Saab meeting Bavarian Forest

In October 2013 took place near Viechtach the second Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest over the stage. After the great success of the first meeting, the expectations at the second meeting were more than exceeded.

Saab Treffen Bavarian Forest - Videos
Saab meeting Bavarian Forest - videos

On Saturday, there were more than 85 cars on site including the day visitors and more than 150 fans celebrated the brand. The meeting was filmed and recently 2 clips of the meeting were published password-protected on Vimeo.

The first clip is a summary of the meeting with many driving scenes and the second clip shows the star guest of the meeting, Simo Lampinen, in an interview. Have fun with it!

The videos of the meeting:

The Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest 2013 - password: saab

Interview with Simo Lampinen:

Saab rally legend Simo Lampinen - password: saab

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  • What are the great videos. Thank you that we can at least see this meeting.

  • It was a super organized meeting ... we look forward to the next edition ...

    You Matthias good luck with the preparation.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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