Who am I?

Definitely no Saab ...
Definitely not a Saab ...

No, we are not starting a new picture puzzle now. Even if you could think so. At the end of the day it's all about our favorite brand, and it's about the Saab 9-5 NG. However, this is not a Saab in the picture, not guaranteed. No Saab 9-5 new edition, no secret design study by NEVS. Even if everything reminds us of a Saab. But what is it then?

What we see here is an Audi Prologue and the blunt copying of the continuous Lightbar. And if we take a look at the complete rear end, we discover a lot of the lines of the Saab 9-5 NG.

Audi Prologue. Heck with Saab 9-5 bonds.
Audi Prologue. Heck with Saab 9-5 bonds.

The Audi Prologue is not the study for a new model; he should, and this is much worse, anticipate the new design line from Audi. Future design that already stands in our garages. For this, designer Mark Lichte was allowed to try the Audi Prologue. The single-frame grill remains, however, at the front there is no revolution, and Walter da Silva remains the top Audi design chief. More Audi images are available Mirror online to discover.

The Saab 9-5 NG came on the market in 2010 and its design will be from 2006 or 2007. We are in 2016 until Audi has realized the Saab-based design in the first model. So 10 years later ...

Should we feel flattered now or how far was the Saab design department under Simon Padian really ahead of their time? Or how bad do you drive in Ingolstadt?

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  • The fact that the cars from Zuffenhausen have long been running around with such a light bar, have all participants already noticed?

    • Not all. Only the slightly better ones. Carerra 4S ...

  • Old wine in new bottles

    Already at the SAAB, the continuous light strip reminded me of old times. The SAAB 9000, several Audis and ever numerous models of several manufacturers were equipped at that time and for many model years with a large red reflector, which connected the rear lights.

    I never liked it.

    And with the current lighting and design orgies you have to ask yourself when the threshold is exceeded, from which this is no gain in security more but endangered.

    Cars that have a face at the back are somehow "ass faces" too. I find glowing grimaces in front of me on the highway at night extremely annoying!

    • I have to agree with you to a large extent. It's a matter of taste, of course, but that does not fit with every car, not even with SAAB.
      My personal view: the 9000CC it does not fit, the 9000 CS, it is awesome (only the reversing light is too puny) on my 902, I have the light strip against a rear panel in body color swapped (from the older model) and the 9-5NG I think it great again.

      For a long time, a (safety) limit has been exceeded in today's light games. The outgrowths of the daytime running lights have largely distanced themselves from safe light guidance and with some (VW) models, it is really difficult to detect the turn signals in between.

      • Yes, the Volkswagen group is particularly negative when it comes to light ...

        The other day, bright light on the headliner in my car irritated me.
        A brand new Skoda Something else next to me was the cause and scattered its headlights from huge clear glass blocks in all directions ...

        And when cars come around the corner with three lights on, I'm still watching for a moment, thinking a headlight would be broken.

  • I do not like him. Neither from the front nor from the back nor from the inside. Restless, and affected ornamentalism, without which it is no longer possible.

    I thought that de Silva would now be the head of design at Volkswagen, so the absolute Obermuffti. What a pity, because apparently he is no longer able to design himself. He's one of my favorite designers, designing design highlights with the Alfa 156, Seats and the Audi A5.

  • Above all, Audi is one thing; a mass product and has become a real nuisance here in Switzerland! Aggressive, aggressive, Audi ..... I praise my Saabs, which just don't look so monstrous! And at the same time are very individual!

  • Those of Audi should come up with something they could at least saab Buy then I would have no problem

  • If you can't defend yourself ... There are also models from Kia / Hyundai that were probably inspired by Sweden.

  • I do not know why you make such a drama out of it now. Objectively speaking, the Lightbar is the only thing that makes the design look the same. Soberly considered: A Lightbar does not make a whole car and so ne bright invention that was probably not?
    My favorite is and remains the 9-5NG. Incidentally, I don't really like Marc Lichte as a designer. He's probably not going to do that much good to Audi either ... He's just the one who ironed the folds and curves of Da Silva straight again without really adding character.

    • If you really "only" recognize the lightbar in the A9, then I really feel sorry for you. To put it mildly, I would call the rear end and parts of the side an homage to the 9-5!

      To start at the stern:
      - The light bar
      - The "rough" shape of the taillights (those from the A9 look more squashed ...)
      - The outer transition from the C-pillar to the fender / trunk
      - Lower part of the bumper

      - Rear flank shape
      - Form C-pillar / window
      - Indentation above the sill

      These are just the most striking similarities, just take a closer look:

  • It shows again what good way Saab was until the brain dead from GM thought they had to cover up their own inability with an example. Unfortunately, Victor's money messenger was also caught by the handle in the cash register and a few other things went wrong, otherwise Saab would still exist today ... Without a doubt, it is a loss for the entire industry ...

  • When I got the new 9-5ng, a site manager said to me, “Oh, a new car! looks great… I've always liked Audi “… ..I'm sure it's a Saab, she, oh, do they still exist?

    … .. Audi overheard us there! 😉

  • Ice blue headlights, solid rear light band, quiet lateral lines! And as a new car soon available !! Of course that seems copied! And Audi is actually not on my list! But he is beautiful! And I acknowledge that. Congratulations Audi, well done!

  • I have always been a fan of Simon Padian !! And always hoped the Castriota story is and remains !! But both have done so!

    • Padian is now doing Volvo, which is Swedish, after all. Let's see what he shows there in a few years. That too is exciting.

      • Yes, that is Swedish! Probably the only thing new from Sweden! I am convinced that after what Padian "drew" at SAAB, he will do Volvo well!

  • I immediately had to think of the 9-5 at the first picture. Apparently, Audi is getting a bit more jagged again ... if you open the sections of A4, A6 and A8 or A5 and A7 one after the other on their website, then the same car looks at you over and over again, upscaled over and over again (well, A7 and A8 look a bit more elegant out).

    Spicy was yes that Mark Lichte has already wailed against this model range. Let's see if he makes friends with it, or whether can prevail against da Silva.

  • Mercedes has used its Saab style elements with its G-code study in the window area (black A pillar).

    • Maybe, but the front is more likely to be a total failure in the designer's brain. Honestly, who needs a magenta / violet LEDs deposited, gigantomanic chiller?

  • What would Ove say about that?

    • Guess what ?
      Especially about the "wavy" headlights.

  • The rear of the Audi design is almost as successful as the rear design of Simon Padian's 9-5. The copied light strip is a bit poor - the Audi also looks pretty good from the side.

    However, the front section is a complete disaster - it looks really hideous!

  • I find it flattering…. Tom about the 10 years behind, I can say I agree…. let's see back saab 9-5 double sun visor ... year of construction? 1998 ??? With Vw Passat from 2004 ??? That's funny

    • .... and my "replacement" Wamsler year 2012 does not have the double sun visor.
      I can not say how that leaves me!
      An absolutely practical idea.

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