The Saab Performance Team 1996 in Leipzig

Today there is Saab TV in a double pack! A Saab History post draws our gaze back to the year 1996. Automesse is in Leipzig and the Saab Performance Team is visiting Germany.

The Saab Performance Team 1996 in Leipzig
The Saab Performance Team 1996 in Leipzig

In a newly digitized TV recording, the Swedes show what you can do with the Saab 900 II Turbo. A well-known Saab rally driver has his say. But what did they do with their first names in Saxony?

Due to the circumstances, the former Saab Performance Team is a independent company become. The former Saab employees drive for other companies and they are very successful at it. A few weeks ago there was another entrepreneurship award, this time at the local level, after a national award in the spring.

Maybe the former Saab Performance Team will be back in action with new vehicles that are “Made by Trollhättan”. I would wish so, and hope should never be given up completely.

A current Saab topic is to start today at 17.00 p.m. at Vox Auto Mobil. It's about the Saab collector Josef Zabel, his Saab 9-5 sports suit from the pre-series and other Saab things. The topic is not mentioned in the Vox preview, but Josef reports that his contribution will go on air today. So: switch on!

7 thoughts on "The Saab Performance Team 1996 in Leipzig"

  • As mentioned in the post.
    A Polo would be tormented with it.
    Not a Saab.

  • Maybe because the others no longer fit in the garage, are driven more often and therefore stand outside?
    As clearly seen in the video, the SAAB are happy to be driven.

    I have the article from the SAAB magazine in front of me. (In addition to the others about increasing sales, new SAAB as rental cars in the USA and Germany, ...) Then the above appearance was the first for the “Performance Team” in Germany.
    And judging by the picture, there were even sunny hours in Leipzig.

  • Meadow only two ???

  • Great show!
    I've been looking for such a 902 coupe for a while now, but that's really difficult. There are hardly any reasonable.

  • Was then in Leipzig and have pictures of it.
    Was something new for me as Thüringer and from then on I was Saabfan.
    Today there are two in my garage.

  • Class SAAB performance ART! 🙂 I think the “Drängler tip” is cool… 😉

  • those were the days!

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