Pure Saab?

The discussion of the last few days on the blog raises questions. Of course, things change, the clock keeps turning. We are for more than 3 years without new cars, we refrain from the homeopathic quantities of NEVS short-term production.

SAAB 9-4x and 9-5 NG SC on the way in Sweden.
SAAB 9-4x and 9-5 NG SC on the way in Sweden.

No blog in the world can “preserve” the Saab brand; if there is a lack of supplies, our small car brand changes to a connoisseur and classic label. Nevertheless, my basic idea is that the blog should remain “Pure Saab”, but do the readers want that too? Since the discussion last Monday I am no longer so sure, because the question of a possible Saab alternative for everyday automotive use came up again and again in comments and emails.

To avoid any doubts: I still see the future of the Trollhättan automobile location. There is a good chance that cars will roll off the production lines again in southern Sweden. However, whether they will wear the Saab logo and who will operate the plant - these are open questions without answers being within reach.

What could also be a topic on the blog in the future - in the event that the factory gates for Saab are finally closed is an explosive question. Saab will always come first. Strengthening the brand, keeping it alive in public, helping to keep as many vehicles as possible on the road and supporting dealers - that is the core of our mission.

The demands on mobility are changing, and while the Saab is becoming a beloved hobby, readers are out and about with other brands. You still read Saabblog every day because there is sympathy for the brand and you have found an automotive home on the blog. I find it difficult to make changes, the heart beats Saab. Under certain circumstances, it would be conceivable to test vehicles of other brands in small, homeopathic doses from time to time and put them up for discussion. But I see clearly defined limits. What will not work are products from the German top dogs. Not that I'm afraid of contact, but to post an Audi or BMW on the blog would be a betrayal of the basic idea. Those who are interested will find countless tests and recommendations everywhere. The world doesn't need an additional opinion, but I can see some import brands that could be interesting.

Perhaps readers would like to read about vehicles from the other Swedish brand, which would at least keep us loyal to Saab's homeland. Or about Lexus, Subaru, Jaguar and Co. My question is: should the blog “Pure Saab” stay or do the readers want an opening for other brands? And if so, which brands are of interest, which manufacturer would you like to read about on the blog?

The choice is difficult, I see few real alternatives. The automotive world has become uniform in recent years, although there are more and more brands and models ... but which are mainstream, comparable. Correct character types are almost extinct. Based on the emails that have found their way into my mailbox in the last few days, there is a choice of possible alternative brands to vote on.

Multiple answers are possible, comments and thoughts on the subject are expressly encouraged. For your information: the car industry is reading along, so the vote is also a market check. Because one is interested in why the little stubborn group of Saab drivers holds onto the vehicles from Trollhättan ...

Should the blog remain "Pure Saab"?

  • Yes, only Saab - what else? (61% 422 Votes)
  • Something about Volvo ... (18% 127 Votes)
  • Something about Jaguar ... (8% 55 Votes)
  • Something about Subaru ... (4% 27 Votes)
  • Something about Land Rover ... (3% 23 Votes)
  • Something about Lexus ... (2% 14 Votes)
  • Cars from France ... (2% 13 Votes)
  • Cars from Italy ... (1% 10 Votes)
  • Cars from Korea ... (1% 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 534

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64 thoughts on "Pure Saab?"

  • At a Ford / VOLVO dealer in my region, a 9-3 sports suit TTiD was not 2 weeks ... then the SAAB found a new home 🙂. The demand may also have something to do with the region. The SAAB density seems to me to be higher in the north….

  • Can only confirm the issue of costs. I myself had 4 vehicles from the VAG Group, both for business and private purposes, all of which were more expensive to wear and maintain than the SAABs. Two of them were terrible cars and were therefore sold again as quickly as possible. 2 were ok.

    However, to be fair, I have to mention that 2 SAAB 9-5 drivers from the immediate vicinity drove the SAAB engines to junk inexplicably for a short time. I have never let a SAAB stand. For red light Bolzer with cold engine or brackets that do not control the oil is probably also a SAAB nothing.
    There will probably be such stories from every brand.

    What I do not understand, however, is why SAAB has been asking the customer the problem with oil sludge for years. This was definitely a weak point of the SAAB engines for years and one of the main reasons for a potential failure.
    The experience gained since the conversion and installation of the service interval display in the 9-5s shows that it could have been easily solvable and could have greatly contributed to increasing reliability, durability, and reducing maintenance costs.
    A SAAB vehicle according to the “old” specification with service intervals of 10 km and the tremor in between is therefore no longer an option for me.

  • Anything is possible - but not very likely. A lot should have come a long way in the background. To be currently an optimist for SAAB and to hope for new vehicles in the short period mentioned, however, requires almost inside information ???? Do you let us be part of it?

  • Exactly: I do not think Volvo has the unique spirit that Saab has. The company simply drives a mass market strategy (or tries to build it up). Since you can buy a car of the German manufacturer as well. The model range is smoother (no convertible or coupe) and the new XC90 embodies for me Nordic coldness, a cold hammer from Thor.
    I do not know, the V60 with R package is quite acceptable but I can not make a proper connection to Volvo. What does Volvo stand for? For me it's cool, simple, Nordic cars. Innovative? Hmm, no. Special design tidbits? Hmm, no. Great interior? Hmm, no.
    Security etc. Yes! But that's not enough for me ... I think Volvo would do well to work on the image ...

  • I also know these statements - exactly like that.
    Two sellers or even the owner of a Volvo house refused to buy my Saab. No checkbook helps, etc. However, our convertibles are an exception. They are always bought and then “go like sliced ​​bread” from the farm.

  • I think that's a good idea, because this is where Saab's concentrated competence writes. One or the other tip (precaution, optimization ...) would certainly be very welcome.

  • So arrogant and stupid at the same time behave only car salesman at certain German brands !?

    It will hardly have been the managing director or owner of the VOLVO dealership - at the VOLVO dealer in my region in Südstormarn I (unfortunately) currently see a SAAB that has been traded in. The last time there was a beautiful 9-3 convertible was for sale and was sold within 1 week!

  • This is regrettable, but understandable. You buy or sell a Saab in Saab district or at the Saab partner. In addition, the other brand from Sweden suffers from annual cars, young used and leasing returns that somehow need to be pushed into the market.

  • The formation of opinions here seems clear and I can only agree: Pure Saab! In everyday life, however, the question arises: how much longer Saab? Just for fun, I asked the dealer of the other Swedish brand about a new car. He did not show any willingness to trade in my 9-3 Sportcombi. Quote: “I'll never get it from the farm again”. Sobering!

  • Chapeau!
    What an optimistic view! It would be wonderful if the story from Trollhättan continues like this…. 🙂

  • I also think that there are so many stories and stories about Saab that you don't “need” any other brand.

  • Phew, there are many comments - here is something from an optimistic Pure SAAB commentator:

    Contrary to the opinion of many commentators, I do not assume that there will be no supplies from Trollhättan in the foreseeable future. I have the feeling that new SAAB cars under the new main owner will not be long in coming - this will probably happen in the first half of the coming year.
    I'm going to start with electric vehicles under new direction!

  • Subaru no thanks

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