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Some readers think I am writing too much about Saab 9-5 NG sedans and station wagons. In the hope of being able to deliver a balanced after-work post, in addition to the 9-5 topic, bloggers and beer are also on the agenda.

Saab 9-5 NG Sports Suit © 2014
Saab 9-5 NG Sports Suit © 2014

Let's start with the Saab 9-5 NG Sportcombi from Saab Collector Josef Zabel. In the meantime he has arrived safely in his new home. Josef sends us some pictures that - admittedly - make us jealous and show us again what could have been. The Saab 9-5 NG Sportcombi is timelessly beautiful and elegant, still pleasing to the eye.

With the 20 ″ deer rims it is an exclusive appearance. Four Saab 9-5 NG sports suits are now at home in Germany, if I'm not mistaken. The 9-5 V6 XWD is only available this time, it is in good hands with Josef. On to beer ...

Saab & beer

The Heineken Brewery organizes a City Ride campaign in major cities around the world. You can order your Heineken City Ride Taxi via the taxi app from a regional partner. Of course, beer and limited bottles with the corresponding content play a certain role, Heineken wants to bring something to the customer. Cars are more important to us!

Heineken City Ride Athens
Heineken City Ride Athens

In London, it was possible to drive green with the typical London taxi in Heineken, in Athens it is 5 Saab 9-3 limousines that are on the Heineken City Ride 30 days. A striking advertisement, as one wishes for the brand. Missing only the new car production. team on the way

Almost the entire blog team will be on the road tomorrow in terms of Saab hobby ... so news will come a little later! Michèl has probably the longest route in Scandinavia ahead of him, but a Saab is at home on long journeys. Mark and I are making southern Germany unsafe. As always, what we do can be followed on Instagram.

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  • A nice car, I saw JZ with it. But, he was very quick with it! I know him well, he is able to move all his cars to the limit at all times, it must have been due to his racing history, right? The child in the man should slowly calm down at 67 years !!! But he doesn't listen to me. For that, he maintains and loves his Saabs, I can say for sure.

  • Uwe SZD

    Today I was allowed to drive the Saab 9.5 Aero V6 XWD with 300 PS from JZ! I didn't notice anything of 300 HP! At 245 KM the lamps went out, the brakes far too weak, I had to go into the irons at 230 KM !!! Pure Adrenaline. Otherwise very, very nice in terms of styling! The 20-Zoeller suit him well. The color super cool. Consumption with a moderate driving style is included. approx. 12 liters, the dead weight is an impressive 2090 KG !!! One should of course not forget that this rare copy is a handmade pre-series SAAB!

  • And by the way, too much write about the 95 is not at all ;-))!

  • A huge congratulations is in order!

  • Well, I would like to know what it really cost. In the net he was for 80k €. So hard !!!
    In any case, congratulations - you can get really jealous!

    • Even a little more expensive ... 85.864 euros!

  • Congratulations on this 9-5 copy! 🙂 A real cream cake… ..At JZ certainly in good, competent hands…. Have fun with it !!!
    The company Deppe always has SUPER-SAAB's on offer…. They would certainly be (also) happy if this day was successful for SAAB today….
    My 9-3 TTiD Aero also comes from there. 😉

  • Nice. Very nice car.
    Mainly because of the home glasses 😀 Lipper license plate (even if only for a short time) ... I had found that recently and wanted to go there. It's a stone's throw from Detmold. 🙂

  • I also think it's from Deppe. He always has a few "eye-catchers" on offer. But I swallowed the price. Congratulations to the proud owner!

    • Yes, that is the 9-5 from Deppe. In return, the trade-in of JZ, in the form of a recently purchased, blue 9-5NG sedan, is now on the net. Also a nice car.

  • Is the SAAB from Deppe from Extertal?

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