SAAB Festival 2015

The date for the Saab Festival 2015 in Trollhättan is (finally) fixed; it will be the event for Saab friends 2015! From the 5. to 7. June 2015 is the Saab city the destination of international fans.

Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2013
Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2013 © 2014

The home of Saab is calling! Impressions like it 2013 was in Trollhättan, and from our joint tour can be found on the blog. The Saabcarmuseum will provide updates on the festival program in the coming weeks.

It's time to start planning your 2015 trip. If you want to be part of Sweden, you should start looking for a hotel now. As always, Scandic Swania is popular with its central location on the canal. In our experience, the best overnight accommodations in good locations are booked out very quickly, and the prices increase the closer the event gets. You can use ours as a guide Travel Guides use.

As in 2013, there will also be a German Saab pre-tour to Trollhättan in the coming year. Saab Zentrum Kiel and Blog will organize a small event on June 4th in the run-up to the Saab Festival. Again with bad ideas - the planning has been going on for some time. In the evening the Sweden ferry goes to Gothenburg, the next day to Trollhättan. It will be possible to book the pre-tour via our event page from January 2015. Updates about the festival & the tour come on the blog.

9 thoughts on "SAAB Festival 2015"

  • If only Kiel and of course Trolls weren't so far away….
    In June 2014 all alone with my 95NG to Trollhätten, some environment and back driven, so fast times just 4000km. Whether I should repeat this in June 2015?
    Greetings from Basel

  • In Saabsunited someone made a good remark; Unfortunately, this important event is not close to the Saab International Meeting in Norway, Sonnst you could eventual both together participate together.

    • Norway & Sweden would be too long together ... At least for me. Looking forward to Kiel & Trollhättan 🙂

  • Juhu! Ferry and hotel are already booked.
    And we look forward to your pre-event at Lafrentz as well as the shared ferry crossing and the convoy from Gothenburg to THN!
    Is the festival's motto already set?
    Will it be "30 years of Saab 9000" ?!

  • Super!
    Is there a topic?
    30 years 9000?

    • I assume, but there is no information from the museum yet ...

  • Maybe there is also a route via Rostock, for many Saabians the Kiel ferry is a bit unfavorable.
    ..It is just in Trollhättan

    • Rostock was planned, I admit it. But fails because of the "feasibility". Every event needs to be organized, our resources are limited. In addition, the distance between Kiel and Rostock is not that great, some tours from Saxony would also be possible via Kiel. For this reason, too, we will make the meeting in Kiel a full day so that there is time to travel and nobody has any stress.

      • Thanks Tom, that's right, is not so far last year has only not worked out in time.

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