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In the last 24 hours, the Mahindra rumors in the Swedish media ... "the Indians are on the way to take over NEVS and the Saab brand ...". Rumors are rumors, you can believe them or not.

SAAB production at NEVS
SAAB production at NEVS

You can gain credibility and substance if you know backgrounds and people who talk and write about it. The last message came from Victor Jensen from Sveriges Radio P4 Väst. We spoke briefly with each other in December last year, while Saab number 1 rolled off the tapes.

Jensen is on site in Trollhättan and works closely with NEVS. When reports go out from the offices, he seems to be number 1 on the call list. If sentences are quoted from an unnamed source, the origin can be identified with little imagination.

According to his facts, Mahindra is in negotiations with Saab AB and about to take over NEVS. "It feels like fresh morning air, and Mahindra would not have negotiated so long if they were not really interested”His source describes the relief at NEVS.

Mahindra, Saab AB and NEVS are not commenting on the development. Neither in India nor in Sweden do companies take a position. Which should not be a reason to doubt, but can be considered normal behavior. Maybe Mahindra will succeed in this attempt what has failed in the past.

Before we continue to deal with Mahindra rumors, there is another hurdle before NEVS. One of the many "When”Must be cleared out of the way. Approval to continue the reconstruction is still pending. It should be ready on Monday or Tuesday. If the court's decision is positive, the negotiations could reach the final. At last !

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  • Did BMW really have any interest in Saab before 2? Is this secured?

    Perhaps the “big ones” would not have paid that much money for the takeover, but many jobs and the future would have been secured. I wonder how you could choose NEVS ... well

  • How and with whoever - if someone actually does whole things, go ahead. Compared to the Pipifax that we have seen in recent years, things can only get better.

    Power Point slides with scenarios, lots of hot air and nothing behind them are not enough.

  • It's something like that. NEVS develops internally and externally, the costs are covered and the hall can also be swept further. It is clear that if Mahindra steps in, things will continue with more momentum from March - if it comes to that. If you look at Tata as a role model, then Mahindra will hardly do “half measures” either.

  • Unless I totally misunderstood this, the 5 Mio only serve to keep the store running every month. Heating, sometimes sweeping, checking machines, etc. If the OEM boarding, it is certainly to completely different amounts.

    Incidentally, I share the pessimism regarding development times, especially Tim has on SU, not synonymous. Normally, manufacturers deduct development money from current profits, and therefore there is a certain development time of several years. But if you shoot in the money from the outside, it can all go much faster. 800 engineers from Trollhättan, then buy technology with 2000 others from Magna and Co., diesel engines from BMW and petrol engines from China or what I know, and then that can go very quickly with the development.

  • Why is the whole world always talking about Mahindra here and distributing advance laurels, even though it is not even certain that they are even among the bidders?

    5 million per month? The chickens are laughing. Not even Nikolaus believes that this will make a global brand without products a thing of the past. If it continues in this way, we will soon see the next pipe-breaker.

    I just want to remind you that before 2 years, BMW was also among the bidders and that from today's perspective, interesting prospects could also arise with Volvo. At the moment we know as little about the two European manufacturers as we do about the Indians. For both, SAAB would be a fitting addition and the development of new products could be much faster than with Mahindra.
    We will see. I also believe that the SAAB niche is not dead.

    Let's leave Swedish politics, the lawyers and the consultants to their crime thriller - in the meantime I have brought my 9-5 into shape for the next 5 years.

    Who will then - decide the products. If SAAB is then marketable and back you will be there - otherwise not. It is certainly not NEVS.

  • Everything is better than NEVS. If I had been a liquidator before 2 years ago I would take to the streets wearing a deep-drawn hat and sunglasses. Since Mahindra was already among the applicants before 2 years, it is now more than obvious that the wrong applicant was picked out. I believe the Indians especially if they are so stubborn about it a lot more than to the Chinese.

  • I agree with that! Why not wait ?! We have nothing to lose. Mahindra can be a great way to bring SAAB back to the market as a living car brand. If the right models come, then it works! It was the same with all other brands. The well-being of a brand is decided on the models.

