Pure Saab? Pure Saab!

Write and publish articles, then start the Saab and spend the day doing what professional life demands. Something like that, with a short Saab interruption, was my Monday. And I had slight concerns. The question of how it should go on on the blog, how readers see the future, how the voting goes ... it kept me busy!

Saab 9-4x and Range Rover. A foreign make, only today on the blog.
Saab 9-4x and Range Rover. A foreign make, only today on the blog.

I didn't expect that the survey would end so clearly with a statement for the brand. Somehow I'm relieved because the topic with an additional brand on the blog could cause a moderate headache. At least for the near future, until we can clearly see how the plant in Trollhättan will continue, our blog will remain "Pure Saab". If the gates close forever, then the topic could be in small bites “Beyond Trollhättan”Come to the blog.

In our survey, the percentages are not correct, the software is simply overwhelmed with multiple answers. It also gives a clear picture. 534 participants in 36 hours are a record in the short time. 422 of them, or 79%, think we should stay with Saab and only with Saab. So it will happen too!

Should the blog remain "Pure Saab"?

  • Yes, only Saab - what else? (61% 422 Votes)
  • Something about Volvo ... (18% 127 Votes)
  • Something about Jaguar ... (8% 55 Votes)
  • Something about Subaru ... (4% 27 Votes)
  • Something about Land Rover ... (3% 23 Votes)
  • Something about Lexus ... (2% 14 Votes)
  • Cars from France ... (2% 13 Votes)
  • Cars from Italy ... (1% 10 Votes)
  • Cars from Korea ... (1% 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 534

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Where are the alternatives?

The result with the alternative brands is astonishing! It was clear that Volvo would come first. However, the result is flattering for Volvo because the reality is different. The Saab "emigrants”Is not drawn to Gothenburg, but to the brands from southern Germany that were not voted on. First to Ingolstadt, second to Munich. The first leasing period is for early "emigrants”Has already run, and since many still have Saab in their automotive hearts, there is also contact to the blog or Saab partner. Which gives an exciting picture and allows very interesting conclusions.

Because Saab is more than a car, because you suffered and hoped with the brand, the bond is strong. Many of them are planning a Saab project or are already in the carport. Mostly a young timer from Trollhättan, which now fits back into life or which will soon fit. They strangle something with what they drive every day. Nice cars, but only cars and no Saab. After the first "Foreign leasing”The brand is usually changed. Munich, Ingolstadt and Gothenburg - objectively speaking, the vehicles are good. But in three years there seems to be no real bond with the brand. Some component is missing. It is also difficult if you are positively infected with Saab.

I was surprised by the poll numbers at Jaguar and Lexus. I would have thought both brands more likable points, just Jaguar seems to be a brand on the rise. The new Jaguar XE is in the starting blocks, the XF Kombi aims at the Saab 9-5 clientele. I know a few Jaguar emigrants, but not many. Why? Is the brand too superficial, too much an alternative to Saab? If so, then Subaru should have done better. The brand wears the mink inward, but lands like cars from Italy, Korea and France only in the rear seats.

Made in Trollhättan

Okay, the mission is running, we are continuing with “Pure Saab” and will continue to deliver the (almost) daily dose in the near future. And a little more! In order to strengthen the brand and the Saab workshops, we will break a taboo in the next few days. A new section is launched. Under "Made in Trollhättan”Once a week - exclusively in cooperation with the blog supporters - we present a Saab from previous ownership that we think is interesting.

We don't want to turn the blog into a sales platform, but we would like to use the reach to keep Saab talking and interested. And with the vehicles from previous ownership and from the authorized Saab partner, we want to make concrete suggestions for everyday automotive use.

In addition to the blogger philosophy 😉 and fan talk, there is also more cars on the blog again. Maybe one or the other reader will find his dream Saab that he would otherwise have overlooked on the Internet. Or someone interested in Saab who reads here from time to time will meet the first Saab of his life, and he will find the entry into the world of the small brand from Trollhättan on the blog.

26 thoughts on "Pure Saab? Pure Saab!"

  • My SAAB fleet has now reduced from 5 to 2. I've always been a SAAB fan. But if you don't want to and can't park your cars in the garage, you'll run out of SAAB stuff at some point. We just need the car for the daily madness...grin!! Now the maintenance costs are rising rapidly because even a SAAB is not indestructible. I also have to point out critically that the speedometer readings don't start until more than 100000 km in order to really have to spend money. Unfortunately, technical progress and the car world now continues without SAAB. Sympathy always, but slogans of perseverance are of little use in everyday life. Over the next two years, the family will have 2 cars with different brand emblems in the yard, which will and must cope with everyday life. Even if the sun rises on SAAB again, long-term customers won't be brought back that quickly.

  • Hi,

    I chose SAAB because I want the actual focus to remain essentially the same. Due to a lack of supplies, there are three SAABs and one SAABO as well as two vehicles from other well-known brands in the family fleet - really good cars, but not individual. If I weren't infected by the SAAB Spirit, for me personally a car would just be a means of transport from A to B that does this job as reliably, for a long time and as cheaply as possible.
    Time will and must bring changes. Then the blog may be split up - once in SAAB and then in another section apart from mass business. As a niche for individual manufactories with innovation and motivation. Ok, a little “crazy” or vision is allowed.
    Dear Tom, thank you very much for your tireless efforts - despite all the bad news, you reported fairly and held the flag high. When I have more time again, my story about SAABO will also come.
    Best regards from the Sauerland

  • Buy your leasing cars!

