Senova D70 Cup ex Saab 9-5

A few days ago, BAIC launched the launch of the Senova D60, the China version of the Saab 9-3. Externally, the D60 has nothing to do with the original, even under the plate has been heavily modified.

Senova D70, ex Saab 9-5 OG. 2.0 liter with Saab Trionic
Senova D70, ex Saab 9-5 OG. 2.0 liter with Saab Trionic

Because BAIC packed the legendary Saab Trionic engines under the hood, which required modifications to the front end. The old Saab transmissions were also installed. For this reason, the China offshoot can only be 5-speed, while the original has a 6-speed transmission.

The prices for the Senova D60 sedan start at 15.000,00 €, the top version costs 21.000,00 €. Slightly more expensive than expected, the press says. BAIC has great expectations for the Senova D60. 2015 are supposed to run incredible 300.000 units off the line. How was it with NEVS and the China plans? Pictures of the D60 series version are available at

While the D60 launches, the Saab 9-5 offshoot is already a success story and enjoys great popularity as Senova D70. In order to further expand its image as a sporty premium product, BAIC uses the D9 based on the old 5-70 generation at the China Cup. The first race was at the Guangdong International Circuit in August.

Visually does not suggest the relationship to the Saab 9-5 chrome goggles, a look under the hood, however, promotes a known engine to light. Again, the good old 2 liter 4 cylinder works with the Saab Trionic. In case of doubt, age does not protect against motorsports.

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    Entirely my opinion . NEVS does not need a new owner. Mahindra gets the naming rights from Saab AB, buys the bankruptcy estate from NEVS and founds a new company Saab Automobile AB or Saab Cars AB or whatever. If it is negotiated for so long, that will not matter anymore. Today, NEVS announces its release of 200 people. What do they want to build without staff and names? Mahindra has time and can wait until it gets cheaper.

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    I think it's impressive that the "old" Saabs can establish themselves so well in China against the rather modern competition there. Makes me sad and shows how “wrong” NEVS was / is (see the latest NEVS broadcast today). But after today I decided not even to buy a Saab (from NEVS) for myself, even if he had one! I hate this company too much and their ignorance of the people in and around Trollhatten simply stinks too much for me. Honestly, NEVS should pack their bags and wear out ... Only with a completely new owner who feels the Saab spirit should there be new Saabs again, because before someone like NEVS Saab produces it would be better if Saab would be history.

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