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Good ideas come from the Saab community! In Germany, as we all know, safety vests have been mandatory since July 01.07.2014st, 471. A vest in red, yellow or orange in accordance with DIN EN 20471 or EN ISO 2013: XNUMX must be carried in every vehicle.

Saab warning vest orange ©
Saab warning vest orange ©

Of course, we've had lifejackets in each of our Saabs for a long time. Which should be self-evident for reasons of safety. However, they are neutral west, as you can buy anywhere. We have not had Saab safety vests yet.

We have Götz from Hamburg to thank for this campaign. He was the first to ask about it in June. He wanted to know why there are no Saab safety vests and why we don't produce any. Hmm Götz, why not? Almost every self-respecting car manufacturer has vests with their own branding for their customers on offer. Somehow that's part of good manners. No reason why Saab drivers shouldn't have that too, and so we helped a little.

Saab safety vests in accordance with DIN EN 471 were commissioned and produced in the colors orange and yellow. Available now are the safety vests on our blog supporters in Stuttgart, Bonn, Frankfurt, Emmerich on the Rhine, KielHamburg, Bamberg, Goslar Vienenburg and of course in our online shop.

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  • Uli 1957 makes a factual statement! 🙂
    The “rest” is personal mental cinema ... 😉
    Nice weekend!

  • Do not fret, some comments are certainly not meant that way

  • Is the garbage collection maybe a bit bad. I am busy and drive my 7. Saab new car.

  • I think the SAAB safety vests are cool! The next time the “blog supporter” visits, I will buy such a part ...! 🙂

  • orange carries only the refuse collection 😉

  • Don't worry, you're not posting. According to the norm, the “SAAB” lettering is not reflective and remains discreetly in the background 😉

  • Different version: if there is a breakdown anyway, you don't want to post it on the side of the road with a luminous vest. - Or similar to the earlier Rolls-Royce: the driver (of the count) had to cover the angel figure on the hood with a blanket in the event of a breakdown. Noblesse oblige ...
    Peter Röthlin, CH - Ebmatingen ZH

  • Why were there no safety vests with the SAAB logo? It's simple - our cars have no breakdowns 🙂

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