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Our Saab 9-5 NG is currently in the care of Bamberg Saab Center. It's about preserving the Swedish sheet metal as well as possible in order to experience Saab driving pleasure for a long time.

Saab 9-5 NG rust prevention
Saab 9-5 NG rust prevention

If the Saab were any leasing box, that would not be an issue. After expiry of the lease, the successor would have rolled onto the farm, neither in Bamberg nor the blog would have been concerned about rust prevention, which goes beyond the manufacturer's recommendation. But since there will be no new Saab 9-5, not only do I see things differently. Longevity is high on the list of priorities, with the sheet providing more frowning than the technique.

The first feedback from Bamberg shows that it was a good decision to deal with the topic now. After all, the Saab was on the road for three years in the Gothenburg area, and the paintwork and underbody got some quirks from road salt and split. An inner fender is damaged, which was only visible during dismantling and must be replaced. Orio AB supplies inexpensive replacements.

Around 200 Saab 9-5 NG are on the road in Germany, a high percentage is in the hands of enthusiasts. The topic of rust prevention should be of interest to every 9-5 pilot. A detailed article will appear on the blog in the next few days as soon as the Saab has completed the procedure.

SAAB 9-5 OG. Old car - big sympathies
SAAB 9-5 OG. Old car - great sympathy

While my Saab is floating on the lift, I relieve the withdrawal symptoms with its predecessor. That works amazingly well, because the Saab 9-5 OG is still a very likeable car. More than 230.000 kilometers do not stand in the way of a lot of driving pleasure, even with workshop cars, the technology is properly maintained in Bamberg. So much for my impressions. Rust prevention is also an issue here, because the old 9-5 is mainly on the road in the Fichtelgebirge region, which is legendary for the use of road salt. That doesn't do even the best Swedish steel good.

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  • Thanks, but I avoid the company with the three letters
    The only positive thing there was that I got to test drive a 9-3 ... which unfortunately made the 9-3 disappear from my “the next car” list.

    I ask my Alfa family workshop ... where I prefer to do such things by a body specialist.

  • In the old days I was with IWM, who sometimes did bodywork very well on my 1992er 900. They also do Alfa, but as I hear less and less Saab. If it's just about the body, then talk to Muckelbauer. Bamberg is not far away and there are specialists in the yard who can do everything up to dry ice blasting. Again and again very beautiful Alfas in the yard

  • Who is actually a point of contact in and around Würzburg? I ask for my Alfa 🙂

  • Only a small area was derusted from me, but it didn't matter because it was only surface rust. Of course, depending on how rusty the good piece is, the “deep work” becomes more extensive and the bill higher.

  • The report will come in detail in the next few days, has to be written first and there is also a life next to Saab ... Unimaginable, sure ;-). All joking aside, derusting, painting, etc. are not included at € 350,00. It can be a lot of work and, depending on the condition of the car, is individual.

  • I'm assuming that the 350 Euro are not only for material and the application of the same, but also for eliminating rust, etc.
    Because if the flash rust is just whitewashed, that only makes it worse, because then it bums on in the hidden merry on.

  • 350 euros for a job that - calculated extremely conservatively - lasts 10 years, rather longer. So around 35 euros a year. Makes 3 euros a month. I prefer the security of a job carried out by a professional than the feeling of having saved a few euros - and I say that as a technically not untrained.

  • Safe with stage and spray plan. I prefer to trust my Saab screwdriver, who knows his way around and knows the subtleties of the cars. So I maintain the relationship with my workshop, which is also there in an emergency for my boxes.

  • You can also do it yourself and save yourself the 350 €. Is not rocket science.

  • ELASKON is the first choice, Trabbi and Wartburg have survived 40 years and nothing has been galvanized!

  • Something else is not just black silver or white

  • the fog light is chrome or (typical aero license plate)

  • beautiful 9-5 is an aero

  • approx. 350 euros, with cavity sealing. A worthwhile investment, because then there will be nothing left with rust for the next 10-15 years.

  • what costs can be expected for such a preservation of an 9-5 OG?

  • Dear Tom, with the picture, the Enwall price (which has yet to be launched) should be definitely booked for you. How your SAAB floats on the lift without wheels in the backlight, that has something ... only the moving image is missing, underlaid with Mahler's Zarathustra.

    I'm looking forward to the more detailed report ... my old 9-5 has already passed the rust protection procedure.

  • I'm looking forward to your contribution, because even for my yellow Saabine it is time that it will be sealed forever.
    Hope it's not too late after 8 years! 😉

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