Luck & misfortune

Chinese owners, identical platform, no matching engine. Two companies, a basically comparable starting point. While under NEVS direction only a renewed infusion of the 9 3 sedan was enough, BAIC is burning a novelty firework.

Senova CC Concept. Picture Carnevschina
Senova CC Concept. Picture Carnevschina

Visitors to the Guangzhou Auto Show can marvel at what's possible on Saab platforms. The most interesting premiere, in our view, is the BAIC Senova X65. A midsize SUV on modified Saab 9-3 platform.

BAIC is now talking about the Matrix platform. It is unclear whether the base is identical to that of the Saab 9-3 SUV, which we never saw, or whether it is a new BAIC development. BAIC was faced with the same problems as NEVS, having no suitable engine for the base. One problem, two approaches. While NEVS bought engines worldwide, the Chinese from the capital went the harder, more expensive route. The "old" Saab machines, at least the 2 liter turbo version, were modified for the 9-3 base. Under the hood of the Senova X65 the 2.0 liter Saab Turbo will work with 201 PS, as transmission - writes the Carnevschina - comes a manual 5 gearbox or an 6 gear automatic used.

The company from the capital is on the road to success with the Saab-Senova line and skilfully plays with the Saab genes. The front grille of all Senova models is, in Chinese sensation, to remember the aircraft genes of Saab. The result is a very own design line that has nothing in common with the original product. Astonishingly, the design language is used consistently in all new releases; car manufacturers from China learn quickly. BAIC now shows novelty novelty. A large saloon based on the extended Mercedes E class (W212), recognizable as Senova at first glance, will round up the range.

The compact sedan Senova D60, also on Saab 9-3 basis, is supplemented by a particularly sporty model. The Senova CC Concept shows the Chinese idea of ​​a sporty middle class sedan, of course again with Saab 2.0 liter turbo and Trionic.

For BAIC, the purchase of Saab Technik was a good investment. It is an open secret that 2011 would also like to have taken over the brand and the work. GM was for it, the Chinese state as well. The brand would have been spared insolvency, the employees would have kept their jobs. The sheer misery we see today in the Stallbacka industrial area would never have happened. What was missing was only the signature of Victor Muller. He disagreed. Small decisions! They can change the lives of many people sustainably.

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  • senova cc concept that's the name of the most daring copy of a current a-class?

  • Bah..ic, the interior of the 65x is almost one-to-one copied from the 9-4x, but they have (luckily) made the oversized lumpy centerpiece themselves. But if now even Audi mortuary operation operates Saab design complaints are probably out of place. Still sad.

  • Maybe you could have thought in a different direction. With a Russian investor and LADA as the supplier for the lower vehicle classes, the whole package might have stayed in Europe. In addition, the Russians would have a nice base for their missing state car. I would have liked the solution in any case better than the current Fussampel

    • LADA-> so Renault Nissan

    • Oh god, well, Saab was spared this scenario ...

  • ... .. it would really be time for the Saab as a brand (I realize that it no longer exists) would have some luck and would not serve only to quiet personal sensibilities .......

    • Had she (the brand) got the deserved luck, we would not have got NEVS. Even with Volvo it is still running with Chinese, only SAAB had this great bad luck.

  • Tom, Victor would have other plans; and he would be right.
    But if you look back now you might have some criticism.
    But I think this criticism is not right

    • Of course, Muller had other plans, I was only interested in how a decision can change the lives of many people. It should not be criticism of VM, this time.

      • I'm not here, Tom

  • When I see the engine like that ... I miss Saab.

    • Exactly, with the sale of that engine production by GM to China, SAAB had lost its heart and started the slaughterhouse.

  • The front looks like the Mercedes CLA. No, the Chinese are and will remain Chinese ... unscrupulous.

  • Well, for non SAAB fans that was maybe ???? but währe nothing for me then rather 9-4X or stay old

  • Maybe we still experience the big surprise and behind one of these ominous Asian negotiating partners negotiated with NEVS Baic is behind it and instead of Senova is soon Saab on the cars. However, I would not really know if you should wish that the old Saab technology in China evolved again comes back to Europe with Saab label. I do not think so.

    • I hope for Toyota and not for BAIC-senova

  • I did not know that VM has messed up too ... The info on this blog are first class - unfortunately you can not change the content!

    • Without VM, no 11.280 (?) Great 9-5 NG would be on the road and the dream SUV 9-4X would have never existed.
      Surely he made mistakes, but he believed in it and tried it with all his means without ever having a chance against GM. With these gag-license contracts it was doomed to failure.
      Who but Viktor Muller had the courage to try it? He is still a great person for me today, to whom I have great respect.

      • Not even the Swedish government

      • The 9-5 NG is really great. Yesterday and today almost 1.300 kilometers driven (so rest on the blog), a dream!

  • With all respect for an entrepreneurial achievement; Even Hazardeure have great courage when they plunge into the abyss. Certainly VM did not lack daring. Unfortunately, it is the case with most of the big personalities that they also have shortcomings and are just as dumb as the average person. If things actually happened like this on this blog, then for unknown reasons, VM put SAAB on the final kill.

    What came later with NEVS was even worse: The title here should actually mean "Can and can not, with luck that has little to do. We will see in the next few weeks / months what makes NEVS out of the remaining petty residuals.

    • If it's true, it's probably the same thing that happens again. An entrepreneur struggles not to lose all his fortune.
      Therefore, a capital increase is sought, in which the original still remains involved, although actually only one sale could save the situation for a short time.

      • Fighting, not losing the whole fortune is certainly legitimate. This must be granted to every entrepreneur.

        As the story was told on this blog, VM had the contract for sale to BAIC (a state-owned company) already in his pocket and would have earned millions of dollars. He is said to have pulled the plug at the last minute because he hoped to earn more gold with Antonov. That was a bit too much courage - or cockiness.

        As a result, VM was considered unreliable and any business dealings with the Chinese were doomed to failure.

        In any case, the Chinese seem to make more than NEVS out of the SAAB heritage - at least one product has been made that can be sold in China. The Europeans do not need to please, for these markets it is not thought.

        At NEVS, nothing usable, whether EV or anything else, has arisen in the same time.

        • Thanks, what VM have you got me the work and everything in a nutshell

  • Hi Tom, thanks for the info.
    What a dreadful cart; how can you make such a junk out of such a beautiful car? Nix half and nothing whole. Front DB, in the middle slight touch of Volvo X60 and rear China. The Chinese are not just a car maker and will not be in this life either.

  • Look in part like Saab or other vehicles.
    But is a China replica of not funkzunieren will!

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