Saab calendar 2015

An amazing story. There are more Saab calendars than ever for 2015, a very positive trend. There are calendars for every target group and every taste, some copies found their way onto my desk and are presented here. And of course our special calendar for the Saab 9000 is included.

30 years Saab 9000 - Reason enough to print a calendar ....
30 years of Saab 9000 - reason enough to print a calendar….

Saab Calendar 2015 - 30 years Saab 9000

What made the blog start the calendar project is the 30th Saab 9000 anniversary. The 9000 was an important milestone for the development of Saab - too important not to be appreciated.

The calendar itself was a challenge that the blog has mastered only with a lot of support from the international Saab community. Because though Orio Germany For us deeply looked into the Swedish media archive, there were hardly any pictures of the 9000er first edition.

Pictures, press photos and photos from the 9000 CC came after our Call from fans all over the world; in the end, the pictures would have been enough for a dozen different calendars.

Saab 9000 calendar with calendar in 9000er style
Saab 9000 calendar with calendar in 9000er style

Many thanks to Saab drivers for their support, especially Wolfgang Schmel from the Saab Archive and to our friends from the Netherlands and Sweden!

I love Saab stickers - add to any calendar
I love Saab stickers - are included with every calendar

The Saab 9000 30-year calendar is a child of international cooperation. The text sheet is Swedish, German and English, the calendar in green and orange, as we know it from the Saab 9000 cockpit - the result is very attractive 14 pages in A3, 12 calendar sheets, 1 cover sheet, photos from the factory and and one illustrated text page, all in Saab style!

The 30-year Saab 9000 calendar will be available in the course of the next week and can be ordered in our Saab fanshop. We put an “I love Saab sticker” in the package for every customer!

Saab calendar 2015 from SU
Saab calendar 2015 from SU

Saab Calendar 2015 - Saabsunited

By the way, the printing of our Saab 9000 calendar took place in Munich. A cooperation with Till von SU and his calendars fluttered into my mailbox this week.

There are two SU calendars this year, full of photos of Saab fans who have photographed their vehicles all over the world. The motto at SU for 2015 is therefore: “Saab Passion all around the World”. The calendars can be ordered in the Cardyourcar Shop.

Saab calendar 2015 of the Orio Germany GmbH
Saab calendar 2015 of the Orio Germany GmbH

Saab Calendar 2015 - Orio AB

Then there is the Saab calendar, which actually does not exist. Or, to be precise, not for everyone. Like every year, Orio Deutschland GmbH will send the practical 3 monthly calendar to the Saab Service Partners in December. You can not buy the calendar.

The blog has a tradition of getting a package, and we took the opportunity to distribute Saab calendars in the community. Of course there are far too few calendars, and every year it is difficult to choose. Some fans who are at least as Saab crazy as the blog's authors have received Saab posts these days. A little surprise that we hope we succeeded.

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  • Very nice, already ordered. I'm curious.

  • Is there an overview of the pictures in the calendar?

  • It's not planned, but the idea is good. The calendar also includes pictures of the legendary Talladega Long Run, as well as the interior of the vehicle. I could well imagine these motifs as posters / prints

  • The calendar for the 9000 makes me curious. As I wrote before, it's great that a lot has come together for this model. Is it planned to produce one or two motifs as a poster in small numbers? Or maybe a collage?

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