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I had one in the last week Call started to help with our Saab 9000 calendar project. To the 30. On his birthday, the blog wants to dedicate a calendar to the Saab 9000, a milestone in Saab history, as a one-off project.

SAAB 9000 CC © SAAB Automobile AB
SAAB 9000 CC © SAAB Automobile AB

Unfortunately, there are only a few pictures of the original 9000, the CC version. After the call Saab 9000 pictures of fans from the most different countries came in my mailbox in the last days. From France, Sweden, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. Thanks again to all the readers who helped. That's great! With the help of many, our project really takes off and it looks good for the realization. The basic idea behind the calendar is the following:

The 9000 series was important to Saab and a great success. Unfortunately, the early 9000 have disappeared from the public, we want to bring the big Saab sedan back to consciousness. At least a little bit! With the pictures we try to span the past 30 years. The Saab 9000 CC, as it comes off the production line in Trollhättan from 1985, press photos from the 80s and 90s, right up to the 9000 CC as it is today. Pictures of vehicles, certainly with traces of use, because 30 years do not leave any car in the world without a trace. So far covered are early press photos from Saab, life with the first big Saab, current photos. What is missing are photos of the “birth” in the Stallbacka.

These extremely rare pictures from the work, on the tape, have been promised to us and will hopefully arrive here in the next few days. Then they are digitized and the Saab 9000 calendar project can really get started. Updates on the progress come on the blog, and also first insights ... 😉

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  • Strong, what can be found. Even production pictures.

  • I'm looking forward to! After all, my first Saab was an 9000er.

  • The photos from the factory and a few other “special” ones will be emailed by tomorrow at the latest. LG Wolfgang

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