Saab 9-3x TTID 2010

Our new category “Made in Trollhättan” is specifically about cars. Pre-owned Saabs that we think are interesting and that we want to introduce in a loose sequence. The premiere starts with a Saab 9-3x TTID, the right vehicle to kick off.

SAAB 9-3x TTID for sale at Stephan Automobile
SAAB 9-3x TTID for sale at Stephan Automobile

For me, the Saab 9-3x was and is something like the fresher alternative to the conventional sports suit. Saab gave him everything needed to succeed. An off-road look, four-wheel drive in gasoline, front-wheel drive on diesel. What is desired by customers, because many SUVs just pretend and also have only one driven axle. That's reasonable, saves fuel and weight.

The fact that the Saab, with its robust look, remained so rare is not due to the car or its qualities, but to the adverse circumstances surrounding the brands, which prevented greater distribution.

A clear purchase recommendation from the blog, because you can hardly be more individual in a compact station wagon, and the 9-3 is a vehicle with long-term qualities.

The presented 9-3x TTID was first registered in March 2010, comes from a first hand and has 1 kilometers on the counter. It is sold because its owner has changed to another company car and the Saab has hardly been moved. Elmar Valentin from Stephan Automobile, Saab partner for many years and blog supporter, assures that the Saab is very well maintained. A non-smoking car, 12 months warranty are included. More information is available at and from Stephan Automobile.

The blog team likes the Saab 9-3x, Michèl has had a 9-3x himself for a short time, as you could discover on Instagram.

The color combination is trendy, the equipment is right. Nice things that you don't want to do without once you have them, such as the bi-xenon cornering light, are on board, Bluetooth and navigation anyway. The VAT can be reported, which makes the Saab interesting for traders. For performance-conscious Saab pilots, Hirsch Performance has an upgrade to 200 hp. If the Saab 9-3x found a new place in the community, we would be happy!

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  • Very nice car.
    But another question - has anyone been able to gain experience with the KVD auction house in Sweden? Which taxes are still levied there after auction - customs ...?

    • Customs only when the vehicle comes out of an outdoor warehouse. The resulting fees will show you KVD in the bid, the VAT you do not have to pay if you have a VAT ID number. But in D the 19%. In addition, you need a freight forwarder who picks up the vehicle to D.

      • Many thanks for the answer. The vehicle itself would pick up but would go I hope?

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