  • This stinks at most, because it shows how little has gone. No production and a new development, as could have accumulated more quickly. It has certainly flowed a lot of capital, and now it's gone.

  • Why are there so many pessimists among us? Worse
    Actually it's not going to be in the current situation, but actually only better. Saab is not dead yet, although some of them preached months and years ago.
    There is hope, you can still criticize.

  • There is still Phoenix around Saab. Meanwhile probably a bit further developed than before NEVS. In addition two things:
    -Phoenix should become a modular system. That makes it interesting for different cars, including models from Mahindra and Ssangyoung. Why not Trollhättan as a developer of the base technology; as previously Saab GM platforms have, it can go the other way round. That means the added value for Mahindra goes far beyond the works.
    Platforms do not age as fast as models. Think of the S-Class. The 221 series (S-class appeared 2005, ie the platform should have been started about 2000-2001 2013 released 222 series uses the same platform, the new S-Class is just a facelift !!!!! And will certainly built again 8 years, so to 2021 For Mercedes customers apparently no problem, so why for Saab customers.

  • Cross your fingers for the SAAB brand ..... costs nothing 😉! New beginnings are always exciting and sometimes you don't know where the future is really going ... A positive article about Santa Claus :-). Wonderful!

  • Mahindra is an over 60 year old Indian car brand where mainly Jeep has built models under license, and with Ssangyong a lot of experience with 4 × 4, and with Saab there is a bit of security, we hope it works this time

  • “Gallix” and “the East” like to groan. 😉 In India, and with the Indians, a lot is possible. European brands that we have long forgotten have survived there. Eicher, Royal Enfield as an example. And Eicher, almost forgotten here, became a successful company in the commercial vehicle sector. Mahindra could be a really exciting story, how the Indians tick, what they are planning, we still have no idea.

  • ... and brings out a Passat infusion as the new 9.3. Besides, the car would finally have the chance to win a comparison test in the VW picture. It's just a shame that I would never buy such a box…. And another side effect: “der East” and “Gallix” would have actually looked ahead!

  • In fact, I think Mahindra seems to be the last chance for Saan. Nevertheless, I am skeptical that they are able to provide a long-term and consistent solution.
    To make Saab competitive again requires a lot of patience and, above all, conviction. Is Mahindra the right company for this? For example, the VW Group would have it easier: They fall back on the modular concept ...

  • But I feel like "grumbling"!

    Greetings Gallix

  • That can't be true 50 million at NEVS for almost 2 years - that stinks ...

  • But despite all this, the question remains which (new) suppliers again give trust / products to a new owner. It would frustrate me to always wait for the open bills. The piled up new debt mountain is indeed over 50.000.000 €! Is a tricky thing.

  • This is typically German!

  • It seems that some friends here have clairvoyant abilities. I wonder why you have to spoil a new, not yet existing product right from the start?

  • Hope dies last, it can only get better… .. keep your fingers crossed again.

  • One step at a time ... First see what happens, that with the Saab new edition is pure theory. And when the time comes, we still can't find the new product good 😉 (... or maybe we?)

  • I could just as well stick a SAAB emblem on our replacement Daimler.
    Who on whatever SAAB cardboard on it, will have to do with the spirit of the original nothing.
    Not everything is copyable and purchasable and necromancy has always been a hoax!

  • Absolutely so, if we ever want to see new SAABs again, then Mahindra is the last resort.

  • Mahindra is the only one who can get the naming rights, I think, the Ssangyong have as a basis for experience and Indians recognize the spirit of a brand very differently than the Chinese. See Jaguar ...
    I've always been the pessimist here with a lot of respect for the performance of pushing a work like this again with GM software licenses - but I really think the story is a good one 🙂

  • Still pondering what should be so positive about a Mahindra acquisition? (And now the name Mahindra can be used as a placeholder for many other manufacturers / consortia that have previously failed or inexperienced in vehicle construction).
    Are we getting the "old" Saab back? The “old” special spirit? New designs, state-of-the-art, but with the (driving) properties and quirks of the original Saab models that are so difficult to describe? 900-reloaded? I do not think so. Unfortunately!

  • Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. This article is balmy on the battered Saab soul and I like the place with the morning air the best.

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