The optimists

No sooner had the hurdle to continue the reconstruction taken, there was already tangible optimism in the NEVS camp. Frank Smit talked about the plans with the Phoenix platform and the possible construction of a small Saab 9-2 and a small SUV.

NEVS 9-3 © 2014
NEVS 9-3 © 2014

Everything in concrete terms, with just 18 to 24 months after the entry of a new majority shareholder. A 9-3 successor, which could have a hatchback and should offer more space on the rear seats, is also in the pipeline. NEVS continues to develop, no longer at the same pace as before the reconstruction, but at a slower level. Some of the money comes from China, from Kai Johan Jiang. Hmm 18 to 24 months is not a long time.

Is this realistic? If the funds for the continuation of the work are available, then yes. Why I share optimism in the approach in this case is another story that can be substantiated by facts. In due course more on the blog, but now back to the optimists of NEVS.

The following day, CEO Bergman announced that the two large targeted partners could join the company in a short period of time. He expects a binding contract during the reconstruction phase, i.e. by November 29th. The new partners would provide the funds needed to build a range of products, billions more than Saab would have ever had.

Everything is possible, and before we all fall back into cacophony, we should learn to distinguish. To better classify what happens, the following language rules could work:

There is NEVS 1.0. The company is in trouble, which for the most part has caused itself. NEVS 1.0 does not seem viable in the current constellation, we should erase it from our memory. It could be NEVS 2.0 in the near future if you do not fail in the final meters. A white piece of paper, because the 2.0 version should have little in common with 1.0. New owners will redefine corporate culture and direction, nothing has more charm than a complete reboot. Maybe NEVS should rename 2.0 as a consequence, because the name NEVS is, quite sorry, burned in the stallbacka.

NEVS 2.0, with new owners, fresh capital and a management that will hopefully come from the auto industry, could stand a chance ... if the right partners with the right name and enough money are behind it. NEVS has been negotiating with the parties for around 9 months, whoever is going to buy knows the facts down to the last detail. What is coming, and investors know that, will take years of development. Years with no prospect of yield. In the end, maybe after a decade, a highly profitable corporation could emerge. Volkswagen has shown the brand with the four rings how it could work. After a long build-up phase, the subsidiary in Ingolstadt sells pimped up modular goods at premium prices and is the cash cow in the group.

In theory Trollhättan is the suitable location for such plans. The Gothenburg region has one of the highest engineering densities in Europe, comparable only to Munich and Stockholm. Automobiles knowledge, supported by the EU and the Swedish state, is on site. The factory is in good condition, state of the art and flexible. 190.000 vehicles a year should be feasible, according to NEVS.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the story is extremely vague. How much substance is behind what leaves NEVS 1.0 to the outside, can not be estimated.

There are clear differences here from the time of Victor Muller. Muller recognized the power of the press and blogs. He used the media, played with them, and sometimes abused them. But there was always a certain amount of coordination, the press and bloggers always knew about the general direction of development. Sometimes more sometimes less. This ensured a loyal following and was mostly to Muller's advantage. He had the loyal following of the majority of the fans and employees until the end, in some cases beyond.

NEVS 1.0 makes it difficult for the media. Transparency, trust, openness, that is missing. The potential of social media is hardly used. Misinformation, whether deliberate or not, comes from the buildings in the Stallbacka. As a result, NEVS looks quite old in the media and in public, and loyalties are noticeably crumbling. The best example: SU authors are now also writing a BMW blog. Well why?

What does all of this have to do with Saab in the long term? Even if NEVS 2.0 were to exist and the owner had the necessary substance, even then there would still be the issue of trademark rights. Apparently, NEVS 1.0 itself has no doubts about the future use of the brand name. The logo is emblazoned on the papers for the reconstruction, and people like to talk about the Saab future in 2014.

For example, next Wednesday at 15:15 p.m. on the big stage. The Swedish auto industry suppliers hold their annual congress in Gothenburg. The first speaker will be Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson, who will speak from 09:20 a.m. The last speaker of the day, please don't see any symbols, Mattias Bergman from NEVS 1.0. His contribution to the Saab future: "Nevs launch of Saab with a new business plan and a new vision". The press is there. More on the subject next Wednesday.

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  • Thanks for the answer, I just could not imagine it. The promotion is of course an important aspect. And it's true I have not always read or forgotten all the articles. = D

    Greetings from Zanzibar

  • A small detail on the edge…. Volvo was sold by Ford in 2009. Not because Volvo was doing badly ... no Ford wanted to focus on its own brands Ford, Mercury and Lincoln ...
    Volvo was well placed at the time of sale !!

  • Wait and enjoy! (What's on the doorstep.

  • For all its affection for Saab, why should Trollhättan be the best development site for e-vehicles? Because of the temperatures, the surrounding suppliers and service providers? So why is the Trollhättan better than Munich, Stuttgart, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, Palina Alto or Paris, Dearborn and Detroit?

    All these places have the same infrastructure and the manufacturers test their vehicles all the same and at least already have e-vehicles or hybrids on offer.

