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It's been three years since I last used a Saab 9-5 TTID sedan test car was on the way. At that time it was a new TTID XWD from the stock of Saab Frankfurt, today is a very well-equipped limousine from previous ownership, which provides the car dealership Lafrentz. How are 3 years and 86.000 kilometers getting the Saab, do you notice the age?

Saab 9-5 TTID in laser red. © 2014
Saab 9-5 TTID in laser red. © 2014

Morning dew, the first autumn harbinger, is still on the paint when I start with the Saab sedan. Lasers red, I notice, is a not quite fitting name for the color. More fitting would have been Talladegarot, a rich, traditional Saab red, which already carried the Saab 900. And that was good for him.

The 190 PS Diesel starts and leaves no doubt as to which type of combustion is present here. He nails, then falls after a few driven meters in a quieter, sonorous run. I'm not necessarily a friend of this machine, nothing has changed in the last three years. The engine gives itself what it is expected of him; the diesels of the competitors behave no different. If you are looking for a thrifty, yet powerful machine in the 9-5, then this is the right place.

The 6 gearbox shifts with sufficient precision, you do not feel that the Saab has already run 86.000 kilometers. Which brings us to the most important point of the test.

86.000 kilometers, 3 years and 9 months old. Rattle free.

The Saab 9-5 TTID is equipped with very pleasant, soft premium leather, has the panoramic roof, which creates a wonderfully bright atmosphere. Nothing about the vehicle suggests the age and mileage. The interior feels good, rattling or Knartzgeräusche not take place, despite the large panoramic roof. Saab has delivered an extremely rigid body structure here, even vehicles that scratch the 200.000 kilometers mark are still absolutely rattle-free.

If you have seen a Saab 9-5 NG disassembled, you will get an idea of ​​how it was done in Sweden. Between the dashboard and the dashboard sits, as an example, a massive, impressive bracing. As a layman I would call her a strut brace in XXXL format. Such details convey not only the good feeling but also the certainty of being on the road with a particularly safe vehicle.

The 9-5 TTID sedan does not have a Drive Sense, but rolls smoothly on the 18 "rims. What is partly due to the fact that with increasing production time, the tuning of the chassis was always better. On the other hand, it is because in this TTID a HiPerStrut chassis was installed. This makes dealing with the 9-5 even more enjoyable. Saab wrote 2011 about it:

The advanced HiPerStrut system offers driving characteristics similar to a double-wishbone architecture. Compared to the McPherson front axle, the spread, length and offset of the spindle were shortened. Thus, the steering is largely decoupled from disturbing forces, the car gets more grip and the handling and braking characteristics improve.

What 2011 was, 2014 also has. From a technical point of view, the 9-5 TTID travels absolutely inconspicuously through the world - the right characterization for 90% of the properties. In a positive sense, it demonstrates inner values ​​and robustness in terms of bodywork and workmanship. The slightly grumpy engine does not make me happy. He would have earned an automatic, which would have come in later model years. Whether you like the machine or not, everyone has to decide for themselves. There are now quieter diesel engines on the market, but also machines that are louder and less cultured. The Saab is in its class in midfield.

What makes the Saab stand out from the automotive mass, the remaining 10%. The extraordinary design still makes the 9-5 stand out. Especially when he is traveling in the traditional Talladegarot, which is actually called Laserrot. The passers-by are happy to see the individual Swede pass by. The Saab Pilot has his pleasure with head-up display, jet style row tacho and the large panoramic sunroof. What everything on board would be, what the Saab heart desires. Pure Saab, even after 3 years, 9 months and 86.000 kilometers.

A positive result! Which is not self-evident! When I first introduced the 9-5 NG and after getting in touch with the first vehicle, which was not very flattering, I would not have expected that. Nor does it mean that there has been no production for three years. The tested 9-5 TTID is for sale in Kiel. Who wants to deal with the topic more, can our large Saab 9-5 NG Buyer's guide to study.

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  • If only he was not that long. Nothing for Munich.

  • I would never have come up with the idea to order a 9-5 NG in red, but it looks really good, I like that

    • Ordered I would not have the car in red, I would have missed the courage ... But together with the light leather - I like it! If it was a petrol engine, I would think about it, especially since the ingenious panoramic roof has. Tom, is it really possible to optically distinguish a TiD and TTiD?

  • Aaahhhh ... red. Only real with 633 nm.

    But the air outlet in front of the driver's door seems somehow out of place, as sawn off.

  • Courage for color ... .genial

  • short question: is the dashboard black or rather brown?

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