There are still a few weeks until Christmas, but in Eschborn - at Orio Deutschland GmbH - gifts are already being wrapped. Anyone who follows our Instagram account has already seen it. The winners of the reader campaign "We are looking for you and your Saab“Can be happy.

Saab 9-3x by Michael Maurer and Saab Cabriolet Edition © 2014
Saab 9-3x by Michael Maurer and Saab Cabriolet Edition © 2014

The 3 Bestplazierten will soon go the prices on the way. Including a print of the 9-3x study by designer Michael Maurer and a picture that Saab Germany had launched exclusively for dealers to introduce the Saab 9-3 convertible. For sale was none of these Saab images that have collectors value and are part of the history of our brand.

Three lucky winners can look forward to; if you go away empty-handed, you still have reason to look forward to it. Because the autumn edition of the Saab customer magazine "Saab Inside" is ready and will be online soon. Saab reading fodder around our small brand is secured, and the new edition will be even safer.

Meanwhile, the Saab autumn campaign 2014 is running at full speed, more Saab partners have re-registered, so we have three additional service points on our map.

Saab autumn action 2014 - more companies are there.
Saab autumn campaign 2014 - other companies are there.

I am particularly pleased about the participation of the car dealerships of Peter GmbH, which maintained good contact with the blog in the very early days of the blog. The complete list of all participating partners of the Saab autumn campaign 2014 can be found on the country pages for Germany and Austria.

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  • Gentleman .. TIME IS RUNNING OUT for NEVS ... !! You don't hear anything, you don't see anything ... very unfortunate ... still a good sign for me!

  • I'm not in it either, I can live with that !!!!!!

    • Well Matthias, if not apply to the Orio as a Parts Center. Then you are in 😉

  • I mean workshop

  • Let's look forward to the autumn issue of the magazine. Too bad that my work city is not on the list of Saab autumn action.

  • I was amazed that “my” car dealership in Erfurt wouldn't take part. I now have a review appointment on Monday, so everything is great.

  • I would also be happy to ... 🙂, e.g. on "SAAB Inside". Despite registering, I have not yet received an issue. Why ?
    A wonderful late autumn sunny weekend for all bloggers! 🙂

    • You can be happy because it is only going online, "promptly" ;-) ...

    • Juhu, check your mailbox…. 😉

      • Anyone who has registered with the Saab Service Club, now has the Saab Inside in the mailbox

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