Saab 9 5 Commercial 2014

At the end of the week, let's summarize what has happened around Saab in Sweden in the last few days. It's calm, very calm. And there are only little things to tell. But one could develop a larger scope ...

Emma, ​​also 2015 in the Saab on the way. Picture: STCC
Emma, ​​also 2015 in the Saab on the way. Picture: STCC

Let's start with motorsport, with good news for the fans, before we look at the business news.

PWR Racing Team

Emma Kimiläinen, racing fan favorite of the media and equipped with a good deal of fighting spirit, will also be 2015 in a Saab at the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

This week she extended her contract with Peter Wallenberg's PWR Racing Team. Okay, in the past season, the little bit of luck was missing to place your Saab at the top of the table. We keep our fingers crossed that everything will be better in 2015! As we know, in 2014 the PWR crew was sponsored by NEVS. It is unclear whether this will continue to be the case ... like everything about NEVS. Which brings us to the business news.

Dashboard NEVS 9-3 from Tidaholm
Dashboard NEVS 9-3 from Tidaholm

Bankruptcy with consequences

The NEVS reconstruction led to the first bankruptcy. For a small company with only 22 employees, the reconstruction was canceled - due to the hopelessness of success. NEVS owes the company around € 440.000, which was too much.

If NEVS had ever seriously considered allowing the 9-3 to re-run after successfully completing the reconstruction, then you would have a problem now. Because the company from Tidaholm made the dashboards and glove compartments for the 9-3er series. This supplier can not be replaced at least in the short term. Restarting the 9-3 is thus increasingly unlikely.

Saab commercial 2014

"Saab 9-5 Commercial 2014" is running on YouTube. Since Saab is not celebrating a rebirth, which we certainly would not have missed, the spot is of course a fan’s private show. The way he remixed the clips is a bit explosive. The stored music comes from the commercial of the big neighbor from Gothenburg.

The new Saab spot, a mix of 2010 Saab 9-5 commercials and 2014 XC70 clips, is popular in Sweden. On the web, people think that Zlatan, who is involved in Volvo, would have chosen Saab as an advertising partner. Anyway, whether it's our taste or not, everyone has to find out for themselves.

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  • What a great commercial! Well done ! I think it will continue like this with NEVS: no investor who has a bit of brains will get involved with KJ. It's over now! Another insolvency administrator will come and want to bring the remains to the man. Here new players will compete and bring in a breath of fresh air (whether cars with the SAAB logo will be built again is another topic) ... I personally would like BMW to enter the stadium and take advantage of the opportunities that are offered by Mini has successfully implemented - but that is pure wishful thinking - the fears of creating a second "Rover" case are too deep. But: if you don't dare, you won't win - that's the way it is in business. In the long term, someone else will have to fill in the gap that SAAB has left! My opinion: I don't want another car - I want a new SAAB BJ 2017

  • You also have to be able to lose and with decency - this statement is often true, but could only come true for SAAB after an unsuccessful reconstruction has expired. At the moment, this view of things and the assertion “there won't be much more to come” can only be classified under so-called wild speculations!
    You should wait for the next 14 days in peace again.

  • These wild speculations should just stop. So far, many bubbles and little true content. There will not be much. Clear announcements are needed now.
    Phoenix and other fabled financiers are increasingly unlikely. If it turns out ok. The image of SAAB can only be destroyed after so many missteps. I want to proudly ride my last 2 SAAB and not just reap a sympathetic smile. The world has long since moved on without our beloved brand. You also have to be able to lose and with decency. Greetings from the north

  • I like the spot very much ... at 1:16 it would cost a fortune in advertising time, but it is definitely worth seeing. Another point about the SAAB community: Which drivers from other brands design such elaborate commercials for their brand?

    And if I read the first part of the article like this, then SAAB would probably also have a first brand ambassador / advertising figure ... 🙂

  • Does anyone know if it's the same manufacturer who made the glove boxes earlier? My lid has been very scratched since the first days - maybe you better order one now (does anyone know the price?) Or can you somehow get it "fixed"? Unfortunately, the interior of the 93 is not very scratch-resistant.

    • Is he. The company came from a company that built all the dashboards and other parts for Saab and the other Swedish manufacturers until 2009.

  • No prospect of success with the dashboard manufacturer of all things for the fittings of the 9-3 built so far, but suggests that in the course of the creditors' meetings the final cessation of this SAAB series became clear - another warming up of the series also makes no sense.

    Bad luck for this insolvent company, which had certainly come from a future with NEVS.

    Presumably, the new lead company in spe itself has a suitable supplier for this area, with whom he may already have business relations.

    • 95% of the sales were made with NEVS, the bankruptcy trustee now hopes that someone will buy NEVS and continue the 9-3 ...

      • The bankruptcy trustee of this small company seems to be even more naive than Bergqvist + Co. when he “hired” NEVS!

  • The original video already gave goose bumps a new dimension! For all non-Swedes: the song used as the backing track for the updated commercial is the Swedish National Anthem. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reciting the first verse.

  • I think the topic with the old 9-3 is through. There will certainly be no new edition. Let's hope that it is a complete new start with a new owner and eventually new models. Nevertheless, it's a pity that it has caught a subcontractor again. Apparently not guilty.

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