Phoenix platform - resolution

The weekend was busy on the blog! Our traffic was unusually high for a Saturday and Sunday. It was the fault of it Saab picture puzzle, which was about the Phoenix platform.

NEVS in the end? © 2014
NEVS in the end? © 2014

While some readers were desperate, Torgeir quickly came up with the solution. How did he do it? In the article of September a Saab 9-3 sedan and a convertible with eye-catching fender flares were to be seen, and the rims do not correspond to what we know from Saab.

The Phoenix platform is under the body, and roughly this disguise was also used for 9-3 sport suits that drove through Trollhättan until early summer.

The Saab basic equipment from our fan shop goes to Norway and comes into the hands of a really big Saab fan. Congratulations Torgeir!

I suspect that the readers have a certain interest in higher-resolution images and the story behind the snapshots? I'll write something as soon as my real life, which consists primarily of family and work, then Saab, gives more. Until then, be patient, in which we have had practice. Tomorrow we will continue with another project.

10 thoughts on "Phoenix platform - resolution"

  • So what should be on the study SAAB is beyond me.
    I can not find any practical (form follows function) let alone novel.

    Could be a Beetle Fastback from Audi ...

    • Everything can be from everyone today.
      What should be invented stylistically, what was not there yet?
      If you were to follow the SAAB original form (and Gray did this), the form would not have "followed" the function, but the original form.
      There's nothing wrong with that - because it was a study.

  • Yes, Gray, not Gray - I am not allowed to look out the window!

  • From Eduard Gray there were some very nice designs.
    Also from a smaller SAAB 9/1 - beautiful and a real continuation of the SAAB - original form.
    No comparison to the swollen monster of Jason Castriota.

      • Sorry, but that looks more like a VW Beetle to me. The part doesn't have much resemblance to Saab ... that's why I prefer Castriota 😉 He was still trying to tease out the Saab design genes ...

        • Hello Saab fan,

          Of course everyone has their own preferences for the design and that's a good thing. The similarity to the Beetle is in my opinion but far-fetched. Of course, it is increasingly difficult to work out an independent design, AUDI shows now how not to do it. Ultimately, the A8 looks like an inflated A4 (my opinion).

          That's why everyone should enjoy his wishes.

          Important is:
          As long as one talks about SAAB in Sweden (and in other countries / continents), SAAB somehow remains interesting.

          Greeting and beautiful evening

    • Wow, unique, timeless, aerodynamic, different. I have to look for my heart now, has hopped it. Beautiful study. Wow

    • That is really cool!!!
      And as yet not seen, finally an independent study.

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