Saab Inside Fall Edition

The second edition of Saab Inside, the customer magazine of the Saab Service Club of Orio Deutschland GmbH, is now available for download. Saab reading fun is guaranteed, even for fans who are not yet members of the Saab Service Club. The editors in Eschborn worked hard for it. And there is more to discover ...

Saab Inside, Fall Edition 2014
Saab Inside, Fall Edition 2014

The autumn edition is accessible to the public for the last time. In future: members only! The upcoming spring issue 2015 will then be available exclusively in the member area of ​​the new Saab Service Club. The club starts with interesting offers for its members on the 15. January 2015. The registration is free, for all Saab owners regardless of the year of construction possible, and it will be worthwhile!

Work on the upcoming edition of the customer magazine has already begun, the first editorial meeting took place a few days ago. In the planning are very saabische topics, the incentive of the editorship is to become even more interesting than with the current issue. The fans can be curious - I will come back to it soon.

Another topic ! Although the Orio AB no longer bears the name Saab, but the commitment to the brand has not changed. The brand is now back in Nyköping at home, which closes a circle. Because Nyköping is the historic headquarters of the Saab Automobile Division. That this is really the case, that the responsibility for our cars is perceived there, shows another download.

In addition to the current Saab Inside, there is an additional, practical improvement in the daily handling of the brand. We all have the old, outdated directories of the Saab workshops in our on-board literature. This is now the end, the current listing of Saab service partners in Central and Western Europe is available as a free download. A small, meaningful optimization for everyday life, made possible by the initiative of the branch in Eschborn.

I say goodbye to the weekend, tomorrow it goes on the Saab Youngtimer Blog with topics around the older vehicles and our rusty hobby on. Keep on Saabing and take Care!

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  • 31. October 2014 at 10: 08 PM

    Finally a reasonable service directory for Europe. So far, I have always asked the current contractors for the importers cumbersome. Beherman, for example, has always been a helpful and friendly contact person. Would be great if the entries in the new overall directory are maintained regularly. Really a meaningful and helpful support. Thanks for the hint, Tom!

  • 1. November 2014 at 12: 26 PM

    Good idea, thank you!

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