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Northern Germany was popular on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today there is a full desk. We still have nothing to do with NEVS. There are no new facts, only indications, which are difficult to classify. And Mahindra is here! But not where we expected the Indians to be ...

Was once a Saab - there is nothing left.
Was once a Saab - there is nothing more.

A look at the Swedish local press will help. Tech Mahindra is there and is making a name for itself. But not in Trollhättan! As Göteborg Posten reports, a major contract with a Swedish car manufacturer has been landed. Unfortunately, from our point of view, he's in Torslanda. So did Tech Mahindra's expanding office. Mahindra has had an office in Gothenburg for a long time and has been providing services to the other manufacturer to a limited extent so far. Now they are expanding strongly, but a few kilometers further west than expected.

Neither the Indians nor the NEVS press department want to comment. All you can hear from the Stallbacka today is that there is nothing to report. The deadline for NEVS expires on Saturday. The reconstruction is not extended automatically. If there is no agreement with the suppliers, from whom NEVS expects a haircut, then bankruptcy follows automatically. What will happen is open, there is no forecast. We stay tuned !

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  • Hello Tom.

    Thank you for this interesting article. Again very well written and a super matching picture selected.
    The picture brings not only the situation around NEVs and SAAB in Sweden to the point, but also the mood and hopes of many SAAB fans.
    Of course we all still have patience for this countdown. But for what ... maybe for the fact that the wrestling in Trollhättan will soon (finally, forever) be over.

    Oh ... if you keep writing like this, then the publisher price is due. I would agree.

    Sunny greetings from the sunny cold Oldenburg.

    Thanks and greetings


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    The picture above says ALL:
    Only the 1 / 2 remains from the SAAB!
    This will be the platform to make new cars. Brand: ???
    The other half “got lost”. It makes sense also in the picture: the engine, what makes SAAB, among other things, so special! 😉
    What remains can be looked after ...
    From the 49th week I expect at most positive signals for the workforce: It goes on! (with whatever model and name ...) 🙂

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    If someone really wants to clean it, he has to buy the items together again. So it's not just about negotiations with NEVS, but also about the current owner of the plant and about the newly founded development companies. And about naming rights and know how.

    It would be feasible, possibly even for potent financiers also affordable, but that is then already complicated negotiations.

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    I particularly like the expression / term “human capital”! (is meant ironically) Unfortunately, marketing and finance people expect this term. In China too, of course. And where does it have the most workers? I get really queasy ......

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    NEVS will soon be history. Why should Mahindra deal with NEVS? If Mahindra is keen on the name, they do not need NEVS, as they can not even get the name of them. Since the Mahindra Group probably maintains good relations with the Saab Group and also works well together, they can wait until NEVS is finally insolvent, buy up leftovers and negotiate with Saab themselves for naming rights. Nobody needs NEVS anymore. Did anybody NEVS ever need it, except the insolvency administrators 2012, who picked this lucky bag NEVS?

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    Why should NEVS wait until the last day of the deadline and then present a possible new investor?
    I do not believe that NEVS finds an investor, they have nothing to offer anyway.
    I'm just waiting for the big bang (bankruptcy) and then I hope for a real fresh start.

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    Well NEVS, it's getting tight! For me meanwhile suggests that anyone (who it is, in principle does not matter), is still interested in the ashes. Serious mobile production in Trollhättan under the name Saab does not seem to go any further.

    Sad but I am very sure that it will come that way. You just want to use work, developments or the like. For me, that's the only conclusive option, otherwise it would never have come to that. After all, you have to see that the plant is being disarmed, the Phoenix platform is out of date, and the capable employees (“human capital” from formerly SAAB) are dwindling. All interested parties know that. Getting the hut up and running again costs more than negotiating a few million euros.

    My view of things, I also wish it were different ...

    Let's be excited for Saturday!

