SAAB Power Bank

Christmas is approaching, even though the temperatures are still anything but Christmas. In our fan shop there are small gift ideas around Saab - and we have added a new, useful accessory for on the go.

Saab Power Bank
Saab Power Bank

The Saab Power Bank is a compact, mobile battery that gives our smartphones, tablets or cameras the necessary juice when it gets tight again and no outlet is in sight. With a Saab engraved laser engraving, it is at the same time a subtle statement for our brand and for what is parked at the door.

The Power Bank has a capacity of 2.600 mAh, enough for one charge on most mobile devices. With the included cable set, it fits all devices with micro and mini USB connector, as well as iPhone 1 to 6. The power bank does without switches or moving parts. It is loaded on any USB interface; If the red LED goes out, the charging process is finished.

An intelligent idea for on the go, which is available in two colors. In subtle black and a striking blue tone, which is close to the Saab Fusion-Blue. Like many other Saab gift ideas, the Saab Power Bank is available in the fan shop.

3 thoughts too "SAAB Power Bank"

  • 21. November 2014 at 7: 50 PM

    Nice! That's exactly what I expect from my Saab dealer as a Merchandise Christmas Gift,)

  • 22. November 2014 at 12: 14 PM

    Oh, always these "expectations" ... 😉
    Nevertheless, nice weekend!

    PS: is a great idea, this SAAB POWER BANK!

  • 25. November 2014 at 1: 10 PM

    I have recently put a power bank in my shopping cart at the big river.
    Just in time I read your announcement on Instagram. Coincidence or providence? Not really matter. But thank you for the great ideas!
    Greetings Daniel

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