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An interjection in own thing! The Saab 9000 celebrates its 30. Birthday waving H-mark. As a one-time action to celebrate the occasion, we would like to create a Saab calendar for the anniversary. Only with the Saab 9000, the first luxury Saloon of Saab as a theme.

Saab 9000 CC, 30 years public debut
Saab 9000 CC, 30 years public debut

The emphasis is on the 9000 CC on the early models, and that's where our difficulties begin. The Saab milestone project has been on the spot for days, and threatens to fail. While the 1992 CS built 9000 CS still has a relatively large number of press photos of the former Saab Automobile AB, the original 9000 looks very bad. Also the very dedicated help of Orio AB in Nyköping and Eschborn Does not bring enough good pictures, which come as a high-resolution artwork in question.

30 years are a long time, and against the background of the development in Trollhättan, we now get an idea of ​​future difficulties, which in terms of Saab tradition care will come to us. To exhaust all possibilities, we therefore start today a reader call. We are looking for pictures from the Saab 9000 to 1991, in the highest possible quality. Also press photos and slides are welcome, we digitize the photos and the original goes back to the owner.

Pictures are welcome by mail to:! Analogue data, such as press photos and slides, can be sent to our Postadressse be shipped.

The Saab 9000 Calendar is a non-profit project that we want to launch with a number of 9000er anniversary projects. Other Saab calendar projects for the coming year are also available this year from Till von SU, who is also looking for suitable pictures and needs the support of the community.

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  • 4. November 2014 at 7: 41 PM


  • 4. November 2014 at 11: 30 PM

    You have probably come up with the idea, but I could imagine that Peter from the Saabmuseum can help.

  • 6. November 2014 at 8: 33 PM

    Guys, you are too late.

    Veronica has been sleeping in the winter quarters for a week, so there's no chance of anything to be done.

    I have a few pictures in the archive, but they are - because with long exposure times at equally long focal length from the hand wobbled - all slightly muddy and thus indeed suitable for the network, but not so much for a large-format printing ...

    • 6. November 2014 at 8: 54 PM

      Too bad, but there were a lot of great pictures in the last two days, more are announced. It does not look bad for our project

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