Drömbil = the dream car, the dream car. The choice of a dream car is highly individual. In our case - with advanced, positive Saab infection - the selection is large.

Dream car. Saab 9-4x.
Dream car. Saab 9-4x.

The dream car may be a classic Saab, an 900 convertible, an 9000 Anniversary for example. Maybe the personal Drömbil is a Turbo X, which was strictly limited from Trollhättan. Voluntary! Maybe also a Saab 9-4x, or Saab 9-5 NG as a sedan or sports car. Also, they were limited. Involuntarily!

I met reader Mac9-5 three years ago in Bremen. It was the conclusion of Saab dealer tour, a preview for the German Saab partners on Saab 9-4x and 9-5 sportswear. Vehicles we should never get. At least not officially. The Saab 9-4x had done it to many Saab fans throughout the tour. There were always blank orders, without question about the price. The 9-4x had the potential to Drömbil. Mac9-5 was also fascinated by the Saab SUV at that time, as so many in these weeks. Saab passion connects, the contact with him is never broken off in the following years, we keep on emailing and sometimes we also make phone calls.

Dreams can come true! There are still the people who help us to realize our automotive wishes. Markus Lafrentz is one of them. From Kiel he supplies fans all over Europe with dream cars from the Swedish manufacturer. In small, homeopathic doses, he also brings Swedes, who were born in Mexico, across the pond. His team converts them for European road traffic, so they make so many people happy.

Including Mac9-5, who bought his dream saab in Kiel. A Saab 9-4x more in Germany, a beaming Saab owner who will be happy with his Drömbil for a long time. It is worth noting that there are marginal details on the subject of 9-4x that also astonish me. The subject of accessories, for example. You might think the offer is zero ... but it isn't! A luggage rack for the 9-4x? Wasn't a problem. Mac9-5 wanted one and got it. Fantastic !

The Saab from Mac9-5 is somewhere in northern Germany, the license plate was "modified" with humor. He is not the last addition to the Saab 9-4x faction. Another Saab Drömbil is on its way from North America to Germany. Order goods that Saab fans are already looking forward to somewhere in Germany.

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  • When it came to the license plate, I was very spontaneous; “Rest in Peace” thought! That would also be a variant… .., I only recognized the RU IN when I read the comments. Always have a good trip and greetings from the CH

  • Congratulations on Drömbil! Always a “good flight” 😉
    The license plate shows humor ... 🙂

  • Congratulations from me, too. At first glance, I thought that was one of the two 9-4X from Switzerland, which were shown here months ago. But the color did not quite fit, yours is silver. Tom, do you know what became of the Swiss copies?

  • Great car & have fun with it! I have still not given up hope for new SAABs 😉

  • Great car!

  • Congratulations Mac 9-5 on his dream car. Would not we all feel like a new Drömbil from Saab here?

  • Hello.

    Thanks for the congratulations! 🙂
    I have a lot of fun with the “cart” - it's a really great “ship” !!
    (and I can certainly live with the "US restrictions")

    By the way, somehow Tom is also a little “to blame” for the purchase !!! 😉
    Because he only “lured” me to Bremen with his brief information beforehand (thanks again for that !!!)!
    Otherwise I would never go there!

    I actually drove there that day just to have a look at the new station wagon as a successor to the previous one.
    Until then, I found SUVs completely “useless” and sometimes even “idiotic” (I still think sometimes!).
    But unfortunately I made the mistake in Bremen and sat down in the 9-4x next to the station wagon for comparison. Then it happened ...

    But what is “unhappy” about the (retouched) license plate !?
    It just expresses my current situation in my wallet ... 😉 😉 😉
    By the way, my old 9-5 had a similar flag ( https://saabblog.net/2012/03/20/saab-fotoshooting-saab-9-5-2-3t-arc-sportkombi-2002/ ).

  • Thanks Tom, I'll let you know when the vehicle is ready to go to my friend's door.

  • Well with Freight, Customs, Taxes, Retrofitting and Individual Acceptance, he is, if all goes well, then at 36.000 €. Of course it depends on which version he bought, how the condition is, if it was a good deal.

  • Is still a 9-4X in Holland for sale.
    Tom sure knows where

  • Hello Tom,
    I read your article about the 9-4X with great enthusiasm; that would be a vehicle, which I might like. A friend of mine bought the US version in New Jersey from the dealer for 25.000 US $ and sent him to Europe. What do you think of this solution? your opinion would interest me.
    Furthermore, a nice pre-Christmas time

  • Nice would certainly have been the first Saab named Rudi, would have something.

  • Unlucky mark
    Congratulations to Mac9-5 I hope you enjoy your Drömbil!

    Greetings Daniel

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