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    If one believes rumors on another blog, there is probably only one left of the 2 Asians and one customer from southern Germany, who has previously delivered a few engines to Trollhättan, is already with Plan B (contract manufacturing).

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      Currently, the Creditor Committee advises. There, the fate of NEVS could decide.

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    I think the caption says it all: “Was a Saab once. Nothing works anymore. " Sad as it is.
    Who should still be seriously interested? Practically no production for over 3 years and no new models are in sight. Even if things went on now, it would still take at least 1 to 2 years for a new model to start production. I don't think NEVS has invested much in new models. And isn't the Phoenix platform also slowly becoming obsolete?
    I would like to be wrong, but I lack faith.

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    Assumes Saab is over. Except for Saab fans, nobody is waiting for this traditional brand. Get your Saab's, I'll get my old 900 16S, 93 and 95.

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      That's exactly how I do it! There will be no new Saab! There are too many premium suppliers in the automotive sector, because no one waits for Saab. Too bad, just a shame!

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        Somehow one waits (especially as a SAAB enthusiast) for SAAB supplies.

        Unfortunately, you can now see that the negotiating partners currently dealing with SAAB are not getting anything done. A small glimmer of hope, however, would be if the court would draw a line and then a serious savior might appear on the scene - to get SAAB afloat again as a brand with corresponding high-quality automobiles would still be worthwhile!

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    It may well be that Tech Mahindra also carries out work for Volvo - but the negotiations, which NEVS have now intensified under the direction of Lenner & Partners, are of a different order of magnitude and could still be conducted with Mahindra at the same time.

    Of course, the question is still with whom NEVS is actually negotiating. This could include Mahindra or not.

    In any case, Mahindra would still not have achieved the self-imposed goal of taking over the management of a traditional European brand with commissioned work for Volvo. So I'm still guessing that this group will soon take on the leadership role at SAAB - I'm curious to see how the further process will look.

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      I don't know where I read that anymore, but Mahindra was never interested in Saab anyway, only in the trademark rights. They would just like to sell their Ssangyong better in the USA and would like to fall back on a well-known name. Say Ssangyong would be sold as Saab in the US ... just relabelling.

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        These are things that go through the press, given that Mahindra has been looking for a new name for Ssangyong for quite some time. How far this has anything to do with NEVS is unclear.

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          >> Against the background that Mahindra has actually been looking for a new name for Ssangyong for some time

          Hopefully you won't find them in SAAB. It is a good thing that SAAB has already kept its thumbs on the naming rights towards NEVS.

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      One of the open questions is whether Tech Mahindra's involvement is a coincidence and whether NEVS (has) actually negotiated with Mahindra. If Tech Mahindra actually provides IT services and more for Volvo, there would be the not entirely unimportant word “conflict of interest”. In 48 hours we may be smarter.

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    Maybe Volvo is the white knight who takes over the miserable remains of SAAB. This could be cheap market share buy and jobs remain in the country. With a little less log cabin design, this could still be something. And Matthias Bergmann would have to travel a little less.

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      If less grave music were to be heard by Saab, Saab could get a positive impression as a brand.
      But maybe everything has been squeezed out, the filet pieces are distributed and who still has so much idealism?

      Maybe an action fund that wants to pay interest on its money and makes a company on the ground with parked capital back afloat?

      I think you have to look for further investors and work actively on the Saab brand and image, perhaps with the help of Saab fans and blogs from forums.

      How can such a loyal Saab community be disappointed? Why wait for a lame NEVS?
      We Saab fans are millions because no one knows who can pull the right wires?

      Greeting Peter

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      In fact, I think that's pretty great ...

      Why not run a second brand on the same platforms and with a stand-alone design.

      Volvo has been Turbo since the 1980s at the latest, BioPower and AWD have them too. And good diesel for frequent drivers. Better than SAAB ever got from GM. Something should be made of it ...

      And they also have a dealer network ...

      WHAT WHAT! ! !

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