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Since Mahindra took over Ssangyong before 4, money has been invested in model maintenance and product development. New models, developed under Mahindra direction, the customers did not get to see so far. A fact that will change now. In January, the first, completely redeveloped Ssangyong model of the Mahindra era rolls to customers.

Ssangyong Tivoli, the first new development under Mahindra directing. Picture: Ssangyong
Ssangyong Tivoli, the first new development under Mahindra directing. Picture: Ssangyong

First in Korea, then worldwide from the second half of 2015. Mahindra ventures into the rapidly growing compact SUV segment with the Ssangyong Tivoli. There are competitors like the Opel Mokka and a Renault called Captur. An exciting story - the answer to the question of what Mahindra can really do.

The press release from Ssangyong Germany there is a lot of the usual marketing poetry without which no producer can do today. There are sentences that philosophize about the origin of the name Tivoli. And also the meaning of the design language, attached to “Nature-born 3 Motion - Rhytmical, Dynamic, Dignified”May not be open to everyone.

The following quotes give us an idea of ​​where the journey could go: "... one of the best quality interiors in its class" and "... compact luxury in lounge style”Or“... worked intensively on product quality".

So far, Ssangyong models have not attracted attention by sophisticated interior or lifestyle solutions. What we are for the readers in the Summer tested had more solid home cooking, which should be understood as positive. Mahindra Ssangyong has made a number of plans and raised the bar a little before the market launch. What is pending is nothing more and nothing less than a realignment of the brand, combined with a cautiously higher positioning ... as far as one can interpret this from the facts at hand.

Neither about motorization nor about the price has been published so far. The first pictures give an impression of the future design language at Ssangyong. It will be a long way before the brand becomes more widespread in Germany. Including the October 2014, 911 Ssangyong hit the streets again, with registrations for the year likely just above 1.000 units. That's not a lot, the numbers in India are unlikely to provide lasting pleasure. Bringing Ssangyong to Quantities is a challenging task, perhaps more ambitious than reviving Saab.

It will be summer again by the time Tivoli is on the market in Germany. Until then, it will be clear whether we are still interested in Mahindra at all. That will be the case when NEVS goes into renewal in the next week, when Mahindra buys NEVS, when Saab AB releases the brand name again and if I am still writing at the time. Quite a few “ifs”. Life is movement. Everything flows !

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  • And that will then flow into the rest of the group ...

  • What will be in the future or not is unclear. NEVS currently has two platforms, if you will. The 440 for the old 9-3 and the Phoenix platform. It can be assumed that the new platform was GM-free in the meantime. There were plans to integrate them into a joint venture with a third partner. We will see what will happen in the next few weeks.

  • How much of the phoenix platform did SAAB belong to? Do the present or future owners also have the rights to this platform? Or does GM still mix with it?

  • If the many “ifs” are fulfilled, then it shouldn't take 4 years. The preliminary and development work at NEVS is ongoing, including during the reconstruction. When M & M joins, they have promised to transfer € 5 million a month in January / February. Let's stay excited, but it's still too early to celebrate.

  • But if those with the completely new at SAAB also need four years?

  • That would be too good to be true, if again an investor for the brand SAAB dares to restart in Trollhättan. But trust in the customers / dealers an 3. It will be difficult to build up. I would also be very happy for the workers in southern Sweden. Would be a great Christmas present. As always, let's be positive and wait.

  • Yeah, Tom, with the Phoenix (from the ashes) that's one thing. If you are not such a NEVS airlock.
    I'm really excited and have a little bit of hope again.
    However, I have slight doubts whether there is still enough know-how there. After the chaos, the good employees are destined for all the mountains and by that I mean not only the offices, but above all the craft!

  • We hope so. Because what was shown so far was exactly what can't actually work.

  • Hans, forget about the infusion thing. If (again a if) Mahindra gets involved, then in my opinion there is no more remake of the 9-3. If you are allowed to use the Saab brand, then something completely redesigned comes along - on the Phönix platform.

  • I think so too. One must not forget that Ssangyong has a completely different target group than Saab.

  • It took SSANGYONG four years to come up with the first “stand-alone” model. What does this bring for SAAB? The umpteenth infusion of a concept that is now over ten years old?
    Sure, the last built 93 I liked as a convertible, so I have one too. Only when it is launched again, a car comes on the market whose roots come from the year 2004. Last update, and thus state of electronics, about 2008. Who do you want to impress with that? Who should buy something like that?
    A bit nasty: Dacia or Tata also offer cars that are technically not completely up to date. This, however, at a price that cannot be expected otherwise. How do you want to sell a “SAAB” that, compared to the equally expensive competition, belongs to the penultimate generation?
    For me, the subject SAAB is at least as good as dead. One will probably, probably next late autumn, probably still. But this only if the used prices are not too high. I like to drive SAAB but am not willing to pay any fancy prices.

  • I don't think it's so bad….

  • One more basic design car more. From the front VW Group, from behind Dacia Sandero and the interior could also come from Ford or GM

  • But is the Gaaanz old E-class as a base, from the time long before Mahindra.

  • Hmmm ... so I don't think the SUV sketches shown above are so bad, at least from the outside - there are uglier ones.
    (inside would be for me, for example, especially the center console nothing)

    But with a “SAAB SUV”, of course, it doesn't match the look. 😉

    Let's see what we get to hear about Mahindra & Co. and NEVS in the coming period ...

  • I hope that if the first 3 ″ ifs ”turn out positive, the fourth will be a matter of course !!! If already, because already ... ;-)

  • 2008, which can be considered as last year without a crisis, it was in Germany 3.799 Saabs. 2009, first reconstruction, only 1.265.

  • Actually, 1000 cars a year are not bad at all ... how many Saab were sold in the last year under full production?
    Ssangyong is a very, very individual brand, so someone at Mahindra has to have a weakness for the extraordinary ... plus the contacts and probably the only way to get the brand name again.
    I think Mahindra is since GM the first really promising buyers with money and contacts and they can also develop cars on their own

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