Saab autumn weeks 2014

Stability and reliability. Two characteristics that we find in connection with Saab, inter alia, in two cities. In Nyköping, the location of the historic Saab Headquarters, and in Eschborn.

Saab autumn weeks 2014
Saab autumn weeks 2014

Orio Deutschland GmbH has proven to be a reliable cornerstone of the Saab world - good to know in turbulent times like these. The Saab Autumn Weeks 2014 are a further development of the previous actions, which take place twice a year with great regularity. The team in Eschborn listened to the community during the planning, because suggestions for improvement were taken up.

Uniform service prices.

For the first time, uniform prices are being called for in Germany and Austria for the “Saab Herbst-Check Basis”, “Herbst-Check Premium” and “Saab Exclusive Service Package” service packages. A basic check is available for € 29,00, a complete inspection according to factory standards is possible for € 299,00. OK then ! The point of criticism of regionally different prices, which was repeatedly voiced in the community, no longer exists today. For us Saab drivers, the step means transparency, and pricing is an appropriate response to the increasing age of our vehicles.

The bottom line is a good development for all parties. The maintenance at the authorized Saab partner, the cheap package price, that is good for the value preservation. The safety of original Saab parts installed, the maintenance certificate, a Saab stamp in the service booklet, this is far more than a good feeling and an advantage in vehicle sales. Long-time, trained Saab partners know the vehicles better than large workshop chains. Their judgment helps to detect hidden defects in advance and makes Saab driving safer and more enjoyable.

Saab autumn weeks - web campaign

In the past, not every Saab partner wanted to participate in the mailings. The effort might seem too high or there were other reservations. As a reaction, which I welcome, there is a pure web campaign for the first time. Saab workshops that would like to offer their customers offers from the autumn campaign without a direct cover letter could register as participants free of charge and are named on the Internet.

The list of participants on the Orio Deutschland GmbH site is a guide through the Saab world in Germany and Austria. In my opinion, there is no longer a reason not to be part of the Saab Autumn Weeks 2014. Saab as a business model, keep the flag up or not, the decision has never been easier than today!

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    Hey there!
    Today I got mail for the autumn action from two SAAB partners. I was astonished that, although centrally sent from Eschborn, individual prices are called. Wheel change at the one € 25,90, at the other € 45,00, tire storage at the one € 89,00, at the other € 34,50 and battery change at the one € 129,00 and at the other € 149,00.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

    • blank

      Of course, these are additional individual services, which the traders freely calculate. Depending on the location, there are different prices. It was important that the inspection packages were offered uniformly, which was achieved.

      • blank

        Thanks, I would not have expected so much flexibility in a centralized shipping. Excellent!

        and most probably only get mail from a partner 😉

    • blank

      This has always been the case with all the actions of the recent past.

  • blank

    Again a great action and the price is right now. Chemnitz and not Dresden? Wrong world.

    • blank

      The Chemnitz is there, I do not understand. Unfortunately, I have made more than just bad experiences in Chemnitz. Well, and now my closest Saab partner is unfortunately not the force, although he also makes and I have mail from him. Really pity and drive extra to Dresden, then I have a lot of time.

      Still, I think these campaigns are tremendously great !!! Keep it up…

      Otherwise, I think it's currently similar to “Coopereins” and use a small, sensible independent workshop, where several Saabs in the city are at home and selling is currently out of the question anyway.

      Greetings from Lusatia and a nice weekend.

  • blank

    My workshop is not there, although this one advertises here on the blog ??? The action I think but still great

  • blank

    Uii .. that fits. Very nice action!
    My car has to be inspected again soon.
    Hmmm Bremen, Walsrode… Bremen, Walsrode…. Hmmm!?!? 😉

    Whenever I drive through Walsrode from time to time, I sometimes also drive (extra) with a tiny “detour” past the Saab workshop there.
    The only difference is that I never see a Saab as I drive past ... at most Opel & Volvo.

    • blank

      So in Stuhr, which is actually already Bremen is always one or the other Saab in the workshop. Although only Kia is out there. The guys are okay and do a good job.

  • The reason will be that the regular customers either come anyway or the walk-in customers find their way there as well. You don't need to attract the bargain hunters. - At least that's how I interpret the absence of the Berlin workshops ...

    For me the inspection offer is unfortunately a few days too late, so I just handed in my red one this morning ...

    • blank

      I don't see it that way. Especially in the capital, I always see SÄÄBe by the workshops with the three letters. If Bredlow & Weber give up the market voluntarily, so what? I would not leave a free advertising opportunity unused.

  • blank

    I also can not understand, the next participating Saab operation is more than 100km away, although a GM representative still has the Saab logo on the building and no 5 km away from my work. He advertises with Saab!
    I prefer to go to my trusted workshop, also build in Skandix or Orio or GM parts, depending on how you want it and maybe even cheaper. Well, Saab stamp would be something, but I don't want to sell anyway. I'm not a dealer ...

  • It's just a very, very shame that the SAAB company I favor is not there (again) - I can't understand it ...

    • blank

      I think so too, I am very sorry, and I can not quite understand. The operation had very long the Saab flag above, and as written, there is no reason in my eyes not to be there.

    • blank

      Then off to the fjord ... The Saabians are supposed to be competent ... 😉

  • blank

    Ahh, great action, then comes again SAAB post in the mailbox. Inspection is on, if the prices are friendly the more beautiful

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