Saab 9-3 1.8t Sports Suit

Just over three years ago came the Saab 9-3 1.8t Sports combination in our fleet. Rolled off the assembly line in Trollhättan in December 2010, it is our last new car from Saab for the time being. Since then, “Saabine”, as the station wagon is called in the family, has been running without any abnormalities and without causing trouble in everyday life.

Saab 9 3 1.8t, MY 2011, Griffin Grill. © 2014
Saab 9 3 1.8t, MY 2011, Griffin Grill. © 2014

If the blog were a print medium, then you could publish a blank page with a thick stamp “no findings”. Finished ! This would clarify the condition of the Saab. Because there is simply nothing to tell. 56.000 kilometers are now on the counter and the inspections are carried out regularly Bamberg carried out.

There were no disturbances to report; even the fact that there was no follow-up guarantee after the end of the warranty had no effect. The Hamburg Saab dealer, where we picked up Saabine as a new car, unlike other partners, had not used the option of extending the warranty at their own expense. The Saab drove from now on unprotected through life.

As I said, nothing happened anyway! Passengers who don't know what to do with the Saab brand are always pleasantly surprised when they are guests in the Saab 9-3 1.8t. "It couldn't have been because of the cars that Saab no longer exists." My wife and I have been hearing this sentence for three years, and yes, it still holds true. The leather dashboard pleases, gives Saabine a noble touch and impresses the fellow travelers as well. However, we then hide the fact that it is not series, but retrofitted. The leather dashboards and handles are still there today buy, they upgrade the Saab and are highly recommended.

Saabine has seen some improvements over the past three years. The Griffin grille with a more fitting Saab logo, an engine block heater, the Saab sports steering wheel from the Turbo X, the Hirsch performance upgrade, 18 ″ turbine rims. All this does not correspond to the series, but has improved the Saab and makes everyday use of the vehicle more pleasant. In addition, there was extensive rust protection treatment at the Saab Center in Bamberg. The brown danger will never be a threat to the compact sports suit.

Wear cannot be determined. Despite the initial fear, the light leather seats are resistant to dirt and abrasion. The lacquer shines like fresh from the factory after every wash, although for reasons of time it usually goes through the car wash. The 18 ″ turbine rims on which the Saab travels in summer leave the comfortable Vector suspension a bit tighter on the road and are pleasant to drive. In addition, they are perhaps the most beautiful rims for the 9-3.

Otherwise, the Saab 9-3 1.8t presents itself after three years as an almost new car and as a pleasant, quiet travel companion. No oil consumption, fuel consumption that fluctuates somewhere between 8 and 9 liters - absolutely fine with a lot of city traffic. Normally we would switch to a new car after three years at the latest. But nothing has been normal in the Saab world for a long time, and we currently don't see an alternative to Saabine.

A replacement for a vehicle that is so elegant, timeless and socially acceptable, but also pleasant to drive, is difficult to find. Not that we don't think outside the box every now and then. Much of what there is to buy comes across as “ostensibly new rich”, has too much bling-bling. We are not! You don't have to have the electronic overflow in your car either; Saabine is pleasantly reserved.

So the liaison with the Saab 9 3 1.8t in the fourth year. Another extension is not excluded if Saabine continues to prove her long-term qualities.

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    I am also the proud owner of a 93 SC 1.9 TiD, he has been very reliable since 201.000 km. Normal wear excluded. And it's exactly what you said, timelessly beautiful and socially acceptable, free of envy and I like that a lot. I'm just annoyed that I did not do the chip tuning back then (bought with 8.000 km)! Now with 209.000km I do not dare anymore, I want to drive him for a few more years.

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    I can only confirm - I drive a 2010 9-3 SC Aero TTID without any problems with meanwhile 137000 km. Since the Hirsch Tuning, the car has been even more fun - every day. Regarding the anti-rust treatment, I would be interested to know what kind of product it is and how it was done. Is there something like that in the Stuttgart area?

    • The rust protection has made the Saab center Bamberg. Just call Ralf Muckelbauer (very nice) who will give definite information.

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    Super review, I've been riding a 2-9 sports bike for 3 years and can also confirm it's a very reliable car.

  • He really looks like new
    If you want to get rid of it for some reason, I like to take it

    Which Hamburg Saab dealer do you have that? From Dello?

    • Of course, Saabine already has a few small signs of use. At the moment it is not for sale ;-). At that time she came from Lensch & Bleck.

  • Very nice, although I dare to doubt that the car after regular car wash looks like this,)

    • No, that was not a regular car wash for once.

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    A brand-new, somewhat larger SportCombi - 9-5 (of course also without bling-bling) - would be more suitable for us. Unfortunately, for the known reasons, it is currently not feasible - which brings you back to the current state of affairs in Trollhättan.

    Is there anything to report from the “front”? A good 3 weeks ago, NEVS announced that the contract with Dongfeng should be concluded within the next 3 weeks - was this again just a premature assumption by NEVS or is there just a small delay?

    • The situation on the “front” is destructive and I have to motivate myself to write about it first. 😉 The update comes for morning coffee on the holiday ...

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    A great car, still. Also with us the 9-3 is extremely reliable every day on the way and hopefully will accompany us for a long time!

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