Saab Bredlow Berlin

Bredlow is Germany's oldest Saab dealer. The company is a second-generation family business, loyal to the Saab flag in Berlin.

Saab Bredlow in Berlin
Saab Bredlow in Berlin

That is gratifying for us; The Bredlows are a fixture for Saab drivers from the capital. It has been several years now that I am at car dealer was visiting - hospitality and Saab Spirit impressed me back then. A reader from the Berlin area imported his dream Saab, a 9-3 Cabriolet, from Italy and turned to the blog - looking for German on-board literature and a Saab partner in his area.

Saab literature in German ... I'm always asked about it! They are available for all current models from Orio AB. The purchase is possible through the partner companies. As easy as with the on-board literature, it is just as relaxed in Berlin to make a workshop recommendation. Saab Bredlow is unfortunately not one of the blog supporters, but is a constant in the world of Saab. And hence my advice!

I think it's good when the readers get feedback on the workshop tips, and after a few days this report about the Saab Bredlow landed in Michèl's mailbox:

"Yesterday I had the appointment with Bredlow and it can be summed up to say that my SAAB had previously received from the state at most the grade 3 +. A not insignificant service backlog was probably the most important thing here.

Now to Bredlow himself. At first there was a really good acceptance advice and as I already guessed, there was still a lot to do. With too many details, I do not want to bore you. Although the car was already being serviced by the presenter, it was not as comprehensive as it should have been.

Therefore yesterday had all necessary things catch up (eg the inspection for 60 Tkm, brake fluid change, change of the oil of the AT transmission, the correct engine oil etc). And by the way, even the brittle flexible tube of the exhaust system was changed. The whole thing was not completely free, I do not need to emphasize, but it was immediately apparent that they are real SAAB professionals who have approached with competence and commitment to the cause.

The SAAB specialists from Bredlow can also get me a German instruction manual, so that I can then deal a little more intensively with the car.

That my troll through this service from 3+ to almost. 2+ has been “upgraded”, I'm very happy.

Conclusion: For great advice and very good service, I like to pay an appropriate "fee". You can really recommend Bredlow for customers from the Berlin area."

It is glad that the Italian Traumsaab has found a good workshop; a base for many years Saab pleasure. With another dream car from Saab (a reader has fulfilled a long-cherished wish), the next report continues.

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  • I bought my black 9-3 Hirsch convertible (2.0T Step 2, MY08) from Bredlow in April and I'm still thrilled. It was a very, very friendly and honest contact, the likes of which are unlikely to be seen at other car dealers. The car was very well maintained and serviced - so far not a single defect after almost 20tkm - not even a lightbulb. Consumption mostly below 9L (realistic), with 252PS and almost 1,8t a top value!

  • Woe, I'm excited. I was not a single existing Saab dealer known, who still has the old advertising hanging on his building, somehow then, so the end of the 90er on dark blue (probably should look nobler) set as a background. I find these tricolors much nicer. My compliments to Bredlow!

  • I can only sign. Mine has always been in service there (although bought from another Saab partner) and I feel well advised there. The yard is always nicely filled, sometimes overcrowded, but 99,9% always our brand, so no problem. Every now and then there are exotic models to be seen. Just call it Little Trollhättan. The ambience inside is also right, has something of a rustic ski hut - not a typical workshop style.

    Unfortunately, the Bosch advertisement is now on the outside, but before that it was nicer.

    • You can see from the pictures that I have not been to Berlin for a long time. It's a pity if Bosch hangs instead of Saab. I found the old Saab-Scania outfit good and pleasantly traditional.

      • In the yard everything is still good, only on the street it is new. The big pylon on the corner is but thank goodness!

        • PS: More recent pictures can be seen on the homepage.

  • Frankly, I was very surprised that Bredlow was not even mentioned here. Well, and as a local Berliner I say the report is also a bit too tight.
    There are always some rare classics around in the showroom, at the moment I think a 96er exotic with a loading platform ... really Bredlow actually deserved more.
    When you arrive there are always at least 15 - 20 Saab around for service or sales etc ...
    The workshop is one of the most competent, there is really every screw knows that is just incredible.
    So enough with Berlin patriotism :-))

    • A basic idea of ​​the blog is to support active Saab dealers and workshops. Only: We can only write if we are “fed” with Saab fabric. And that's exactly where the problem is. Some Saab partners have long recognized the benefits, others have not.

      • Saab-Stoff: Talk to AUTO STAHL in Vienna 20. The workshop is very ok and they also have Saab professionals there.
        In the brand portfolio of the sale Saab continues to be marketed alongside other brands.

  • Good workshop report, in the future more on the subject!

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