB's! These mechanics are all SAAB fans and work with passion. These are the Garage HP Buser in Pratteln and the Citroën Garage Grosspeter in Reinach. So if someone is in the mood for a trip to Switzerland ...... ..

    • 19. September 2014 at 5: 07 PM

      Garage Buser in Augst BL (not Pratteln), Saab pure, for all in the north of the north a very good address! All my Saab are being maintained there.
      Greetings from Basel

  • 19. September 2014 at 10: 22 AM

    Good Morning all!

    In addition to the extremely competent, helpful workshops I've met in Kiel or Berlin, I unfortunately had to experience several times that not all workshops with an Orio contract provide what you should expect? "Is not anymore!" Was really the most harmless thing I got to hear. It was different so far with the "free" Saab workshops. Here, among other things, the part (original) was ordered. However, not on the ORIO channel, but directly from Sweden, from another large supplier of Saaboriginal parts has in stock. In addition, the Eschborn seem to have a partner selection process that leaves me with some question marks as a customer. What does that mean for me? An ORIO partner does not guarantee quality and competence per se! Therefore, only a logo on the door for me is not crucial. Everything stands and falls with the commitment of the owners of the workshops and their staff! And unfortunately there is Blender - on both sides.

    Best regards & a nice weekend


  • 19. September 2014 at 10: 52 AM

    The tiresome workshop topic,
    The workshop problem has unfortunately already occurred in the 80igern and was reinforced by the * good Saab partner policy *. It started with the expiration of the 900er around 1993 / 94 with the era of GM one wanted to get involved at the top and has opened its own Saastützpunkt with he bad service and with people who did not identify with the mark SAAB. Since many small good Saab production site remained on the track. Then the concession was withdrawn overnight and they went looking for a new / other workshop.
    Apart from a few exceptions, I only had good experiences with my 900er and also with the 9,3, whether with free or official Saab workshops, but also with workshops that had nothing to do with Saab.

  • 19. September 2014 at 2: 11 PM

    We always went to the workshop with our two Saab 9-3 to the Saab contract partner. With the demise of Saab Automobile, the dealer did not enter into a contract with Saab Parts - but the Saab signs stopped! First, the quality of work remained very good, but in the course of time, this dropped a lot and finally my vehicle was literally "broken repaired" (supposed Orignal replacement parts were broken again after a short time - the source was the Opel spare parts shelf, were settled high "Saab prices"). A forced change to another workshop, the official Saab / Orio service partner, brought me the "aha-experience": Again reliable spare parts quality and - one wonders - even cheaper prices !!!

  • 20. September 2014 at 11: 22 AM

    Where was the showroom recorded? Is this still available?

  • 20. September 2014 at 11: 38 AM

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein. Even at my former Saab workshop in Itzehoe I have to have no worries today, because of any missing spare parts. Although now a free workshop, but always reliable and Saab original parts. Sincerely from Schleswig-Holstein .......

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