25 years SAAB 90 with Saab Service Gaworski

I'm always happy when reader reports flutter into my mailbox. Volker reports on his experience Saab Service Gaworski, a relationship that has lasted for 25 years.

In January 1990 I bought our first SAAB - a SAAB 90 - with a mileage of only 20.000 km from SAAB Uhlenhorst in Hamburg. Already with the purchase contract I found that the car dealership SAAB Uhlenhorst as an authorized workshop would not suit me.

Saab 90 © Volker
Saab 90 © Volker

Short time later I came to Saabservice GAWORSKI, more by chance, as I was working in this part of town.

The first years with the Saab 90 were problem-free; I carried out the simple maintenance work on the car myself and every 2 years they met for the main inspection and / or the special exhaust gas inspection. Everything was in order.

The friendly and personal service had convinced me right on the first day.

Also, I never felt that unnecessary work or repairs were done when the car was in this workshop.

We used our SAAB 90 as a towing vehicle for our touring car. 1994 we were once again with the caravan in Italy and I noticed in the cold operating condition gasoline smell in the car. I noticed a minor leak at the fuel pump.

We then drove to Siena, where a SAAB dealer was based. The mechanics recommended replacing the pump and not continue driving. But because the SAAB 90 was never delivered to Italy, there was no replacement pump in Italy. We should wait several days for a replacement pump, including one weekend. But as our vacation came to an end, there was no time for it.

So while I was still in the Italian SAAB workshop, I called my SAAB master Manfred Gaworski to get a second opinion. I first described to Mr Gaworski in detail the gasoline pump leak that was found and the warning from the Italian mechanics that he would not continue. Mr. Gaworski - who incidentally knew immediately who he was talking to on the phone - replied that it was no problem to start the return trip to Germany; in his opinion there was no danger. At no time did I have the feeling that it was a hasty answer. I knew I could rely on Mr. Gaworski's judgment. Needless to say that we actually managed the return trip to Germany without any further problems. When they arrived in Hamburg, the new petrol pump was already in the workshop and was immediately installed without any major problems.

At that time, GAWORSKI was one of the last 900 cars on the site as a new car (a 900 i 16 V MY 92 red in Talladega). I was determined to exchange my SAAB 90 for the 900er. When I rushed my intent to Mr. M. Gaworski, he told me that I should keep my SAAB 90 better because the 90er would easily keep 20 for years and longer under normal care.

This recommendation then led me to try out how long a SAAB 90 holds.

The years went by quickly, and 2005 was my SAAB 90 then 20 years old, but still looked like a year-old car.

At the 24.05.2005 I had to experience my personal super-fun:

In the rush hour traffic in Hamburg, a truck semitrailer hit me on the left when lane changes and drove away. I turned to 360 ° and hit with the right side wall also a VW Golf II. Both side walls were heavily deformed.
After the police picked up the accident, I immediately called Gaworski's company and told them what had happened to me. The car was badly damaged but still ready to drive. The workshop had long been over, but the senior boss assured me that they stayed in business until I arrived.

So I was tormented by the rush hour traffic to the Gaworski's. Once there, I was warmly received. But because of the accident I was still very upset, we only exchanged a short time. I let Manfred Gaworski take me to the next suburban train and drove home.

In the following days, I ran to top form. I took a lawyer and Manfred Gaworski recommended the car expert Marcel Christian Klemmer. The expert determined repair costs of
8.000, - EURO incl. VAT ..

Because the car according to expert opinion before damage was in a better than average condition, a replacement value of 3.600.- EURO without VAT. determined. With the loss of use and the replacement value, I finally got from the opposing insurance about 4.800.- EURO.

Although we had never talked about it, Manfred Gaworski always knew that I wanted to rebuild this car. I procured the necessary replacement parts myself in Sweden because they were no longer available on the German market. In order to keep the costs low, I have the entire interior equipped and removed again.
During this time, Gaworski was not only my SAAB workshop, but sometimes my therapist. After about 3 months I was able to demonstrate the car to the expert MC Klemmer for a final report.
He certified that the car was properly and professionally repaired.

Incidentally, in 2011, our son Jan-Hendrik completed an 3-week student internship at Gaworski. During this time he was able to see how clean and confident the masters of Master Gaworski work. After each repair the vehicles are driven by M. Gaworski sample.
Finally, on one of these trials with an old 900 Turbo S, our son became completely infected with the SAAB virus.

In almost 25 years, my wife and I have experienced a lot with the SAAB 90 and were able to "experience" very nice holidays with this car. The SAAB 90 was also our wedding car in September 1990. Our children, 1996 and 1999, have made their very first car drive in the SAAB 90 as infants and have grown up with this car.

Next year in January 2015 we have this car 25 years.

I'm sure, without company Gaworski this car would not be on the street anymore.

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  • Nice car. Enormously Scandinavian.

    Especially with the customary additional headlights - the northern Swedes like to screw many of them on - one would suspect it to be in S rather than D ...

  • Hi,

    great story,
    I can do the positive experiences with Fa. Gaworski
    so sign.
    You always feel well cared for in the small
    Family workshop ...

    Greetings from the North

  • Like the man named OVE.
    All those who drive something else are suspicious.
    Especially the, with the wavy headlights.
    The book was the tip of the year !!!
    Must read for every upright SAAB driver.

  • A SAAB is one of the safest cars in the world, durable, with a few model exceptions equipped with the best seats and therefore easy to drive even on long journeys. I know what I'm talking about, I've now driven my second 900 and a Volvo in between. Both brands from the land of the elk and no comparison to other brands, whether from Japan or Germany .... Oh, if there were more companies that still work with passion on old Saabs like a 90s ...

  • As often stated here, a SAAB is also a family member, you will not let that down. However, such companies also have their hearts in the right place.
    Great story!

  • If that's not a SAAB spirit

  • SAAB is what moves us ...

    ... and not only on the street!

    Greetings from the foggy Oldenburg


  • Great Story, that's the real SAAB spirit you always find in the North!

  • A wonderful North German original SAAB story, as it can actually only come from Astrid Lindgren's country ... 🙂 Wonderful! Have fun with the SAAB!

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