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In spring 2013, the blog was about getting started with the Saab hobby. Our “Saab Kult” series of articles presented the Saab 9000, Saab 900 II and Saab 9-3 I as inexpensive, well-tolerated entry-level drugs. 18 months have now passed - reason for a critical market check.

Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe, Viggen Body Kit. © 2014 g.welge
Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe, Viggen Body Kit. © 2014 g.welge

While a story is going on in Trollhättan that makes the hair of the wildest troll stand on end, the brand is developing its cult factor. Saab is a popular topic in vintage and youngtimer magazines, our youngtimer blog is enjoying growing visitor numbers, and the vehicles are welcome at rallies and events. The press writes about the “legendary brand” or about the “cult brand” when it comes to cars. That's nice, but did it benefit the vehicles?

Saab 9000

The first Saab 9000 will be able to drive through the country with an H license plate in the coming year. The still fresh, unused hatchback concept turns 30. It's hard to believe. In April 2013 the article "Saab Kult - Get in with the 9000 CS" read. I skipped the CC because by then it had more or less disappeared from our streets. In April 2013 there were still more than 80 used 9000 in Germany for sale at In autumn 2014, the population shrank, and more quickly than expected. Almost 50 Saab 9000s are not a big offer, half of them cost less than € 1.000,00, which corresponds to the condition of the vehicles. They are ready for export ... or for the scrap press.

The price range between € 2.000,00 and € 3.000,00 has shrunk, while the 3.000,00 plus X category has revived. There you will find exceptional vehicles, sometimes at very self-confident prices. Very good equipment, first or second hand, clear history, a few kilometers. Top prices up to € 14.900 are called, but I doubt that they will be paid at that amount.

Who in the year 2013 followed the buy recommendation, maybe bought an Aero or Anniversary, has done everything right. The market is drying up, and at a rapid pace. Conversely, good vehicles become more expensive and more valued.

Saab 9 3 I

On the other hand, the selection of Saab 9-3 I is really luscious. But here too, if you want to indulge in the Saab cult at moderate prices, you should be in a hurry. The 9-3 I contains more than 250 copies at in Germany. Including many convertibles, which are not too expensive and whose condition is acceptable. Fans of topless can (still) find what their hearts desire. The price level will hardly be cheaper, because the selection will shrink here as well.

Because the 9-3 I has a problem, that's the rust. In fact, he likes to rust where it is expected, at the rear wheel arches, and wherever you do not expect it. How serious the problems are, can be seen only after disassembly of the attachments. The condition of most vehicles is still such that they can be repaired and preserved with reasonable effort. In a year or two, it could be too late for many 9-3 I and work on the body in any relation to the lover value. For convertibles and normal coupes and 5-doors, the situation looks relaxed, you can now shop at low prices.

When I wrote the article "Saab cult: boarding with the 9-3 I“Wrote, my advice was to treat yourself to a 9-3 Aero with a Viggen Body Kit. The add-on parts by star designer Ian Callum originally came from the Saab Viggen and were only installed on the 9-3 Aero at the end of the construction period. The fact that the path as a rare collector's item for the Aero was already mapped out due to the manageable number of units seemed foreseeable and has also come true. Two convertibles, two coupes, no 5-door. That's how much the market in Germany offers.

Since I found my Saab 2013-9 Aero with Viggen Body Kit in spring 3 after a long search, the prices have risen sharply. What seemed daring or expensive 18 months ago is cheap today. Prices will continue to climb, if only with regard to the development in Trollhättan. The last hatchback Saab of a bygone era, a limited production figure. The 9-3 Aero with Viggen Body Kit makes its way.

And while the cult factor story seems to work on Saab 9000 and Saab 9-3, another series still sits in the basement. And does not even move in the beginning.

Saab 900 II

What is going on with the Saab 900 II so thoroughly and permanently wrong? I would like to write something positive about the subject, but I lack the arguments. The 900 II is the basement child of the scene, it will probably stay forever. Cabriolets and coupes are below those of the successor series, actually it should be the other way around.

