Almost forgotten…

Big Saab names met last Wednesday at the Saab Bil Museum. Olle Granlund, Stig-Göran Larsson, Björn Envall and many others had an anniversary to celebrate.

Saab 9000 CC, 30 years public debut
Saab 9000 CC, 30 years public premiere © 2014

The Saab 30 CC celebrated its public premiere 9000 years ago; However, the first large Saab only drove off the production lines and to the customers a year later. An important car for the small manufacturer, entry into the upper class, and one of the most advanced vehicles of its decade. For many Saab Automobile AB alumni the best Saab ever.

Which is certainly true, if one takes the 80er and 90er years as a period. Saab had the 9000 a lead over the competitors, the turbo technology enabled performance in the sports car sector. Saab showed in the 9000 that automatic and turbo engines work well together. What other brands could not do then.

It doesn't really matter that the 9000 was based on a floor pan with the Italian cousins. "We got all the freedoms," say Saab veterans, "as we never had them later". The concept of front-wheel drive, a large interior and a variable loading area was both a success and an anchor of survival for Saab. The 1985 rolled off the production line in Trollhättan from 1998 to 9000. Constantly revised and improved, mutated from CC to 9000 CS. Anyone who drives a Saab 9000 every day today thinks about how much 30 years of automotive progress is reflected in everyday life. The concept from Trollhättan still feels so modern.

The anniversary of the public premiere was almost lost in the hustle and bustle of the last few days. The drama surrounding NEVS overshadowed the events. The TTELA shows some pictures of the meeting of the veterans who gave birth to the 9000 in the Saab Bil Museum.

Nevertheless, the Saab 9000 CC is not forgotten. The blog team is working on an 9000 project for the coming year, where the official anniversary will be celebrated. And at least at another location in Germany is another top-secret Saab 9000 project, which could get pretty crazy.

In this sense: Saab 9000 30 years - congratulations old Swede!

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  • My first SAAB experience also took place with a 9000. A sympathetic and innovative top vehicle that has made 300 km without any problems. Then came several 000-9, which have also proven themselves. The last of them, a 5-9 Aero SC is still running with us, but is slowly getting on in years.

    Audi and BMW are currently building comparable vehicles to the current technical level with the A7 and the A5 Sportback and the 3er and 5er GT.

    It's a pity that others have now recognized and filled in the SAAB niche, and NEVS did not come up with something nicer than reissuing an obsolete notchback sedan. No wonder the sales figures remained at a low level and the vehicles stopped on the heap. Unfortunately, SAAB is no longer an alternative for people who need an up-to-the-minute vehicle for everyday business (that is, those who regularly buy new vehicles and thus keep a brand alive).

  • Congratulations to the 9000! And yes, the 9000er has more room for passengers, even though it's smaller than the 9-5. Still a great car!

  • I can just agree with it. I gave myself this year a 9000er as a second pass next to the chrome glasses. And he is unbeaten with three small children and better than the 95er. More space on the seats and in between. He is really processed with great attention to detail. And so easy to repair. Mine is now 22 years old and ran today between Munich and Hof like a clockwork. And the 2.3 liter without turbo is really economical. And it provides for some surprise when it increases again from 160. Consumption between eight and nine liters.

  • Hello Thorsten,

    I've never understood it either, but I'm beginning to get a clue why the 9000 is not so sought after.
    The bottom line is that he's just too good and has his clear strength “at home on long journeys”.

    I came to Saab through the 9000 (well, actually through the Draken Jet). Just the unobtrusive elegance and the friendly face have attracted me. I always wanted a 9000, it has become a brave 2.0t as a CSE.
    He drove in recent years as a child carrier in the city. He did not feel well. On long stages, I almost had tears, so well did the car fit there.
    Now I have a fuel card with company car and the 9000 stands around. He does not and he complains with all kinds of bitches.
    Just out of sheer joy drive through the counter: nothing for the 9000. Raiding a few curves: nothing for the 9000.
    He takes no heart in the storm, he is too good for that, has no emotional edges. He convinces just in a quiet way and on long distances.
    Then it's for me: pay yourself or use the taxed company car ...