  • I believe that one should not generalize! SAAB just bad luck, but that it can go differently, you can see at Volvo!

  • Even if you were to work as a contractor and would work as a developer, you could develop your own vehicles in parallel and have them manufactured later "on your own behalf". But let's just stay curious.

  • A smaller SUV, in the CX60 format, from SAAB, made in Sweden, I would buy immediately! He comes?

  • The purest mystery. From all these messages you will not be smarter than before. One thing is certain: every direction is conceivable. Only insiders know exact facts, data etc. Example: Phoenix platform. What is really for sale here?

    It may sound a little controversial: But suppose a German company doesn't want to miss the electromobility train any more. An e-car platform made in Europe ... It can be an ingenious product or it can be the purest of impostures. Who knows?

    The more one deals with e-mobility, the clearer it becomes to me what a big future topic this is. You can not make money on this continent yet, but the Chinese are doing it. Maybe NEVS has a big joker in its hands, but only industry insiders know.

    At some point the time will come when we will find out….

  • I assume that you will continue to drive both conventional and EV in the future. The concept of the reconstruction lawyers confirms that, and Trollhättan is the best development site for e-mobility.

  • Uncle Kai doesn't know that yet ... and doesn't want to know ... the strategy is completely different ... see below ...

  • Thanks to NEVS, the SAAB brand has become the plaything of a gambler from China who doesn't really care about the production of vehicles. The many half-hearted and poorly thought-out plans that failed through their own fault have confirmed this suspicion. The real goal of the investor from the Far East is to make money without building cars and so the lever is exploited that others (e.g. Mahindra) actually want to reactivate Saab. I am firmly convinced that the resale of the 9-3 Sedan would have worked if the package had fit (equipment, price, dealer network, etc.). Buying a vehicle is (for most) a high investment. This good has to be protected, it needs trust and that cannot be achieved with months of silence. Finally, I would not be surprised if a public prosecutor would investigate the then insolvency administrator on suspicion of corruption. I don't believe anything of the current plans, nothing at all, not a sentence. One should put an end to this farce and put the whole thing to the test in November. SAAB needs a future, because this brand is too bad for the museum and too bad for investors who just want to cash in. In addition, the Swedish government sleeps with open eyes: if you ask BMW, VW, Fiat & Co and provide funding, then I could imagine that such a portable solution would result.

  • What do you hear about the topic of electric cars? Would the new ones, if they existed, drive electrically?

  • That is very correct. A few years ago I would have put money on the fact that Volvo does not make it under the leadership of China.

    But they gave Volvo time, money and space. If the new investor at SAAB does the same ...

  • Who does it does not matter. The main thing is to do it right. For example, do you see at VOLVO.

  • It would be nice if it would come as described. But after the last years, I believe that only when I see a Saab new car at the dealer. And if you've learned one thing in the last few years, then do not ever trust a Chinese.

  • Daniel, Daniel, what can I say ... Whether someone would buy the vehicles depends on who takes over. (If NEVS successfully follows up the negotiations ...). The correct name and the cards are then shuffled, a chance is there.

  • Fade out China, it could also be a different nationality in the 2.0er version. Or

  • Thanks Tom, for the objectivity to Wo.-end.
    China and Transparency? That doesn't fit anyway! I'm waiting I drive SAAB. Let's see what the time in Trollhättan brings with it ...
    Sunny SAAB weekend

  • Even if, what I do not believe, there would be vehicles with the Saab logo in 18-24 months again, which normal human would buy those?
    You do not buy a new car if you do not know if the shop is still half a year later. How many bankruptcies in recent years is this now? Since Lada has now a better reputation than this store

  • Thanks for all this information.
    Hope NEVS 2.0 will be a little more successful.

  • Now, after everything is over, I can say yes: for me, the name was NEVS and everything behind a deep red cloth. Since the first minute.
    “National” and “Sweden” is pure imposture. And no Chinese is called “Karl”.
    Sorry, but that had to get out.
    Let's hope that finally find reputable and solvent people who save this brand. It's worth it at the current price.

  • Hello Tom.

    Thank you for the many information.

    Well. Unfortunately my hope has dropped to a minimum. It would be nice, if really in 18-24 months new models from Trollhättan would roll, which carry also the SAAB spirit in itself.
    But does NEVS1.0 really do that? Or is dying going on on rates? Hope dies last and we have patience. And if nothing comes out of it? Well, since there is hardly any hope left, and we all count it anyway, it is not that bad anymore.
    But if NEVS2.0 is surprising us with new SAAB models, then it's even better !!!
    For me it makes more and more sense that Mahindra wants to get into Trollhättan! They still have a big construction site with SsangYoung. This can not be solved alone with money. With SsangYoung probably still some problems in the final development of their models exist.
    So, Mahindra (hopefully) will pick up more money and buy into an existing automobile infrastructure (or take over the whole) and have one of the highest automotive engineering densities in front of their new front door.

    So hopefully Wednesday will bring even more facts on the table, which let our hope grow further.

    A nice sonnies us saabiges WE wishes


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