    • Dear Saab fan, that's not the point. A small example: in addition to our four SAABs, we have had a - now hold on tight - KIA Picanto in our fleet for ten years. My wife wanted it because the SAAB in the city are too confusing for her, it is quite small. She is right, but the small box is ingenious and uses a good three liters less.
      But the real point about this Korean “cheap” car is that it's the easiest to care for I've ever come across.
      No rust, no oil consumption, a repair in 110Tkm - it just works. German premium products cannot do that. Completely others have secretly caught up / overtaken unbelievably and I think that is what Greif08 meant.
      Now you can steal me for a foreign brand contribution 🙂

      • You have the nail on the head!

        • + 1!

  • The result and the procedure may be the right one! Who reads here is SAAB fan (as well as me) and for good reason! However, I have to say that I'm the glorification of the brand on the mind! Nobody builds bad cars anymore. And many other brands have the stuff to last longer than a lease, not just SAAB! If I look at other brands forums, I read the same thing in green! Always the best always the only one! So far I had the feeling to be able to escape such stupid thoughts in a SAAB!

    • I totally agree! That's why it would have been nice to read about possible alternatives to SAAB and not have to endure the subjective expressions of the diehard!

    • I agree with that. A current production of SAAB would have to submit to the same economic constraints as all others and would suffer the same electronic surprises thanks to the same suppliers. Whether the car would still have the long-term qualities of the old models up to the 9-5 OG is questionable. That's not wanted today.
      Design and driving feeling are then another point.
      However, I find the solution to wait with the blog for a “final result” in TH is quite appropriate.

  • Could the ADVERTISEMENT be adapted to SAAB!
    Currently running advertising for a Jaguar. What has something to do with SAAB?

    • The ad delivers Google, not us. Google evaluates the behavior of the respective user in his browser history.

  • I like the solution you found. I am now also one of the blog readers who have unfortunately switched to a car from Stuttgart due to the lack of a new SAAB vehicle; however, I drive the Saab 93-2 convertible, which has mutated into a second vehicle, at every possible opportunity. Actually much prefer it, of course, you could also say particularly like it. Presenting a previously owned Saab vehicle here in the block is of course of interest. Many of us, including me, want to be associated with the Saab brand for as long as possible. Looking towards the backup vehicle can be very helpful.

  • Tom, I think the result is good for the moment, because the blog Saab unites us in the blog. Should be announced in the near future, the final end for Saab, you can pick up on the topic again.

    • I think that's how we should do it. Maybe we will then find an additional topic together that is Saab compatible. Tomorrow “Pure Saab” continues. The promised driving report for the 9-4x Aero 🙂 comes next

  • We were lucky, continue PURE SAAB - otherwise the blog would no longer be what it was before. The other brands all have their place somehow, but not here.

    I like the idea of ​​introducing good used ones here as well. Since the provider can present his car in more detail than in the usual ads, and the potential buyer gets more information.

  • Otherwise look at Infiniti!
    Is a very unknown brand in Germany

    • I just test drove a Nissan/Infiniti Q 50 Hybrid from Vienna to Lake Neusiedl and back yesterday. Great acceleration, but electrically only up to approx. 50 km/h, then as support for the petrol engine and only briefly. Very small trunk due to the batteries. The price is brutally high, but you would get a well-equipped new 9-5 NG... if there was one... A lot still has to happen with electric cars before I would buy one. I saw Tesla 85 at the store the day before yesterday. That would be great..
      Cooper One

  • a bit over the plate there are always times, especially where there is still some Saab in it is of interest.

    That there is no brand that can compete with the legacy of Saab is justified by the unique image of SAAB. I drove with my Jaguar my tour (9-5NG for the care and the friendly has just Jaguar), because I'm angepochen differently than with my SAAB.

  • Thank you!

  • Hello Tom, hello Saab friends, That's the way it should be!
    I must honestly confess that the result amazes me a little. Actually, the Saab drivers are told that we are individualists. And that's how I see myself, otherwise I would not drive Saab for about 20 years. But I would never come up with the idea Volvo, Subaru or Lexus, etc. to call a vehicle for individualists. This is something else with Jaguar / Landrover. I drove the TESLA S P85 several times in the last weeks. That's what I call a vehicle for individualists! A small manufactory, full of new ideas, extreme individual equipment and a product of the future.

    • I don't know why a Jaguar is a more individual vehicle than a Subaru or a Lexus. Maybe you should look at the admission numbers first. Or?

  • If there was nothing left to report about SAAB, Tesla would have been a variant.

    • Was also such a brief thought of mine, even at that time when NEVS wanted to build an EV. Maybe we'll pick it up someday!

  • Too bad, but the majority is the majority. Nevertheless I will follow the blog carefully EVERY DAY !!! I have (also) a SAAB!

  • Thanks for the good news! SAAB PUR stays and lives! I also find it remarkable that so many readers voted in such a short time and shows the emotion that lies in the brand! Plus YOUR gorgeous writing...this makes the SAAB even more fun! 🙂 I’m already looking forward to the new reports “Made in Trollhättan” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • That's how it should be! Sounds like a plan. All in all, there are finally some votes that look around other brands, but just forced as an alternative. And not all for ONE brand.

    I myself (also now a BMW driver and not reluctant to do so - and also interested in a Volvo V70 or Jaguar XF in the future) regularly come to this blog to see whether things continue in Trollhättan. Because IF it succeeds there, Volvo, BMW and Jaguar are canceled again.

    The topic of traditional care and bastardry is only then on the wallpaper, if definitely never again a Saab will be built. Because actually I'm not a youngtimer guy personally.

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