Are not we all troll haters?

That's a thing with the heart. One falls in love, and even if the thing is hopeless, the mind sends warnings, the heart stays with it. It's not just me. A few days ago I was visiting a Saab partner.

Saab 9000 CSE, Youngtimer © 2014
Saab 9000 CSE, Youngtimer © 2014

As always, his workshop was full of Saabs, and as a new car he successfully sells products from another brand. But he loves, so deeply in his heart, only the brand from Trollhättan and has hope that Saab will continue. Somehow, someday. Of course he's a realist. "It's time to see that Saab is a youngtimer brand ..." he said to me. He is right with that, because the confidence that something will develop positively in Trollhättan has reached a new low, and nobody wants to talk about a possible Saab future anymore.

Saab has not yet completely transformed into a youngtimer brand. With Saab 9-5 NG, Saab 9-4x and 9-3 II, we have vehicles on the roads that are up to date. The 9-3 shows qualities as a marathon runner; How the 9-4x Aero and 9-5 TTID fare three years after the end of production will be clarified in a test report over the next few days. And the future of youngtimers is not as terrible as it seems.

The Youngtimer brand

At first it is tough when you admit that there will be no more new cars for us. At second glance, the situation is put into perspective, because it could be worse. The times when you could accuse your neighbors of a career break if they didn't have a new vehicle with a star, rings or kidney in front of the house every three years are over. And we complain at a high level. Saab has given the world many durable, well-thought-out cars with unique designs and clever details. In addition: driving older cars when they are well maintained is the order of the day. Driving up with a classic Saab, possibly with a 9000 - the understatement vehicle par excellence - stands for style and good taste.

Classic and young timers have long since developed into an industry with high annual growth rates. In the metropolitan regions there are car dealerships that are successfully investing in this niche and completely stopping the new car business. Manufacturers are less enthusiastic about this trend. The willingness of buyers to regularly invest in a new car has been declining for years. A development that is partly homemade. The possibility of leasing everything that usually has 4 wheels without a down payment has devalued the product car. Customers shop for leasing rates; What is not in your own possession and has only been rented for a limited period of time is of less importance. Innovations can only be found in details that are not perceived as groundbreaking by the driver. For very young customers in particular, other things have become more important than new, shiny sheet metal.

In workshops that Saab live and that take care of old and young sheet metal from Trollhättan, business is going well. Beyond the pressure of having to commit to the acceptance of new vehicles, a Saab culture of its own has emerged. What about 18 months ago with the articles of the “Saab cult series” Saab 900 II, Saab 9000 and the Saab 9 3 I started, that's now a reality.

In Bamberg A sensational Saab 900 II Cabriolet, still in its first ownership, will be visually and technically reworked for the next few years. In Kiel was a Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe with Viggen Body Kit, now really rare, completely restored. Only two examples among many. The development is limited only by the lack of availability of vehicles.

The other side: Saabs are taken out of service in Germany every day, mostly consumer vehicles with high mileage. If there is a major repair in the house, then that means the end. However, and that's the good news, the brand is holding up braver than expected. Orio AB has forecasts of how the portfolio will develop. The loss in Germany is lower than assumed. Saab owners are even more closely connected to their vehicles than you think, instead of separation, investments are made.

Youngtimer has charm

The youngtimer situation can develop charm if it fits the annual driving profile and life. And if you want to get involved. Saabs are classless vehicles with a timeless design. Beyond what you want us to believe, you also do something for the environment. Nothing is more sustainable than a vehicle that has already been produced and that is kept in traffic for as long as possible. No matter how low the consumption of a hybrid vehicle may be, the pollution caused by the production flows into the environmental balance. And then, with a little thought, you can come to the conclusion that any vehicle that was not built could be an environmental benefit.

Hope is always

Back to Hope and the Heart. We can not change the situation in Sweden, we can only wait. Who staunchly drives Saab and blog reads, has now arrived at the hard core of the brand. Who can not be so small, what the numbers of readers prove.

Saab leaves no one indifferent who has ever been in contact with it. The Saab future is an issue in Sweden; what will happen in Vänersborg on Wednesday is of interest. Although I wouldn't expect any “breaking news”. NEVS, the fate of the company, which could or will one day, does not have to be synonymous with the fate of our brand.

