Saab 9-5 NG Sedan & Combi

Today it's about cars, about Saab on German TV, not about what's happening on other blogs. The Saab community has yet another entry to report: a Saab 9 5 NG at Fjord-Blue has landed in Germany. Behind the vehicle is an exciting story, just as you can experience it only with the brand.

Saab 9-5 NG, US version, at Autohaus Lafrentz © 2014
Saab 9-5 NG, US version, at Autohaus Lafrentz © 2014

Why is? We have a Saab 9-5 NG with very few kilometers from the previous ownership of Saab Automobile AB. The sedan is one of those vehicles parked by the bankruptcy administrators in some mysterious halls. A few weeks ago it was offered on a Swedish sales portal.

As often had Markus Lafrentz the right feel, bought the 9-5 and brought him on the way to Germany. Even before the Saab had rolled onto the ferry and left Sweden, he had already been sold to two Saab fans from southern Hesse - unseen.

So far so good. And not spectacular. What Lafrentz had bought there in Sweden and immediately resold, was at that time still aware of none of those involved. This only became apparent on closer inspection, when the Swede rolled into the yard in Kiel. A piece of Saab history, with an incredible story in the background.

Had Markus already guessed the complete story back then, he probably would never have resold the 9-5. But too late, the sedan is now in the best hands in the Saab community; The complete, unique story about the vehicle will be published soon on the blog.

Another single piece is now approved and on our roads. Saab collector Josef Zabel has freed the world's only existing Saab 9-5 NG Aero6 XWD from the showroom of an Opel dealer and is now out and about in the wild. The Saab is finally allowed to do what it was built for ... it is called the species-appropriate attitude 🙂

Those who like even more Saab and can not get enough of the brand will soon be able to enjoy Saab TV on VOX again. The station was a guest of Josef! There will soon be a contribution about the sports combination. We inform you as soon as the date for broadcasting has been determined.

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  • Wonderful SAAB's! 🙂 The owners always enjoy it and accident-free flight over the slopes .... 😉
    Should the 9-5 Limo go to the Swedish royal house? The exterior color would be great! Looking forward to the dissolution of the story!

  • How mean! I'm just bursting with tension when it comes to the blue 9-5 ...

    Note: This is a sentence that can probably only be written on a Saab 🙂

  • I speculate: this is the former company car of Jan Åke Jonsson. He had ordered taste and his car in that beautiful blue then ... So, now I've taken the tension from you

    • Edit: OK, JAJ will not go because it does not have tinted windows ...

    • That is absolutely not true ... The story is more exciting. The last research details are in progress, the story is coming soon

      • This really nice color combination (fjord blue and beige leather) is more common in the US used car portals. Too bad that here in Germany hardly an offer prevails ... ;-(

  • Driving he is really great.
    Unfortunately I have to buy a 9-5 NG

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