Take off in the winter!

The Saab Autumn Weeks 2014 in Germany and Austria have already started, now follows for the Saab drivers in the Switzerland the winter campaign.

Take off in the winter. Saab action Switzerland
Take off in the winter. Saab action Switzerland

The cold and uncomfortable season is just around the corner, which is not a problem, but more pleasure and a feeling of security when you are on the road in a vehicle with Saab DNA. I'm just thinking of the automatic seat heating that my 9-3 activates for me every morning as soon as I go out on the track with it.

Beyond the comfort that a Saab offers, seeing and being seen are an important factor. This is why the Swiss subsidiary of Orio AB not only offers a free light test. The following actions are available:

Winter Check
The Saab Service Center carries out an extensive list of controls so that the Saab and its crew can get through the winter safely and safely.
+ In conjunction with the winter check: 20% on original Saab windscreen wiper set + Original Saab Nozzle Set Free

Free tire check
Your Saab Service Center controls profile, air pressure and everything else that goes with it.
+ Rim campaign on selected rims, because a Saab looks best on original rims.

Free light test
Check / adjustment of interior and exterior lighting.
+ 20% discount on selected bulbs

All offers are valid until 31.12.2014

The campaign "Take off in winter" has been running for a few days at the authorized ones Saab partners in Switzerland. All details of the campaign can be found on the Orio Switzerland AG website, more information is available from the local Saab partner!