A tweet from Dan Brännström came via Twitter a few days ago. His link to Saab is that he comes from Trollhättan. "..som trollhätte grabb vill hunt alltid hoppas på bilproduction i Trollhättan“, ..As a boy from Trollhättan I will always have hope for a car production in Trollhättan, according to his tweet. I think that's good ! My heart too! Aren't we all Trollhattans?

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  • There is another aspect, namely that of design. Almost all manufacturers now copy the edging and folding ornamental design that introduced Renault first and then made BMW successful. You can not, but you do not have to. Just as the shrinking windows or the equally cheesy interior design.

    maybe we're even lucky that Saab got stuck a bit, because that maybe spared us that. When I think of the Castriota design ...

  • Exactly the calculation I have made. The sum that I put into my very favorably-bought work SAAB does not even cover the leasing rate or the loss of value of a comparable new car for a year, if you count honestly.
    For this I have equipped my SAAB according to my wishes and well preserved and it runs and runs and….
    And when it comes to a repair, this is usually still cheaper.

    I've already twice a fancy 902 Coupe gone through the rag, such a good equipment I would also put away.

  • Hi Tom,
    I write for the first time a comment in this blog, which I follow regularly. My wife and I drive Saab since 2006 and now own 4 Saab 9-3 II, including 2 convertibles (including a Griffin of 05.2011), an 9-3X and a limousine. Currently no one is driven in winter and the cars have between 18.000 and 58.000 km. I think we will have a lot of fun with these cars. This year we were 2x in the museum in Trollhättan and will certainly be there more often

  • Of course there is the desire father of thought. One should never give up hope, even if it dwindles. Saab is just a matter of the heart

  • Yes, Tom, you also blew me out of my soul. But that sounds a bit like whistling in the woods! Hope dies last, but dwindles every day in a bit more.

  • Hi all.
    A little Saab has to be. I am a big 9-3 fan.
    The 9-3 (2) in particular is just great. I currently own three Saab Turbo X and one 9-3 Aero Cabriole. There will be more Saab's to join. Kind regards from Switzerland.

  • Great article!

    It is exactly like that. At first I invested in the technology of my 9-3 Viggen, then some cosmetic improvements followed on the body, now the interior was on it. New complete leather interior and some refinement on the cockpit, center console, door panels, headliner and hat rack.

    Coupled with a current Kenwood DAB, rear-view camera, etc., the car is back on the multimedia side, mobile phone connectivity, navigation, etc. on the latest state of the art. I kept the original radio and set it aside.

    Now comes the rest of the cavity seal and underbody protection. Then he will be fit for the next 15 years.

    And in addition there is the fun factor that a Viggen, but also 900er, 9000 do. A new car does not drive better. And in principle, the investments are worthwhile. The car looks great from all sides. Inside really top.

    I will also grow again a 9000er Aero. I occasionally look for a reasonably well maintained copy. It is not important km, but that he is as far as possible undestroyed and as possible has no rust.

    Hope that as many SAABs as possible can survive as youngtimers and later oldtimers. It is important that it is well maintained and cared for. Km don't matter. With a copy of a comparable new car, you can easily restore a car completely. Then the SAAB accompanies you for a lifetime. I've had the 900 Cabriolet for 24 years. Still a top car.

    Thanks for the great article

  • I think some readers have a small Saab supply, which can not be wrong. There are currently 5 Saab 9000s in our Saab hangar, two of which are under restoration. So a “Pure-Saab” future has been taken care of!

  • Fine article, Tom.
    Youn-Timer and proper Old-Timer Saabs; That's what we have to expect for the next five to ten years.
    And why not?
    That's no problem with a Saab at all.

  • Hi Tom,

    here is written from my soul. I have created a small stock of vehicles myself, some of which are absolutely suitable for everyday use despite their high age and running time. At the moment these are 2 Eros and a CD 2.3 147Kw. I hope to get some additional material by purchasing it so that I won't have to switch to non-genetically modified material for the rest of the time.
    In this context, it may be interesting to know how many
    Vehicles in similar parking position are hoarded.
    Greetings from the unfortunately Saabarmen Ostvorpommern

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