The low price level, it has since Saab cult article 2013 not changed in February, is deadly for the vehicles. Hardly anyone is making big investments, most Saab 900 II suffer from backlogs. With the 9-3 I and 9000 the restoration projects sprout up, with the 900 II I can think of a single project in the last months. And also in my Saab circle of friends the 900 II is missing. From the Saab 96, over 99, 900 I, 9-3 I up to the 9000. Everything is there. Just not 900 II.

The community's vote seems clear and somehow sad. Because a chapter of Saab history is drifting offside. Why is it? Too much GM, a ruined reputation, the 9-3 I just the better car? No idea! Perhaps readers can find an explanation.

What happens in Sweden, we can not influence. A brand breathes when you see vehicles on the streets. Caring for Saabs, driving daily is our contribution!

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    The gods will fight over there until St. John's Day. The rating of the vehicles will each make a different angle. I personally like the 9-3 I better than the 900. In particular, the Viggen Cabrio is timelessly beautiful and for me so far unsurpassed in design. As you know, the addict is rarely considered to have any possible side effects!

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    Got two 9-3 I, Cabrio 1998 and Aero Coupe 2000 in a wonderful dark blue metallic. Both cars are in excellent health and will no longer be given! The 93 Coupe just looks amazing, there are not many cars that are so simple and well proportioned! When I think of the "big ass" cars of today ...

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    That the 9-3-1 should be the better car doesn't really get into my head either! A 902 is not familiar with the problem of rusting on the struts. That the very first 901 years of age suffered from teething troubles - OK, but the MY from 96 are qualitatively better than the first 9-3-1, especially if you think of the oil sludge problem of the late B205 engines. As always, the design is a matter of taste. If the 902 continue to disappear, there is nothing to prevent a certain increase in value in the long term. There are already fewer 902 turbo 16V coupes than 901 ...

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      I can only agree with the commentaries. I also see no reason to praise the 931 against the 902 so in the sky. We have both in the household, an 902 from 97 and an 931 from 98, so the direct comparison. The technical progress is minimal down to the side airbags and the quality is certainly not better.
      Personally, the spoiler show of the late 931 does not say so either, the 902 is purist in design.
      A nice 902 Coupe has now slipped through my fingers twice because I wasn't fast enough ... the air is getting thinner!

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        Maybe you just have to dare to finally discover the 902. Just had a phone call with a fan who made a similar comment, precisely because of the design. There are still some ...

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    If I had the place, then there would be an 9000. But without garage / carport / hall (

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    the 902 is one of the most beautiful Saab forms, in the 9-3I I think the lines of the wedge shape were watered down and the car bulky. Our 1994 900 2,0i also accompanied us up to approx. 270.000km. I sometimes look at what's on offer, but unfortunately I don't have approval for Saab No.5!

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    The 902 looks better, the taillights are much more individual. The 9-3-1 drives better and more comfortable. You do not notice the age of the 902, the 9-3-1. If in doubt, I would then resort to 9-3.

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    oh ... I take good care of my white Saabine! 🙂
    Is now in a garage, but 2 is driven once a month and before me 4-5 once a year on vacation.
    Still looks like the photo in Thassos.
    From MY 95 everything is technically fine.
    Personally, I don't understand because the 93 1 also has some quirks ...
    And in terms of design, I find it better and more Saab than the successor anyway. Especially the rear ...
    Well, maybe I'm one of the few.
    At that time as a student, I could not afford another.
    After all, I caught a cab in white ... and it's in top condition after a lot of love. Great trips across Europe. Whether by the sea or in the Alps, super satisfied.
    Of course, a vigge is something very special. And the 93-1 also more modern and everything. But the 900 II also has its class. (my opinion) I take care of her.
    Of course, I am also very satisfied with the MY 04 Aero

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    I would say clearly: The 9-3 I overtook its predecessor. Visually pretty close, at the same time the weaknesses of the predecessor have been eliminated - so who will buy the older, flawed model when they can get a newer and, in principle, less prone to weaknesses?

    Then there are also the various special models of the 9-3 I, through which this was upgraded even further.

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      I think so too. I could only imagine the 902 as a Talladega special model. Otherwise I would always resort to 9-3 I.

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