Old acquaintance

My Saab 9-5 NG is currently in the Saab Center Bamberg. The topic: rust prevention. Since I want to drive the Saab as long as possible and there is no sign of supplies, this is an investment that makes sense.

Saab 9-5 Aero, 230.000 kilometers. Is he good? © 2014 saabblog.net
Saab 9-5 Aero, 230.000 kilometers. Is he good? © 2014 saabblog.net

The Saab was previously in Sweden, in the Gothenburg area. In terms of salt content, the roads in winter correspond to what we know from the Franconian Fichtelgebirge region. There is plenty of road salt and grit, an endurance test for cars. The first impression confirmed that it is a good idea to take care of the Swedish sheet metal. More on this when the operation is successfully completed.

Old Saab = good Saab?

In the meantime, I am traveling with an old acquaintance, a Saab 9-5 Aero OG. A Werkstattersatzwagen of Saab center Bamberg, with over 230.000 kilometers on the counter. Saabs are known to be durable and reliable, the predecessor of the 9-5, the Saab 9000, is almost unbreakable. Life as a Werkstattersatzwagen is twice as hard as a normal car life. How does the old Saab 9-5 Aero hit so many kilometers? Is he still fun or did he lose some of his turbo horsepower over time? I'm busy the week in the self-test diligently, the review of an older Saab with many miles comes in the next week on the blog.

Saab 9-4x Aero © 2014 saabblog.net
Saab 9-4x Aero © 2014 saabblog.net

Saab 9-4x fleet at Lafrentz

Autoevolution thinks to have discovered a whole fleet of used Saab 9-4x at our Kiel Saab base. So the story is not quite right, the pictures are old and some of the vehicles in the photos at the time were owned by another Saab partner. But the Kiel continue to import the Saab 9-4x and 100% of all available models in Germany are there for sale. Currently there are two pieces.

Important news & hobbies

Before we come to some of the more important Saab news on Wednesday that could affect our daily lives with the brand, after a long day at work, it's about the hobby aspect.

For Saab collectors we have new in our fan shop a small remaining stock of model cars, which are no longer available from the manufacturer for some time. Saab 9000 CC and Saab 95 are available from NEO in very limited quantities. Christmas, the annual gift season is approaching, the opportunity is here.

There will be no more replenishment of the 1:43 models in this special color scheme. Here, too, the model does not differ from the original. We have also come up with a little Swedish nice treat for all customers: from a value of € 40,00 we give you a Swedish loomband. While stocks last!

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  • A crucial point for me at the 9-5 OG: FINALLY solved the problem with the oil sludge, an oil sensor and a service interval display installed. As far as I know, from the year of construction 06.

    Therefore, in my view, the SAAB engines from this year the best.
    My 9-5 Aero thus has service intervals according to the display of around 30 km. With the previous model, 000 km was an adventure. The benefit: no oil sludge, better reliability, cost savings.
    I control the oil meticulously and so far could not detect any significant turbidity or oil consumption.

  • My Aero from this old 9-5 series mentioned above still has well below 100 TKM on the speedometer. I will not part with him anymore. That's why I'm very excited about your rust prevention report. The topic is also very acute to me, because I would like to keep the rust-free condition. It would be great if you could inform us about the work carried out on your 9-5II! That's a broad field ...

  • I love my espresso black 9-5 Aero Hirsch MY 04 ...
    have found him before 2 years (outrageously cheap) .. looks like new still!
    I was looking for the right MY 1,5/03 Aero for 04 years ...

  • The 2.2 TID was an Opel proprietary development. First direct injection
    from Opel.

  • @ Uli Beitel

    For the stability, an additionally built-in strut bar (from Wiechers Sport) works “real miracles” (although I am actually more of a “tuner rejecter”).

    And right: in better seats I have (and according to statement also some friends) on longer distances never sat!

  • Also from me a short comment to the 9-5 OG, built in 2002, but with the Isuzu Opel diesel engine (2,2 TiD):

    Used with 145.000 km purchased in year 2011, current km stand 277.000 km. Except for starter no major repairs, nor first clutch. However, the somewhat softer shock absorbers soon become due.

    Rust: On the front and rear subframe was at takeover clear rust attachment available, a disposal with Fertan and many coats of paint was not a problem. However, the previously driven Citroen Xantia with last 465.000 km was much better in shot. By the way, an excellent car with excellent reliability.
    However, you should be careful with the 9-5 in the area of ​​the plastic side skirts below the doors. These should be dismantled once in a while to eliminate the rust underneath.

    Also recommended for other 2,2 TiD drivers: Remove the exhaust gas recirculation valve including the intake housing frequently (every 8.000 km on average) and remove the tough diesel soot mixture. Most of the time, the sensor in the intake housing is completely dirty and the reason why the famous “Check Engine” lamp lights up. Also check that the swirl flaps move easily. All of this can be done within 30 minutes.

    But otherwise a perfect long-haul vehicle with the best seats I know. Let's see if the 9-5 also exceeds the 500.000 limit as in my previous three 900 I (without Turbo).

  • I also (still?) Have a nice old “deer” 9-5 SC 2.3t Arc from 2002 (and still well below 200000 km)…. a super great car!
    Somehow I am particularly attached to the car and find it nimble, still (almost) sporty “modern” and yet timeless ...

    In addition to some newer German station wagons, it still looks amazingly young! 😉

  • I myself drive an “old” 9-5 station wagon in the 2,3l version with 185 hp and am totally thrilled. This plane is absolutely reliable and economical. At the time of purchase the car had already run over 200tkm; So it was run in well and maintained at the Saab dealer throughout. Despite some repairs (throttle valve, brakes, discs, etc.), I have never regretted the purchase with the investments I have made. I can only recommend the 9-5 to everyone. The 185 horses are still pulling well and are absolutely sufficient. Rust is currently not an issue and of course the TüV had nothing to complain about this year. At any time I would choose a 9-5 again. I am looking forward to the outstanding test report from Tom with great pleasure.

  • 230.000 km as a workshop car are 460.000 in normal operation. It's a good idea to write about the 9-5 OG and pay attention to the Daily-Driver-Saabs.

  • I shouldn't be surprised if the 9-5 OG made an amazingly good impression and you don't notice the km. I've driven several, the current one has 250 km and doesn't cause any mechanical problems. Rust is not an issue even after 000 years.

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