  • My first Saab, in 1991, was also a 9000 CD and then three Saab 9000 CSE's. In fact, these were very fine cars. Congratulations to all saab engineers who developed this.

  • Hey, the reference car has been my saying for years! Whereby our aero9k deserves the predicate rocked down ... well, let's see, it just had 12 difficult years!

  • The 9k was also the reference vehicle for me in its class. Something Saab did not manage after that, at some point they have lost the connection even if you often see that only at second glance and the vehicles are not bad.

  • I drive a 900 MY92, but I can tell the previous speakers. 9000ers only agree! Just like with the 900, SAAB has brought in innovative things that did not exist in the structurally identical models from Fiat and Lancia. The sales figures especially in the USA in the late 80s and early 90s say it all. If a convertible had been built based on the 9000er (as it was with the 900er), SAAB would have survived without GM with another investor….

  • Yes, my “addiction” also began with a 9000 CC in 1989 and it has stayed that way to this day: a cozy everyday 9000CS (97) and a 9000CSE (98) for special occasions.
    In the past few years I have heard the saying “the best car I've ever had” from former 9000 owners - with a little sadness in my eyes.
    Recently, there was this spell even two weeks ago at ORIO in Nyköping.
    The car is incredibly well thought out, whether it's the great interior, the ease of repair or the drive.
    If there is still a new start in TH, there should be set again and there must be the old liberties in developing and thinking, because everything else is already there.

  • I also consider the 9000 to be the best Saab that has ever been built. For many years I was convinced that the “modern stuff” (I definitely come from the classic car corner) would never come into my house.
    Then I unfortunately “had” to buy a 9000CSE that was on commission from my Saab dealer. 138tKM, first (retirees) hand, the price more than fair.
    And the car has turned my Saab worldview upside down.
    Awful of salty winter conditions, he has since got a second 9000CSE as an everyday car.
    When I get into the 9000 early in the morning, when it's dark and cold and damp ..., close the door and the inhospitable world stays outside, then I know that I'm driving the right car.
    If I found again a really good turbo at a realistic price, I would put down another.
    But as Thorsten correctly writes: the cars have been completely underestimated and mercilessly used up for years, decades, for whatever reason. Really good specimens have become extremely rare ...

  • The 9000er is indeed the best SAAB ever! In terms of space, quality, variability and many other things.
    It's actually a shame that the 9000 never really managed to emerge from the shadow of the “cult SAAB”, the 900.
    The 9000er is now almost completely gone from the street scene, some down-clocked everyday cucumbers (Sorry for the hard formulation) are sometimes still on the way.
    Unfortunately, the 9000er has been underestimated.

    But why? Is it really only at the position of the ignition?

  • A 9000'er was the entry into the “addiction” ... because “our” BMW dealer at the time had easily fallen out with my father (on business).

  • I am also always enthusiastic about the 9000er. Mine is now spared, my wife still has it as a “daily driver” and doesn't want to drive anything else.

  • I've been driving the 2009 since 9000. I started with a 9000CD Griffin, and after 4 months I bought my 2nd Saab 9000: an '86 CC i that I still have today. The CD has unfortunately been scrapped: in 2012 there was an automatic error and in 2013 there was a TCS error. nowadays, besides the '86 CCi, I have a right-hand drive '98 -er 9000 Anniversary CSE 2.0t. (Scarab green, date of 1st registration: 1.8.1998!)

    Right the best car I've ever had!

  • The 9000 was a great Saab. Unbelievable how long the first presentation has been back. He looks even fresher to me today than one or the other vehicle of the time.

  • Wistful memories of my first Saab, a 9000 cd, wake up ...

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