Extension of the reconstruction

As the Schwedenradio just reported, NEVS will apply for an extension of the reconstruction. The application and the reasons are to be served on the court on Monday.

NEVS is very taciturn today. There wasn't really anything to say, said communications chief Mikael Östlund. Negotiations with two Asian partners would continue over the weekend. However, there are those who say that negotiations with Mahindra have stalled.

14 thoughts on "Extension of the reconstruction"

  • Since when have we been hoping the auto world will keep turning and Nevs will no longer be able to catch up, and neither will any other investor. There will be no more Saabs - Saab is history, a lively and interesting one. What has happened now, die in installments, Saab did not deserve. Hopefully the court will end it now.

  • To be precise, this is not about SAAB but about NEVS. Nevertheless, it hurts of course in the external presentation of the brand SAAB.

    Let's face it, NEVS has nothing more to offer. Perhaps the most valuable were the naming rights to the SAAB brand.

    Nobody, really nobody, needs NEVS right now ... NEVS knows that and now only blocks for a while. However, it will not be successful. NEVS will go bankrupt and then the remaining items will be sold. End of the story.

  • Dear Tom

    Thanks for the great reports and the research and your Saab fire, which is still burning.
    Nice weekend.

    Best regards

  • This is nothing more to me except that it may just be 3 months again without the end of what comes out of it.

  • The extension would be a joke. If you want to remain reasonably believable there, you can only put an end to the whole thing.
    When this extension happens, the brand SAAB in the IMAGE is the last thrust to ridicule. Unbelievable what is going on there.

  • I write to the court: THAT'S OK !!!
    SAAB is already on the ground (with / through NEVS). Platter no longer works ...
    The people of the Trollhättan region have a right to CLARITY!

  • It would be a shame if the court granted the request. I think that's enough now ... I think it's scandalous what is happening to our brand!

  • That with the pain threshold is such a thing. I have often thought why the crap even pursue, I do not actually have to do anything, anyway nothing clever to get out of it, but it is like an addiction someday you look but again and is interested. But it's true . It is really enough.

  • Let's be honest: Does the Mahindra Group actually want to join NEVS or do they - as it now looks like - want to bring NEVS to their knees?

    Even if economic and business conduct is always in the foreground, I would have expected a little more decency and meanwhile positive signals from the Indians - they are slowly but surely sliding up
    China level off.

    If the reconstruction is extended to another 3 months, I am no longer willing to follow this event in any form - it is enough (probably not only for me) then for good!

    • Even with a lot of imagination, the entry of Mahindra is now hardly conceivable. I do not think it is possible that on the one hand, with Tech Mahindra services for Volvo, on the other hand in 70 kilometers away wants to do a direct competitor. Both companies would be looking for customers in the same market segment. On Monday, NEVS will have to give good reasons for an extension, let's wait and see. And yes, my pain threshold is now exceeded, it's not just you like that.

    • What will you do instead? To go on a hunger strike with the trusted SAAB partner? Give the remaining decision makers up there oil sludge in your coffee?
      In this sense: what helps the formulated indignation here? What does this have to do with driving and getting our SAAB?
      The ones I move have nothing to do with NEVS, and their actions will hardly induce me to sell them all - that would be pointless from dry logic alone.

  • NEVS is not only workarg.Der today. They should have better buy a monastery because you have to speak as well as not at all, especially with any customers.

  • Hello Tom!
    Heard on medium wave or long wave?
    The humor remains…. 🙂
    Sunny cold weekend! The right thing for SAABians!

    • At least the humor. After all, have a nice weekend!

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