Saab 9-5 NG ex Victor Muller

The topic Saab 9-5 NG does not let go and will accompany us for the next days. Because the last big Saab is also in the readership more and more an issue, on Monday more about it.

Saab 9-5 NG, ex Victor Muller
Saab 9-5 NG, ex Victor Muller

If you want to put a Saab with a special history in your own garage, now has the opportunity. The Saab 9-5 NG, owned by former Saab CEO Victor Muller, is or was for sale in Sweden. Because possibly is he already in new hands, but that's not sure, The Saab has been advertised on for around € 29.000,00 since Friday. Not too much, considering that similar vehicles without this special previous ownership change hands at similar prices.

The 9-5 is fully equipped with the full deer performance program, from performance enhancement to interior. With the Saab VIN 00042, the 2010 Aero is a very early model. For Victor Muller, the 9-5 was certainly the most expensive vehicle on his Vita. Because apart from the not yet endured trouble with the Swedish authorities, the bottom line of this adventure nothing remained.

The ex Victor Muller Saab 9-5, now in third hand, is in the Malmö region at one Find a store on offer. Victor Muller fans and Saab collectors who appreciate a special piece of Saab history should pick up the phone. The interest in the 9-5, if it is still available, should be great.

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  • Another ex Victor Muller car of the type 9-5 NG is to my knowledge in the Czech Republic. He was auctioned at a kvd auction.

  • Was not there ever a dark blue as VM cart on offer?

    • No, VM always officially had the above-mentioned 9-5II. But JAJ had the nicer 9-5II for me, in dark blue. Maybe you mean that.

      • EDIT: I think you're right, in Mallorca VM still had a black 9-5NG

  • Who buys the same gets 2 times SAAB history. Once the car itself (which is a dream) and once the previous owner.

    • It's sold, went very quickly on Friday. Who comes first…

      • I like to believe that he wasn't a slow seller. But so quickly ..... respect. Would have liked to have taken it too, but my bank account doesn't accept it. Unfortunately there are other things that devour a lot of money besides cars.
        But because we're on the subject right now, maybe Nevs should bring a Victor Muller Edition.

  • You should rename the blog in Saab Blog 9- 5 N G. Slowly it gets embarrassing with the glorification of the great Insignia.


    • Pretty intolerant. Maybe you like SU, now better than BU for the Bavarian brand Übergleaufen. What is this Insiginia chatter? Sad

    • A pity, if you think so. In September we had extensively Turbo X, Saab 9 4x, Saab 9 3 EV, and Saab 9 5 OG and NG. On the Youngtimer blog a Saab 9-3 Viggen and Saab 99 Turbo driving report, also Saab 99 rallye. More is not possible.

    • Embarrassing here and now occurring Opel sayings!

      I am always happy when the 9-5NG glides by from the neighborhood and I don't have the feeling of looking after an Opel ...
      It is good that special vehicles are reported here. A great 9000 CC was “rescued” in August.

      I think the variety of models on both blog pages great and who this is not enough, Tom can certainly always send a contribution. I'm wondering how Tom gets these unbelievably many posts together.

    • SAAB community? Are we here in a sect?

      Anyone who does not feel that they are represented can gladly contribute their own article instead of silly poking fun.

      • A few more words to bring the topic to a close: Every reader is welcome if they like to contribute stories & reports about the Saab topic, only that keeps the blog alive. The 9-5 NG is currently a bit in focus, like the 9-4x, it is the latest Saab model, which makes it so interesting. Right now the last leasing returns are coming onto the market, it is the best time to buy a 9-5 and move a modern Saab in everyday life for the next few years. If you like.
        On the other hand, I / we pay attention to balanced reporting. The blog team is working to bring an almost forgotten Saab series out of the dark, and to bring it more into the limelight. There is time and work involved, but we do what we can ... 😉

  • I got the book on the end of Saab, which was recently featured here on the Blig. Even if only a small part of what was written there is true, Victor Muller has returned with full bags of his Saab adventure

    • I see it the same way. Vic is a car guy and therefore cannot be compared with Berggruen and the like. However, I don't know of anything that would justify an extra charge for the car, just because VM drove it briefly. I guess, basically he preferred to drive his A8 ...

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