Changes at Orio Switzerland AG

Interesting, positive changes for Saab drivers have to be reported from Switzerland. Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Orio Germany GmbH, becomes a member of the Board of Directors of the 1. November the management of the Swiss branch take.

Jan-Philipp Schumacher and Blogger Mark © 2014
Jan-Philipp Schumacher and Blogger Mark © 2014

Good news, because this brings together what some Saab customers should work together from the start. Saab customer campaigns, which were still running separately this year, can be started together for Germany, Switzerland and Austria from 2015. Saab Inside, the Saab Service Club's customer magazine, and the club itself are also available to Saab fans from Switzerland. Since there are no limits or ever have been for Saab enthusiasm, this is a positive step that brings us closer together in Central Europe.

Swiss Saab partners will benefit from a larger, more powerful organizational structure, because the branches in the Zurich area and in Eschborn in Hesse will work very closely together in the future. As of next week, after sales specialists from Germany will also be on hand for dealers and partners in Switzerland. As a “Central Europe” team, a powerful unit will grow from the previously separate Orio branches.

The first small changes, such as the “Deal of the Month”, and thus interesting customer campaigns, will start on November 1st. The Central Europe organization will make a noticeable start in the first quarter of 2015, when the changes and improvements that are now being implemented will become tangible. Let us be pleasantly surprised!

Change is good, many Saab drivers from Switzerland will think as well. The markets in Switzerland, Austria and Germany have more weight together in Sweden, our vote counts. With Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, who has successfully restructured after-sales sales in Germany and Austria after the bankruptcy, we have the right man at the head of the organization. He knows the brand, the partner, always has an open ear for the community and is always at Saab events with it.

Nice that with all change and departure also continuity remains. Daniel Blaesi, previously responsible for the management, will continue to be the contact person for Orio Switzerland AG as an after-sales manager.

7 thoughts on "Changes at Orio Switzerland AG"

  • Finally! Switzerland is also a Saabland.

  • This is very good news for us “Swiss” Saab drivers.
    Welcome Mr. Schumacher!

  • Tom, is Daniel staying aboard?

  • Perfect news for all Saab drivers in Switzerland.
    ... The brand lives without NEVS ..

  • What a delightful article! Such a consolidation under "one hat" can only bring us advantages, especially faster availability of spare parts and improved structures, which also affects the support of the dealers! Congratulations to Mr. Schuhmacher for this new, interesting, albeit labor-intensive challenge! We are also pleased that he takes care of the base, the loyal SAAB drivers, because you can see the interest and the solidarity. Thanks for the photos !

  • Good news, not from NEVS but from Orio. Even the current SAAB Inside shows how much SAAB feeling is in there 🙂

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