Tidö Slot

The Saab racing transporter is parked in the yard and has a break until the next season. Welcome to Tido Slot, the home of Team Tidö. For Saab, the team successfully achieved 2014th place in the 4 Swedish touring car season.

Team Tido Race Transporter © 2014
Team Tido Race Transporter © 2014

The team's race transporter now has a break through the winter until next season, when they want to race again with the Saab 9-3 STCC.

The home base, Tido Slot, offers a lot more. Tidö Castle was built between 1625 and 1641. In addition to the racing team and an exhibition of historic racing vehicles, it also houses a wildlife park and a museum for various types of toy and cartoon characters. It is not necessarily Saab vehicles that can be seen in the exhibition. In addition to historic rally vehicles, a rally Porsche was shown for the first time this year. This was used by Team Tidö in the East Africa Rally in 2013 and came in second.

Kai von Schwedenerleben sent us the photo from Saab's home for the weekend, and if he has time, more impressions will come. The Tidö Slot and the museum are open to visitors in the summer months, a plan with the opening times is available on the website. A virtual one tour,  that makes you want to go to Sweden, you can start now, and maybe one or the other reader will find inspiration for their next vacation in the north. In addition to culture, Tidö Slot also offers a lot of material for car and Saab fans, a very interesting mix.

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