Saab 9-5 sedan and sports suit 2006

As I keep writing about the Saab 9-5 NG, the older generation is falling behind a bit. The predecessors are not forgotten; for all fans of the chrome glasses, there is a Saab video today as Zuckerl.

Saab 9-5 sports combination and sedan 2006
Saab 9-5 sports combination and sedan 2006

Actually, the facelift that 2006 refreshed the 9-5 was an emergency operation. The successor should already have been on the market; he was scheduled on a joint platform with Alfa Romeo and Fiat. The new, never released 9-5 got too heavy, the cooperation with the Italians broke up.

The “old” was revised again, with GM deliberately keeping the budget small. The result made for discussion. The design was controversial, and only a few wanted to find the chrome glasses straight away. Even if it anticipated some of the design language of the new Saab generation.

For the values ​​agree under the sheet. After all, the classic 9-5 is the last Saab with the old engines and with the Saab Trionic under the hood. The 5 gearboxes also have the legendary lock in reverse.

Unfortunately, Saab did not use the chrome frame on the V6 petrol engine and withdrew from this segment. A mistake, as it turned out later. The clientele for prestigious 6 cylinder engines continued, and the successor had a hard time gaining market share in this segment. And otherwise? Also we had a few years chrome glasses, it was reliable, unobtrusive, safe. But not the big, automotive love.

I am in Saab today in northern Germany, and what I do instead, you can with Instagram follow. On Saturday the promised Saab 99 Turbo driving report will come on the Youngtimer Blog. And next week it will continue! Changes are emerging regarding the blog and its future ...

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  • There are, there were ?, glasses in matt dark gray to retrofit. Possibly. from deer?
    For everyone for whom the original glasses are too striking.

  • Hui, I'm curious what the changes will bring.

  • So the chrome glasses is not my thing. That's why I chose the 9-3 sc (apart from the missing V6). He is very much a matter of taste and mine is not.

  • Ah, cool ... I didn't even know. Thanks for the information! 🙂
    Thought the “older” ones only had “perforated leather” in the best case (and in most descriptions on the web this is never highlighted).

  • Also the model year 2011 9-4x had ventilated seats in the versions Premium and Aero. Only the "basic cars" do not have it.

  • Also the model year 2011 9-4x had ventilated seats in the versions Premium and Aero. Only the "basic cars" do not have it.

  • Moin Tom.

    Cool. I'm looking forward to it!

    I check the “9-4x ads” almost “weekly” every now and then ... the car would really appeal to me (especially without this olle “monitor solution” on the back seats).
    Just somehow “haperts” then unfortunately again and again somewhere else…. ;-(

    Whatever I ask myself, the 2012'er models would have had ventilated seats, according to the catalog. Would something like this with older 9-4x also be retrofitted?

  • Change of topic: search 9-3 II estate as a leasing return. Does anyone have an insider tip where to find something?

  • When I saw the chrome glasses for the first time, I was really scared, ... looks like an aging diva with too much make-up. In the end I made my peace with the design and with the 9-5II as a successor it even makes sense. The comparison with the diva is also not so bad, the chrome glasses are well-engineered, do not bother and remain timeless. I drove it as a workshop replacement car and even if I didn't choose the 9-5I in favor of the aero9k, I was reconciled with the last series.

  • The 9-5 I (not just the “chrome glasses”) is also featured in DEKRA in terms of reliability, durability and other positive features.

    Since you inevitably get into conversation with other 9-5 I - owners (recently with an older lady whom I met with her cat at the vet), one can only confirm the many positive things - she told me that her 9- 5 I SC (built in 2008) is the best car she has ever had. Before that, she mostly drove upper-class German and Japanese vehicles.

    My own 9-5 I SC will soon reach the 300.000 km mark - there have not been any major problems and I find it quite remarkable that the ease with which the 1,7 tons can be moved has not diminished in any way.

  • Just!
    Not only, but also because of the usual gear lock, the ignition lock (in contrast to the 9000) on the center console, the indestructible engine with its own ignition system, the inconspicuous elegance (Einnar Harreide has set himself a monument), the overall feeling of space and looking out and many other saaby characteristics, that was, despite all GM chatter, the last "real" SAAB.
    At least for me - after 96 - 900GLE and 9/3 experience.

  • @@ to the Instagram pictures….
    So I'm very curious to see if there will be a nice little report here soon and how it will turn out! 🙂

  • I also bought chrome glasses in July 2007 - a fully equipped 9-5 Aero SC with automatic machine and sunroof. The vehicle has now covered 250 km. I like the design, from my point of view it still looks modern. The seats are still among the best I know for long journeys. I sometimes drive it up to 000 km per week, often 2000 km at a time.
    The necessary replacement of the outdated navigation system was laborious and expensive because of the integration into the bus system. The use of synthetic leather inserts in the leather sports seats did not match the otherwise good quality. Otherwise the vehicle did not cause any problems and ran with very little wear. The service intervals according to the display are around 30 km. I never had to top up oil in between. There have been no further repairs so far. Consumption is also ok with 000-7 liters on long journeys and just above that on shorter journeys. It's never over 8L, so I'd have to run full throttle for hours. The new 9 L diesel Audis of my colleagues don't need less either. This is often astonishing because it is a gasoline engine. Yesterday I was out and about with a business partner who drives a new BWM 3 d and was amazed at how easily the SAAB can still keep up. At the moment there is no need for a replacement. Even from the outside, the vehicle doesn't look worn at all. As it currently looks, it will be the last SAAB.

  • I had such a spectacle. Is sure a matter of taste. Saab always had its own way in terms of design. I would be very happy to read something about the extremely rare Saab 900-I Finlandia (later CD). The long version of the original 900er. I saw 2 drive in Zurich. Greetings from Zurich.

  • In July 2007, I also bought new chrome glasses, a 2,3t BioPower sedan with Anniversary equipment (including aero sports leather seats) and Hirsch Performance in jet black. I am now on the road over 260.000 km with her - without an unscheduled visit to the workshop. 2 months ago I just drove up to the TÜV and got the new sticker straight away. It runs and runs and runs (now also from the books) ...

    My experience is that most die-hard Saab fans don't like them. Saab sympathizers who are not quite as involved, however, often find them very chic. A friend of mine even went so far as to claim that the sedan with chrome glasses was the most beautiful car that Saab had built after the 901. Well ... the fact is that I have been repeatedly approached by people far from Saab in parking lots, at gas stations, etc., what an interesting car I would drive.

    My personal conclusion: The chrome glasses is now getting old and my sure no 5.000 € worth more. But I got used to her like a rider to his favorite old horse. I do not have the heart to feed them to the vultures. She gets her gracious bread with me.

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