Saab in the STCC 2014

The STCC season 2014 is history. The overall victory of the racing series went to the other Swedish brand and driver Thed Björk. Our congratulations go to Gothenburg. The season was, from Saab point of view, not quite as hoped run. But at least one team can be satisfied.

Saab 9-3 Team Tido, season finale. Image: Team Tido
Saab 9-3 Team Tido, season finale. Image: Team Tido

Richard Göransson of Team Tidö placed his Saab 9-3 STCC in 4. An ungrateful placement that still brings respect. This makes Göransson the most successful Saab driver of the season. At times he was in striking distance to Thed Björk, the media already scented a possible reissue of the eternal duel Saab vs.. Volvo. A very good performance by Team Tidö, especially when you consider that the crew without factory support keeps the brand flag up successfully.

The first and third places went to Volvo Polestar Racing, with strong support from the manufacturer. Place 2 on the BMW dealer team, also with backing from the factory on the track.

After all, Team Tidö has the support of Orio AB, our supplier for Saab original parts. At the end of the season, the crew even launched three Saab 9-3s with racing legend Jan ”Flash” Nilsson, who had returned to the STCC. Nilsson was no longer able to intervene decisively in racing.

The positions for the team Tidö are mixed with 4th place for Richard Göransson, 14th place for Roger Samuelsson, and 16 for the late Jan Nilsson. The cards will be shuffled next year - and in 2014 you definitely had a lot of fun and fighting spirit, as the video shows.

Disappointment at PWR Racing

The second Saab team, PWR Racing by Peter “Poker” Wallenberg, started the season with great expectations. The signing of Emma Kimiläinen caused a lot of media hype beforehand. Unfortunately Emma lacked that little bit of luck. Collisions, partly through no fault of their own, ensured early retirement and races without gaining points. In the end it was only enough for an 11th place. The team, with NEVS support on the way, had hoped for more.

Emma's teammate Daniel Haglöf did not succeed either. He only lands in the points finals for the season finale and came in the final settlement on rank 13.

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    Hello Tom.
    Thank you for the summary of the STCC 2014! Unfortunately, after my summer break, I didn't manage to follow the series “offline”.
    Well, here too we can say that Orio has a better grip on the matter than NEVs.

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    4. Place without factory support? Congratulations to the team Tidö! Excellent! And by the way, the cars look great!

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